1. So glad Charlie is not being harmed by his exercise with your granddogs. It must be helping even!! And too, don’t you suppose Ivy is not really a substitute for another dog? He may be somewhat lonesome for other dogs…they are a pack group. That is incredible that Ivy is able to jump that high in one fell swoop. I laugh every time you show her on that perch…just thinking of how she loved the catnip!! It does make sense to get rid of her chair since she no longer was using it.

  2. How wonderful that Charlie is doing so well. That is because you take care of him so well. MY PUP ATE A a lot of milorganite fertilizer last year, thankfully she was fine.

    Take care my friend have a wonderful weekend.

  3. So glad for Charlie’s good report. Bless his little heart. It must be such a relief to you to know he is doing so well.

    Hope you have a pleasant weekend and Mother’s Day!

  4. What wonderful news about Charlie!!

    Ivy looks like the queen of the tower in that photo.

  5. Wonderful news about Charlie !!! He’s such a sweet little boy. Very happy for you both !!!

  6. I am so happy Charlie got good reviews on his muscles and such. Your follower, Patrice, was right I think, in saying it was because his running around with your daughter’s pups so often, has made his muscles and his outlook (happiness) improve so much. You must admit that the old saying, “Use it or LOSE IT”, is true not only for us humans but for every living creature!

  7. That is fantastic news on Charlie’s health – so those running around and playing episodes with your daughter’s dogs is no fluke, he’s feeling stronger and better. Perhaps, like people, dogs need to socialize with some of their own from time to time to stay at the top of their game? The Polar Vortex – of all things this time of year! – is acting up and causing massive cold front to come in from the far north Arctic region, blowing all the way to the Gulf of Mexico, covering parts of your state, parts of Texas, parts of my state (Wisconsin) and flowing out east where record-setting cold and snow is expected in parts of the Northeast starting to day, I believe, through the weekend. It will be abnormally cold for the southern states this time of year, too. We have a hard freeze warning on for late tonight/early tomorrow a.m. I don’t have any veggies planted, but I have some plants I’ll worry about so I’ll cover them tonight with sheets and lug some rocks around to make sure they are held down in the strong winds we are experiencing. The sun is out today, though, and in a sheltered sunny spot, it is comfortable enough for me to be out without a jacket on for short lengths of time sweeping, etc., although the temperature isn’t above 42. So, about half the nation will be in abnormally cold and in some spots snow storms, and out west they’ll be in above-normal heat for this time of year. Figures – it seems there is no such thing as NORMAL any longer. We had brief snow flurries here this morning during a 15 minute dark cloudy spell! An hour later I was out cutting my front lawn.

  8. On this cold and dreary day what could be better than to read such happy and positive news? I’m thrilled for you and Charlie and can’t tell you how much I admire all that you do for him. You are his angel here on Earth. God bless you and may he continue to thrive and bring you joy.

  9. This is really good news.
    I think it might be like us as we get older. If we don’t keep moving we get really stiff and start having back problems or our legs get really tired fast. Charlie’s play dates are making him use muscles he normally does not use on a regular basis and it is fun for him. Between the vet appts and the play dates, that should keep him more mobile and in less pain.
    I am reminded of when I would go to visit my daughter who lives in the country and had two dogs of her own, Romeo loved roaming the property with them and had such a great time. The rest of the time he was a house dog and only got walks on a leash. I was not up to running and I never took him to dog parks because he was so little and most of the dogs there were really large breeds and I had no idea if they would be aggressive with him or not.

  10. So glad to hear Charlie is doing so well. Enjoy every moment together.

  11. YAY for Charlie!! I agree with the others that playing with the other dogs has helped! Give him a cuddle from me ~

  12. Such good news about Charlie. Sounds like those visits with the other pups is really making a difference. Love Ivy in the tree. We have a real tall one that Norah loves to rest in.

  13. Glad to hear about your handsome Charlie. Running with your daughters dogs is doing him good! Ivy looks healthy and beautiful enjoying her cat tree. Kaia really needs to be groomed. We are grinding her nails but procrastinating trimming her chin and face. She tolerates trimming except for the front of her body. Thankful the groomers know the easiest way to make our babies look spiffy. Have a great weekend.

  14. joyous news about little Charlie! I think his weekly fun and running at your daughter’s house with her own dogs is making all the difference! he must feel like a new dog!
    the pictures of both Charlie and Ivy are so beautiful! have a fantastic weekend dear bean! XO

  15. Such good news about Charlie! I would have saved that email too!

  16. Great news about Charlie! I’m glad Ivy is enjoying her cat tower. Sophie doesn’t have a tree as she isn’t much of a climber. Your patio looks good too. I wish this cooler weather would stick around a little longer so I could keep pulling the acorns that sprouted in the flower beds. By the time they come thru the mulch, they are hard to pull and really hard to kill. Have a great weekend.

    1. Ivy wasn’t a climber either. The first time she climbed to the top. But now she just jumps right up. Maybe she’ll lose some weight.

  17. Good morning,
    Such good news about Charlie. I also think running and playing with her little dog friends is helpful. All good things! Your garden is beautiful–I ordered the deep blue containers you have and they just arrived–now to fill them with soil and plants. Happy Mother’s Day to all!
    Linda, Ella, and Simon

  18. Brenda…the smell of manure may be what’s attracting Charlie….I know our Golden goes nuts every time we fertilize plants or our grass.

  19. Oh Brenda this is great news. I am so happy for you and Charlie. I bet going and him running and playing with your daughter’s dog helps so much too. Your keeping up with the acupuncture is beginning to pay off. This is wonderful news.

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