Becky’s Gardens Of Whimsy

I was on the Flea Market Garden blog this morning, and happened upon Becky’s Gardens Of Whimsy. It wasn’t until I had gotten to the end that I realized she lives right here in Oklahoma!

Here is the home page… Flea Market Gardening.

Pink is Becky’s signature color for painting furniture in her outdoor spaces.

Flea market style elements:

Becky used a galvanized tub as a focal point in a small garden she created. She lined the area with bricks and then green bottles. How clever!

She planted some of her flowers in the ground around the tub.

The bricks contrast with the green bottles. They will help keep weeds out of the perimeter of this garden.

She has taken what was already there and turned it into a fairy garden. Then she planted alyssum in the little pockets of the structure.

I’m not sure if the structure is tree trunks or cement. Looks more like cement.

She used small dishes to spell out “Becky’s Garden” above the doorway to this outdoor room. Maybe it is a “she shed.” They are very popular right now.

Mosaics in the garden:

I’ve always admired those individuals who create mosaics. Someday I’d like to try my hand at it.

I don’t know if the horizontal work of art is a mosaic or if it is a painting. It sure is beautiful whatever it is.

She painted this furniture in her beloved pink and got it ready for a tea party. Perhaps with her grandchildren, if she has any.

Becky used many things that would be found at the landfill to create her magical outdoor space. By doing so she has created a whimsical flea market style garden to enjoy during the spring and summer months.

What an enchanting place. I wish I could see it in person. This gardener sure knows how to bring whimsy to a garden space.

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  1. Thanks for the link to Flea Market Gardening–it has gotten me madly pinning great garden decor ideas, plus I've subscribed to their blog. I also enjoyed your post the other day on your former garden decor–love the border made of plates–thanks for the inspiration! I'm looking forward to seeing your new gardens take shape!

  2. So much fun, I love it because she did what she wanted to do. I always wanted to make an edge with wine bottles, but I don't drink anymore.

  3. Very charming. I can't wait until we have a home with a garden again. I feel inspired. Thanks for sharing, Brenda.

  4. Wow – I love that mosaic! I think gardens from "flea markets" are much more artful and unique than ones that cost tons of money. There is a house in Safety Harbor near me that is referred to as "Whimseyland". They also use bowling balls all over the place. I have not gone there yet but they allow you to walk through their gardens. I must do that someday and post lots of photos.

  5. Brenda, This lady is a wonderful gardener…it's a great blessing when her grandmother woke her to see the cacti bloom. xoxox, Susie

  6. What a delightful garden! I love how very creative Becky's projects are. So fanciful! There's really a lot of inspiration in these gorgeous pictures. Brenda, such a fun site to find!

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