Abi has taken up a new daily habit. 

She’s decided she doesn’t want me in the living room. She wants me in the bedroom. Thing is, I don’t want to stay in the bedroom all day.

So she sits back there and whimpers. 

She will occasionally come into the living room and make sure I still know that she’s upset. It is driving me nuts. 

Charlie is such a simple dog. 

He lays next to me, tongue hanging out, and either sleeps or is quiet unless he hears something to bark at. Abi, I have no idea what is going on in that dog’s head. 

If there’s a gnat or fly inside, I don’t see it. 

I cajole her till she comes up on the couch and lays down next to me for a short time while I pet her. Then she gets it into her head to start all over again. 

Yesterday I just gave up and gave in to her around noon. Once I was in the bedroom with her, she was fine. Charlie just gets up and follows along amiably.

Not much going on on my patio. My herbs are even starting to look tired and overwhelmed.

Although it was somewhat overcast yesterday and that was pleasant.
They sent a guy down here to give get another estimate to take down the trees. 

I’m hoping, if they ever get around to doing it, that maybe they can extend my fence out a little and leave the one tree so the sun isn’t beaming right down on the roof.

I think that’s part of the problem next door. They have no shade trees. 

My neighbor told me that before I moved in, this apartment where I now live caught fire. And guess what started the fire? The air conditioner. 

Which means my air conditioner inside is probably much newer than the guy’s next door. He tells me that his is old and taped up from top to bottom.

I guess if there’s a fire, they will fix things.

August is right around the corner. Which means stifling heat. The true dog days of summer.

It seems to me that we don’t have a real fall anymore. We didn’t last year. So who doesn’t believe in climate change?

I recall the days when September meant the leaves were turning colors and then in October, you’d have to start occasionally using the heat. 

But last year, we went right from summer to semi-winter. 

I love fall and crunchy leaves underfoot. I love going out and taking photos of all the changes. So I’m hoping that this year we might actually have real fall weather.

I need the changing of the seasons. 

I yearn for the sights and scents of fall. And for the heat to actually abate so that we have a changing of landscape.

I recall when I was moving here from Texas, and leaving the home that I loved, I told myself I would see more of the seasons In Oklahoma. 

But that didn’t exactly happen. Shoot, might as well live in Florida.

Do you have real fall weather where you live?  



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  1. What a wonderful idea, Brenda, to ask about the weather year-round wherever your visitors live. It was so interesting to read everyone's comments. Jane did not say where she lives. Lynx has a really good sense of humor; loved her comment.

    t's hot as 'you know what' here in Texas, with 102 degrees today, really, and the humidity makes it feel like 108! Our winters seem to be getting warmer, we only had one day last year where it 'sprinkled' snowdrops and they melted right away.Our spring was beautiful this year and although the weatherman says it NEVER rains here in July, we got so much rain this July that we have more rain documented than is normal! Summer, although hot, is beautiful this year in our area with many blooming flowers and the crepe myrtle trees are so beautiful and the Forever roses just keep on blooming. It would be lovely if a person could just breath when we step outside. Our Texas heat makes it hard to breathe….

  2. We have real fall weather here, which is lovely, but that also means we have real winter weather here, too. Right now I am reveling in the summer weather. 😉 I hope that your pup likes the living room again very soon!

  3. Someone said that we have three seasons here, Rain, Rain Rain and Construction. We have no real spring/summer weather until July and then usually it rains in October. In between summer is on and off. Never can make up his mind. Most homes do not have air conditioning so we swelter if it is hot. Our home costs are ridiculous and we have very small yards if any at all. But that said, I love it here. I lived in Texas and love the rain all the time.

  4. My Yorkie, Reilly,goes crazy at night at about 10:15 pm because that is when he decides it's bedtime. He will come to me and start barking, twirling, walking back and forth from bedroom to me until he sees me locking up for the night. In the morning, he wakes up and whines for me to give him his morning meal, then he returns to bed to nap!!! He certainly has the upper hand here! LOL

  5. I live in Colorado and we have four seasons. There are days we can have four seasons in one day! I lived in Oklahoma in the 90's. It was so hot and humid but I was young. I couldn't handle it now. I can barely handle the 90's here. My dachshund loves when my husband and I are on the same floor. He will bark at me to go downstairs with my husband. If I don't go with him, he barks at my husband to come upstairs to be with me! Our dogs have personalities! Did Abi start this after she had to stay in the bedroom when Andrew was visiting? Do you think that has something to do with her new habit? I love your blog and Charlie and Abi. We have a shepherd/husky also. He's afraid of thunder and fireworks, poor guy.

  6. Kentucky is a four-season state. Spring lasts 15 minutes, summer lasts six months, fall lasts two months, and winter lasts four months. At least that is how it feels. It has always been this way, for eons and eons. It's hot and muggy here in the summer, fall is beautiful, winter is rainy, and that tiny bit of spring is the prettiest on earth.

  7. I live where you live.
    and the heat literally comes close to killing me every summer here. autumn has always been my favorite season. the only thing that keeps me here is that I have one person left in my family. my brother. and Oklahoma men never leave. so here I stay. just to live near him. I would love to live anywhere else with 4 seasons. I would even live in my car at this point! aaaggghhh!

  8. Here on the Oregon Coast, we have a beautiful Fall season. It's my favorite time of year and I'm looking forward to it! Dogs–who knows what goes on in their minds. Mine often reminds me of my children when they were little.

  9. Well, supposedly, we have four seasons here in southern lower Michigan. But more and more it seems like Spring gets shorter and shorter and the hot weather of Summer starts earlier. We do have a distinct Fall season, but it seems like it kind of lingers into the beginning of Winter, temperature-wise, at least. Winters are a toss-up! We might have weeks of really cold weather or it might be milder, especially before January. It very infrequently gets into the sub-zero temps for very long like in Upper Michigan. I remember winters when I was a child where we would have heavy snow that stayed for weeks. Now, it isn't as heavy and melts into sloppy, mudiness after a few days. I, for one, sense global warming in these changes. Like it or not!

    Poor little Abi! Poor Brenda! You two are driving each other nuts! I think it's a good suggestion to close the bedroom door and see If that helps get the message into her little doggy brain that you aren't going in there at the moment. The other suggestion (above) to bring something from the bedroom to the living room seems like a good one, too. Maybe even reward her with a little treat when she settles in the LR. Of course, Charlie will have to have a treat, too! Just for being so laid back! Good luck!

    I hope you can keep your shade tree. So important for cooling the apt some. And for the aesthetics.

  10. The humidity is stifling here in the metro Atlanta area. Nearly every one hibernates until mid September. We have been blessed with rain almost every day, which is how I recall it being years ago. Every thing is beautiful, green, lush. I love it. The rain also cools us off, so I can walk my dog. Fall is lovely & spring also. We had a long spring this year. Stay cool. I enjoy your blog!

  11. Are these the trees that are invading your foundation? If you do want to keep one, perhaps you can appeal to your landlord's sense of thrift by saying it would be much cheaper to extend the fence than to take down both trees. I've taken a very large tree out from the front of my place. I couldn't keep up with the falling leaves and the neighnbors complained about the mess. The tree came down in very late autumn so I really didn't have any issues till summer. Now, the sun beating down creates horrible heat and my electricity bill for AC has soared. Before I could keep my window blinds open and enjoy the outside. Without the tree's shade, the place is so much hotter and the light is so unrelenting and glaring that I have to keep my blinds closed in the daytime. I'd have the tree back in a second if I could.

  12. Last year we had a nice fall here in Northern California. I really didn't get to enjoy it as I was dealing with my brother's death while my dad was in the hospital dying. It was a terrible time last year. I hope I can enjoy it this year, if we get a nice fall. It is always hit or miss.

  13. That's bizarre, she's so much like my little Monkey. Monkey gets upset when my daughter is downstairs and not upstairs with her. Instead of joining Shannon downstairs, she stands at the top of the stairs and barks, as if saying "get up here, now!!" Goofball for sure! Abi must consider that her safe zone. When I leave for work, my little pups are locked in Shannon's room, and they definitely like going down there – I know they consider it their safe zone, especially since that was where they spent so much time when the construction was going on upstairs. As for autumn, you know we have it here!! I'm hoping this will be a glorious foliage season after all the rain we've had.

    1. I live Southeast of Atlanta and we rarely get snow. But summers are hot, hot. Right now we're having a cool spell…high 80's and we're loving it.

  14. We have four distinct seasons here in Indiana. Somedays, it seems like we experience two seasons in twenty-four hours…ha! Abi is so adorable. It would be interesting to know what is going through her mind. Charlie is such a sweet dog.

  15. Wonder what is going on with Abi? She must feel 'safe' in there or something.
    I hope they can take care of that tree issue for you and leave the one tree. It would be boiling on the patio with no shade at all. Too bad about the AC for the people next door.

    We do have true fall where we are-but then we have late springs, short summers, and long winters. ugh- not looking forward to winter already!

    Hope you have a great weekend, Brenda. xo Diana

    ps. Wonder if bringing a pillow or blanket from the bedroom to the living room temporarily would help? She might follow the scent and be more content?

  16. Fall hits upper Michigan with a vengeance. Our area is still very densely covered with trees that burst into shades of yellow, orange and red. The evergreens provide a perfect green backdrop. It is beautiful and the weather obliges with sunny days and cool nights. But then ( cue ominous music) comes winter that brings temperatures below freezing and lasts for six months.

  17. I live in southern Virginia and yes, we have all four seasons, which is one of the main reasons I chose this place. My favorite season, autumn, is gorgeous and winter is not horrendous, five inches of snow last year and we stayed inside until it melted. Spring starts early, March, which I'm still adjusting to after having moved from the very cold north. I love it. Summers are hot, but we just had a break from a heat wave so it's in the high 80's, which I can tolerate. I can't deal with constant heat; I would hate Florida on a full time basis.

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