“Abi, what have you done,” is something I find myself saying fairly often. Because Abi is such a silly character. A spirited little dog that is as curious as a cat.

I often find myself saying "Abi, what have you done?"

“I ate the vet bill for Charlie’s teeth extraction,” she might as well be saying triumphantly. “It was a lot of money. Thought I was helping you out.”

Charlie is looking at me as if to say: Abi what have you done now

Which meant I had to call the vet’s office to get the amount and pay it. It sure wasn’t cheap to yank 11 teeth out of poor Charlie’s mouth.

Unlike Charlie, Abi has all her teeth. And when she bares them, she kind of looks like a barracuda.

The birds:

We take little walks in the yard. I’m getting good about walking in the steel boot. I’m especially happy to be getting a photo of the male cardinal.

His mate, not nearly as pretty as he is, is probably not far from him. They travel in pairs. And tend to stay in one locale.

Above is a rather “loopy” looking robin. He/she looks like they’ve had a bit too much to drink.

And the blue jay has a prize in its mouth. Birds get through the winter eating berries and seeds.

Let some plants go to seed:

Now I don’t cut everything down at the end of the season. Because what is left can be a winter home for a bird or other small creature.

I’ve learned to love the dried plumes of ornamental grass that were green in the summer. It has a beauty all its own, like wheat waving in a field.

Sometimes I like to drive out in the country this time of year. To take photos of cows and horses and such along the way. I stop my car and take my camera over to the fence and chat with the animals a bit.

Then I take photos of them as they stare vapidly at me.

I love to take photos of barns too, and sometimes I have them printed and framed.

It is winter, but soon it will be spring. And the landscape will be green once again.

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  1. So funny that Abi ate the vet bill…..Wonder if the Robin had been eating china berries?….I've heard that they like them but they can make them a little intoxicated…do you know if there are chinaberry bushes close?

  2. This is too funny! And I just love this priceless look on her face!! Believe it or not, two of Milo's bad teeth have fallen out. That leaves just two to pull. I have to wait a bit to get the funds together after Abby's wisdom tooth surgery and I'm hoping those (Milo's) fall out on their own, too!

    I like the flowers in your header.

    Oh, the bird pictures are so cute. The hawks are back already. One dived bombed Abby's boyfriend's dog…and this dog is big and fat. I'm wondering if one of those could pick up Layla. And why are they here in the first place????


  3. Oh My Word, I just love the look on her face. I have a cocker spaniel, loves to tear up paper, napkins, tissues….
    Amazing how they can conjure up that "did I do something wrong" look.

  4. When I first saw that pic of Abi on your header, I thought she had a flower in her mouth. What a naughty little girl she is, so funny. What a cute pair they make!

  5. My Buddy is a paper eater too, but worse than that is anything in plastic wrap. He knows good things come wrapped up and if he finds such an object in my purse or some place low he can reach – he'll have it in the middle of the bed (his favorite stash place) in a matter of minutes. And yes, he has even learned to pull the zipper tag on my purse to open it. Let's hope Abi doesn't learn that one.

  6. Oh, Abi!!! That picture produced a hearty chuckle from me, how are you able to catch their personality so well? Have you ever been a professional photographer? You have such a talent, and the skill to go with it. I still get excited when my thumb or finger is not in my pictures. Beautiful work. BTW, all of the materials for our new shed have been ordered–I am so excited!!!

  7. Abi is such a darling. I mean, how could you even get upset with that cute little face? She was a little naughty, though. Makes life interesting, no? Love your bird photos, Brenda. Especially the cardinal. I miss them so much. I had two in my Midwest yard, but none show up here in northeast Oregon. Have a great week!

  8. Abi Rose sure can talk with her eyes.. Maybe little Charlie could use some implants ? Abi was just trying to help. I wish it was that easy.. I'd teach my kitties how to tear into my bills.
    After a crazy weather day yesterday (Sun.) it is beautiful here today.. Windy, but the sun is shining.. We had rain, sleet and snow yesterday..

  9. I just had my sixteen year old dachshunds teeth cleaned and 2 teeth had to be pulled… Boy, do I agree… It was not cheap!!! But Peanut is so worth it… Tell Abi she can come eat my bill too… Have a great day!!!

  10. Love those precious furbabies. Little Miss Abigail Rose was just thinking now my mommie won't have to pay. Little Master Charlie Ross looks like a great brother. They are too cute !!!!!

  11. well Abi, you tried:) good girl…

    I have to take my 3 girls to be groomed and then to the vet for shots and dental check.. I'm thinkin that means no Play money for me this week.. giggle maybe the whole month of april 🙂

  12. Poor doggie! My dog, Shadow Dante (he's a chihuahua) had to have all his back teeth pulled due to tooth decay. I was amazed at how fast he healed and he's doing fine. I hope Charlie is on the mend, too! (It's also surprising they don't seem to miss those teeth–Shadow eats everything he always ate!)

  13. Maybe Abi thought by eating it for you it would be all gone, you'd owe nothing! Good to hear you are getting around with the boot pretty good. I'm sure it will held you during this move!

  14. The face is killer right there!!! OMG how could you do anything but laugh! LOL They are sweet babies and I hope Charlie is feeling better soon from those teeth being pulled. Have a great night hun.

  15. LOL- I can imagine that vet/tooth bill took a BITE out of the budget (sorry-couldn't resist-I'm like that). You take THE BEST bird pictures, Brenda!!!! That robin doesn't look nearly as fat as ours are! xo Diana

  16. I love the look on Abi's sweet face! I think she looks a little bit guilty. So glad Charlie did so well when he had all those teeth extracted.

    I'm really happy that you're doing okay with the steel boot. Watch out that it doesn't throw your balance off!

    The bird pictures are gorgeous! I really enjoyed them.

  17. Oh Abi, what a naught little girl! Haha, I have a male boston terrier named Dudley who eats anything he can get his mouth on. At least it was a bill and not money she chewed! So glad to hear you can get around for some photos, but do be careful. So nice to see the birds.

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