It’s Charlie’s Birthday!

Today Charlie turns 14 years old! I took a lot of photos of him, but he isn’t crazy about having his photo taken. So I kept the ones where he didn’t turn his head away.

He got a very good report from Dr. Wallace yesterday. This is what she emailed to me:

Dr. Wallace’s Report Via Email:

Charlie is doing SO GOOD today! I am so happy to hear he is improving with the change in your med schedule you are doing at home. I am completely fine with that regimen (Theophylline in the morning and cough meds as needed).

He is looking so fantastic today that I want to try to reduce his acupuncture treatments. I am most pleased with the way he is responding to our laser therapy for his coughing (tracheal collapse) and his disc disease (IVDD) has been stable for quite some time.

What I would like to do for him is continue his laser on his neck weekly – this will keep those nerve pathways communicating and treat any muscle soreness or any flare ups he could have.

Changing His Acupuncture Schedule:

But I want to try doing his acupuncture every 3 or 4 weeks now! If you are uncomfortable with going the full 4 weeks. Then we can try repeating it in 3 weeks and see how he does at that interval.

Again I do want to continue weekly laser but try to move out his acupuncture as described.

I will have my technicians checking him over each week as he comes in for his laser treatment, and if he has any issues we can change his medical plan accordingly. Please of course let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

I have been singing him “Happy Birthday” all morning. Right now he’s in his usual spot next to me in my chair.

Can’t Leave Ivy Out:

And Ivy is now laying on the table next to the chair where I keep this laptop. She does not want to be left out. So I took photos of her this morning as well.

Charlie had a tough month last month. But Dr. Wallace is pleased with what she’s seeing now. All we can do is help him with his health issues as best we can. And he’s in the care of two great doctors.

Charlie has been going to Animal Acupuncture Of Tulsa now since May of 2019. And I’ve been very happy with his weekly care.

Happy Birthday, Charlie Boy!



  1. Happy birthday sweet Charlie! Glad you are doing better. Your human Mom is the best! You are one lucky boy.

  2. What a wonderful Happy Birthday gift for Charlie from his doctor! You must feel relieved to hear all you and the two doctors and staff have been doing is helping your boy. Ivy is looking well too.

  3. Happy Birthday , dear boy, and many happy returns of the day. You are still as handsome as ever! So happy to hear all is well. Sometimes it takes finding the right combo of meds and administration times to make a world of difference. Does your mum use a flash camera? Maybe it bothers your cataracts.

  4. Happy, Happy Birthday to Charlie!!! Bless all the people who care for him. You have a great team assembled to take care of your fur babies. I love the colors in the quilt handing in the wall behind Ivy in that picture….. those are the colors I’m trying to use right now.

  5. Happy Birthday Charlie!!!!! and what a wonderful report from the Vet!! the perfect Birthday gift! I know that your Mama is very happy and relieved!
    You are such a handsome little guy….

  6. Happy Birthday, Charlie!!

    I’m SO glad to hear you are doing better, and that you have such wonderful caregivers ~

    And that you have such a loving Mom!!!

  7. Happy Birthday Charlie! I’m so happy that you’re doing so much better! ๐Ÿ˜โ™ฅ๏ธ๐Ÿฅณ

  8. Charlie looks absolutely beautiful, happy and healthy in the lovely photos you are showing us. You have been such a GOOD MAMA. So happy for all of you. In my earlier life I had a Yorkie named Pixie and she was my first pet and such a thrill in my life. And, as usual Ivy looks his usual magnificence. Birthday Wishes and Happy Day from me and my Ivy!

  9. Happy Birthday handsome Charlie! Miss Ivy Lou looks like she is ready for her close up! Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for sharing this good news with all of us! You are a great Mom, Brenda!

  10. Happy Birthday Charlie! He is so handsome and looks well. The best gift of all is good health.
    Linda, Ella, and Simon

  11. I’m singing Happy Birthday to Charlie as I write this! God bless Charlie and all of the people caring for him, mostly you! Here’s to a great year ahead filled with fun and loving times!

  12. Happy Birthday, dear Charlie! So happy to hear the good reports – what fine vets you have!
    And hello to sweet Ivy who is such a joy too.

  13. Great news from Charlie’s vet. Happy Birthday Charlie, Party time for Ivy and Charlie , maybe a special snack?? Love the pictures.

  14. Happy birthday Charlie! You look so handsome today. Iโ€™m glad to hear you are feeling better

    Ivey looks so relaxed and happy.

    Have a great weekend

  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET BOY!! I am so happy he is doing so well!! Ivy is absolutely adorable as always! XOXO

  16. Happy Birthday Charlie. It’s wonderful that his treatments are doing so well. Makes him feel so much better and it makes you happy as well. Can’t ask for anything more. Have a good weekend.

  17. Happy Birthday to Charlie! He looks quite youthful in the photo, certainly not like a senior dog! Wish I could look that good in a picture. So glad his treatment plan is working so well and most importantly, that he is feeling better. Definitely a good birthday to celebrate. Enjoy!

  18. Charlie looks SOOOOO cute in those photos! And Missy Ivy is such a girly-girl, she appears to be striking poses for the camera, LOL!

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