Yeah, I ended up with a puffy recliner. The kind I did not want to resort to. Because the furniture delivery people brought the wrong recliner that took a month to somehow make. And I accidentally stuck my foot in a hole.

So now I have to explain all this to you so it will make sense.

The recliner was the wrong color and was not a power recliner. I sat it in and it hurt my neck to push it back.

I decided to drive over there and see if I could just pick out another chair. It wouldn’t match the couch. But I didn’t want to wait another month while a matching chair was made.

By the way, I love the couch!

Falling on the way to the car:

On my way to my car, I stepped in a hole left by the lawn guys the day before. They had edged the sidewalk and left a big hole around it. Naturally my right foot went in and I fell, hitting my right wrist when I happened to not have the brace on.

Lordy Pete. I didn’t think I was really hurt. I came inside and put something on my bloody knee and stuck a band aid on it. Then I got in my car and headed to the furniture store. I was determined to get this wrong chair thing rectified pronto.

By the time I got there my right hip, wrist and ankle weren’t feeling so good. I went inside and walked around a little. It was getting worse.

I didn’t feel like picking and choosing from a long list of recliners. Not on a day when pain was clouding my thoughts. They were talking to me and it seemed they were talking awfully slow.

Pain does that to you. Just hurry up and tell me what you have in stock today. I don’t need anymore details other than that.

So I settled on one of the first ones I stumbled into to rest. There were a few colors to choose from in shades of brown. I chose the middle one.

Decorating Tip:

When your order has gotten mixed up and you end up with a chair that isn’t the right one, try going all the way in the other direction. In other words, I didn’t want an upholstered chair next to my upholstered couch if it wasn’t the right one.

So I chose something completely different for the recliner. The puffy recliner that didn’t look so puffy in the store up next to really puffy recliners.

I was exhausted by then. They didn’t know when they could deliver it.

I came home from the furniture store yesterday afternoon and put on my cam boot because I didn’t want to injure the bad ankle any worse than I perhaps already had.

I’ve had two surgeries on this injury since I broke both sides of my right ankle the summer of 2012. Most of you know all this. And I’ve had hardware put in and the hardware taken out.

Unfortunately it is the foot you use to drive. And of course now I have my wrist brace back on because my hands broke my fall on the sidewalk. So now I have the cam boot on the right foot and the wrist brace on the right hand.

I chose a recliner that had more bells and whistles. Because at the time I was hurting and I wanted to have those bells and whistles to give me some comfort.

They discounted the new chair a bit for my trouble. What a day. Oh, and I had these pillows in the closet. I thought they looked nice on the couch. But you know the pets will knock them to the floor. Oh well.

It’s hard getting old and re-injuring old injuries.

So I know what you’re probably thinking about now: Blah, blah, so show us the puffy recliner you had to hurry up and buy because you stuck your foot in a hole.

I swear it didn’t look this puffy in the furniture store. Yeah, I’m a little upset. It doesn’t look as nice as I was planning on it to look in my living room. But wow, is it a comfortable power chair.

Charlie loves that he can lay next to me and there’s no space in between like there was with the original one.

And you know this is not real life, the photos I’ve just showed you. Below is real life. With doggy steps and Charlie’s blanket added.

Speaking of Charlie, who is now at the groomer’s, we have a little predicament with the furniture. He only has one set of steps in here and they go up to the couch. But not to the recliner.

That’s why I have the recliner so close to the couch. I’m trying to train him to step from the arm of the couch right over onto the recliner. But he balks when I walk him through the motions. He’s afraid. We’ll have to work on that.

I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon with my ankle surgeon, just to see if I did anything to it. When I got up today I tried to walk without the boot, but there were twinges and something felt like it was getting pulled the wrong way.

If I stay off of it, the pain goes away. But I did have to take Charlie in, put gas in my car, and stop at the store to get some groceries this morning. That caused pain.

Hopefully it’s just a little blip on the radar.


And I won’t be happy if I have to do it all in a big hot boot.

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  1. I agree that comfort should be one of the most important aspects to consider when buying a recliner. I will be going to a lift chair recliner store with my grandfather soon in order to buy him one. At his age, anything that can help mitigate his back pain would be a huge help in his everyday life.

  2. Your living room could be in a magazine.
    My how your style has changed from when I first started reading your blog!
    I like that your bedroom is still colorful and quilty. I love your quilts and how you dress your bed.
    Sorry about your ankle. Joint injuries are seldom a one and done type of thing. I sprained my wrist picking a pregnant patient off the floor, 2 years ago, and it still hurts if I bend it wrong. And it was only a sprain!
    Be careful!

  3. Well, I’ve been doing that. I’m not just any person buying furniture. It’s what I post about and take photos of. My accountant told me to keep all receipts. If it isn’t okay I’m sure eventually I’ll hear about it.

  4. Hi Brenda, I didn’t realize furniture could be considered a deduction for taxes. Are you sure about that?

  5. Bless your heart Brenda, what a mess! I mean, how many things can go wrong in one day! The sofa looks beautiful, even in “real” life. The chair is not that bad at all…great contrast with the sofa. The most important thing about the chair is that it is comfortable for you and eases you pain! Please post what the doctor says. Hope you feel better soon! Love and hugs!

  6. My word there are some strange comments in here. I can’t quite wrap my mind around the death-trap recliner comments and the spendthrift comment. I’m happy for you Brenda. Comfortable furniture is a must. I’m a home health nurse for nearly 20 years and I’ve never seen issues with recliners like some have described. Staying in one place in ANY piece of furniture is detrimental to your body, has nothing to do with it being or not being a recliner. On the other hand, having a good recliner available when you ARE injured is invaluable. And electric recliners don’t close suddenly with a snap like the manual ones so I don’t think Ivy is in any danger. I like the way the new furniture looks. Enjoy!

  7. Oh ((((BRENDA)))) and I thought I was having an overwhelming, exhausting day (the first of at least 3 in a row, mebbe 4). ….. Thank God for Nathan!!!

    1. Well, could have been worse. Feeling much much better today. The aches and pains of falling are letting up. I do stretching every morning on the floor and that helps work the kinks out.

  8. Your sofa and recliner look very nice. I like the way your sofa looks when it is all set up for Charlie to use, too. A few years back I bought a lazy boy chair that was puffy. It turned out to be very poorly designed for my needs. It had the pull lever on the side, but it was hard to reach the too-short lever over the puffy arm. It took a while but started causing shoulder pain. I bought a lever extender out of a mail order catalog and that helped. As my knees got worse the rocking caused a problem when getting up. I ended up replacing that chair with a lift chair that has a battery operated reclining mechanism. It stops immediately when you take your finger off of the button. I lower it in small increments unless I am looking right at Fuzzy and he isn’t anywhere near the chair. Many of the medical lift chairs are less puffy in design. Most recliner chairs are designed now with one piece leg rests, instead of the old style ones that had a space between the top part of the extender and where the feet go. I believe it was redesigned because accidents were happening because of it..

    Anonymous was correct in thinking that accidents can happen with recliner chairs, but we have to be aware of what we are doing when using them. I’m sorry for her acquaintances that have had pet injuries happen when using them, but many people use them because of medical issues that make a regular chair and ottoman uncomfortable. Some people type in all caps because of arthritis in their hands and it is hard for them to move their fingers around to shift back and forth. and other people with vision problems find that all caps are easier for them to read, I always think of that when I see comments typed in all caps, so if they are yelling, it’s lost on me.

    Enjoy your new furniture!

    1. This is that kind of chair. As soon as I stop pushing the button, the chair stops. It is one long piece instead of having a cut out between my legs and my feet. Which Charlie is really enjoying. It’s like a little hammock for him and he can spread right out.

  9. Love your sofa, and I agree the pillows so add to the decor. Just think of all the different ways to dress it up or down with pillows and throws..great choice. I think the chair is fine, too…and wow..with bells and whistles..wonderful. I am so sorry that you fell..what a bummer to ruin your excitement of the new furniture. Such a sad squirrel story, and I understand your feelings as I accidentally ran over one in the street years ago..and it totally upset me for awhile. I hope your injuries are not huge..and you could check into the insurance of the apartment complex if least they could pick up your deductible(s) if any. It was an accident on their property, caused by negligence… so you possibly should consider reporting it to the office in a report. Wish you enjoyment of your new furniture.. Cheers.

  10. Brenda, it sounds like your reflexes are too good and too fast because the last thing you should be doing is trying to brace the fall. I’ve fallen five times over the past year and a half and learning to roll into the fall is key. There are classes offered that you should look into. Check the Dept of Aging. By the way, the taupe chair is a good color that blends well with the wall art. When you are ready to get up, whack the footrest once with your good foot and any animal under the chair should scamper away. I have 4 terriers, 0 accidents and 1 of the Yorkies is almost 16.

    1. If I hadn’t braced the fall I’d have been flat on my face on the concrete. I’ll check out rolling into the fall. Never heard of it before now.

  11. Hi Brenda!
    First, I like your new recliner, & don’t think it’s too puffy at all. Hopefully, it will grow on you! I know sometimes I haven’t liked things at first, but they’ve grown on me & I end up loving them! Also, you ended up with that one in such a convoluted way, maybe it was just meant to be.
    I LOVE my recliner for sure! It’s actually a sofa that power reclines on both ends.
    Initially I was really worried about my pets getting trapped or hurt. It has never happened. For one thing, if they are in the room, they are up on the sofa with me. They always jump off onto the floor out of the way when I’m getting up. They just never go under there. Reading these warnings will make me think more about this, but it has never been an issue for us in the last 4+ years.
    2nd: I am so sorry you’ve had more injuries to your ankle & wrist. What rotten luck!
    I know you are in pain. Hang in there.
    3rd: I’m surprised at the criticism I’ve read here today, & I don’t think you deserve it!
    We know you are very thrifty, & now you’ve taken an opportunity to upgrade & to help your body, work & home life. It’s all in the same space. I’m happy for you! You don’t owe anybody explanations about it. Life changes, & you flow with the ups & downs.

    1. I don’t live in a McMansion. I have a one bedroom apartment. I could change everything in here and it wouldn’t cost a fortune. So I agree with you.

  12. What a day! Is it a full moon? Anyway, your living room is beautiful, both the stylized version and the real-life version. I like the sofa and chair together, and the chair is not too puffy at all. As others said, as one grows older, the comfort of a recliner can’t be topped! My husband and I often use ours when our backs hurt or we can’t sleep lying down for whatever reason. I think you’ll love it! Sometimes my daughter will leave the house in the morning, and I’m in the recliner, and when she returns later in the afternoon, I’m in the recliner. We laugh, and I assure her I was not in that chair the whole day!

    Just before letting down the footrest, make sure Ivy is in sight and you’ll know she isn’t in danger.

    I’m sorry about your fall. It sounded painful just to read. I hope you are feeling better soon!

  13. My oh My! You surely do have adventures of the not so wanted kind. Hopefully your ankle and wrist (and any other thing that hurts from the fall) will heal quickly without any medical intervention. Love the couch … and I think that the recliner looks absolutely inviting. If it’s comfy and your body likes it, enjoy every minute in it. It’s part of taking care of you.

  14. My goodness, people gave you a lot of criticism about your new recliner! I think it is very very good looking and the new sofa is beautiful, too! They look good together. I couldn’t live without my recliner, I think you definitely need one!
    So much has happened lately, you may need to start posting everyday again so we don’t miss anything. I am sorry you’re hurting from that fall and hope you check out ok at your doctor’s office.

  15. Your new recliner looks soooooo comfortable that I maybe a teeny tiny bit jealous!
    Hope you feel better soon.

  16. Your Recliner is beautiful. I have been looking at recliners also, but most of them are to large or to small. I do love the looks of yours and I think that it goes well with your couch.
    So sorry you had to step in a hole and hurt your wrist and ankle. It doesn’t sound like you broke anything.
    Take care and hope all goes well at the doctor’s office.

  17. My father had the power chair and now my sister & mom use it (we got it for dad while he was doing at home hospice last year). My mom & sister have 3 cats and 3 dogs and have had not issues with the pets and the chair. I actually like the chair, and love the sofa. It might seem a bit puffy but I like the contrasts – I am not a fan of matchy-matchy furniture anymore; I like individual pieces that are coordinate but still have a difference. It looks great!! Enjoy!!!

    1. I ordered the original chair because it didn’t look like a recliner. But I really like this one. This apartment is small enough that I pretty much know where each pet is at any given time. Charlie is always next to me. Ivy is busy getting into stuff. You can pretty much track her from the sounds she’s making pushing things around and climbing.

  18. I love your comfy recliner Brenda! You can’t take it with you, when you go, so treat yourself when the mood strikes! ?
    U earned it, so u should be able to enjoy it too!

    1. I’m cautious. I’m not the type to spend every dime I have and then wait for the end of the month. Being by myself, I have managed to put money back. Not a huge amount, but enough to give me maybe (maybe) six months without income.

      1. Wow! That’s good Brenda. I don’t know anyone who can make it 6 months without income. I know they are out there, I just personally am not acquainted with anyone who has that much set aside. That’s wonderful.

  19. Brenda, I am glad you did not break anything, and I hope you feel better soon.

    Your new furniture looks lovely ! I just could not live without my Lazyboy recliner. It is my reading chair, my tv chair, and after a total knee replacement, it ended up being my chair and bed for a month. It made it so easy to elevate my legs, and to lower my legs to the floor. The back reclined like a hospital bed, and I was very comfortable sleeping there. I was up every hr. or two, on my walker, and later a cane, using the washroom, getting ice for my knee etc. and I had no blood clotting problems. I had two end tables, one on each side of my recliner, with many things I needed, like my water bottle, pills, kleenex, etc. right beside me, which was so handy. After about 6 wks. I was able to drive my car again, and also lay flat in my bed upstairs. I had a cot all set up downstairs, near the washroom, but I found I was much more comfortable in my recliner. I put a really good waterproof single mattress cover, then an acrylic throw over that to protect the chair from spills etc. since I was eating there in front of the tv alot too.

    For many years, I have found that my big green puffy recliner is the most comfortable chair I can be in, and I really enjoy it. Mine is about as puffy as your’s, and it blends in well with the other furniture. As I age, comfort becomes more and more important. Form follows function around my home, but I still have some nice antiques, and an eclectic, retro look that is just me. It is my home, and was I ever glad to be back there 3 days after the operation ! My family was good to me, especially my daughter in law, and son. I insisted on paying them for doing so much for me, grocery shopping, cooking etc. for awhile. I thought it was only fair, and it all worked out really well. I am very glad that you have Nathan. I am sure he feels fortunate to have you.

    1. When you don’t have anyone to help you as you age, you have to either pay someone or hope your kids step up. My daughter will come take me places if I let her know I need her. But after what happened with my older 44 year old daughter, who I haven’t seen in 5 years, I rarely ask the younger one for help. Some people just cannot handle helping with medical stuff and parents aging. And that’s my older daughter I guess. Because she took off right after the initial injury. The night before my first surgery. But then everything is relative. You never know what is in someone else’s mind. And I don’t want to be a bother to either one.

  20. I love the recliner and the couch! They look so good together and the recliner is not too puffy at all. My recliner is a little puffy but it is very comfortable and that is what counts. Sometimes I have back trouble and can’t sleep in my bed and when that happens the recliner is perfect.
    So sorry you fell. I would ask the apartment manager to fill out an incident report just in case it leads to any big expenses. They have insurance to cover things like that and it was negligent for the lawn guys to leave a hole like that.

  21. Love the new look — the couch is such a great color (so easy to change up the look with colorful throws and pillows) and really brightens the room. I think the recliner is wonderful and hope you enjoy resting there with Charlie. Your home will always look beautiful and cozy no matter the furniture choices you make — you just have that knack to make it so. As for purchasing new items, sometimes it just does the heart and soul good to reward yourself with a new look; so glad you finally have the means to make it happen.

    Hope your doctor visit results are good. You certainly do not need additional aches and pains. Hopefully it will be just rest over the next couple of days that you need and will feel as good as new (well as good as new as it gets as we age)!

    Take care and enjoy your day.

    p s Nathan is a sweetheart (a rather large sweetheart but a sweetheart indeed).

    1. Feeling much better today. I went right into the boot to keep everything stabilized. Maybe did the trick as no real pain this morning. That’s sometimes the answer. Go right into that boot and stay there a few days.

  22. Your new sofa and recliner look great together. I am sure you cut enough corners throughout the past few years to be able to upgrade. Besides, That is your office, craft space and home. You are there day and night. So many of us look forward to visiting you through your blog, it is only right that you keep it attractive. I say enjoy!
    I am glad Nathan is helping you. He is a good person.
    Heal soon and do be careful.

  23. oh Brenda I wish you hadn’t told us about the squirrel, I hate the thought of it suffering but also the way it was eventually killed but yes I know someone had to do something.
    Sorry about you injuries, oh my goodness but at least you have a nice comfy chair to rest in.
    My husband and I have a recliner each and I always ask him if Dexter is out of the way before I put the stool down. I would never forgive myself if I harmed him. I love your sofa, it is modern yet looks very comfortable, I am sure Charlie and Ivy love it.

    1. No one loves this chair more than Charlie. He snuggles next to me and the the recliner on the other side and looks like a swaddled baby.

  24. I love the chair and recliner and good luck getting Charlie boy trained to move over from the sofa. I’m so sorry you feel and I hope the doctor appointment goes well. I’m looking forward to seeing that patio garden come to life!

    Carol and Molly

  25. oh gosh Brenda, I am so sorry to hear this. Let’s sue the apartment complex and get rich (just kidding, well sorta of). I hope the doctor finds it’s nothing but a little muscle pull which will heal. Anyway I like your sofa a ton, and there’s nothing like a recliner! I live in mine practically. Feel better, keep us posted.

    1. Today so far my ankle is doing good. I’m so thankful. We’ll see how I do later in the day as I have an appointment to be seen at 3:30.

  26. I hate to say something glum, but beware of possible health issues caused by recliners. My mother loved her recliner while she was in the nursing home. She found it extremely comfortable and slept well in it. The nursing home doctors insisted we remove it from her room. I cannot remember the specific reason, but it was something to the effect that the contours of the chair in tandem with the shape and length of her legs were causing life threatening circulation problems. The possibility of a clot was mentioned. Be aware that you should not be seated long hours in one position in your beautiful new chair, and you should get up and about regularly.

    1. I agree. I have friends (a mom and daughter) that have two big, puffy recliners in their living room. They both have health problems and the daughter also has terrible back problems and has already had a couple of surgeries. They were spending too much time in their recliners. Their doctors told them not to spend so much time sitting in them; that the recliners were making their health problems worse. It’s best to limit your sitting in them (or anywhere!) and be up and moving as much as possible.

      Also, Brenda, please be sure that if the recliner is back/reclined in any way, before you get up, to make sure that Ivy isn’t underneath there. Another friend of mine didn’t know her cat was under the recliner and its tail got caught….and not a pretty outcome. 🙁

      1. Ivy isn’t interested in the chair, oddly enough, so far. She’s too busy getting into things. But I will watch closely because I don’t want anything to happen to my little Ivy. And yeah, many years ago a doctor told me that sitting was 85% of back problems. So I don’t stay still long. I can’t anyway. I gotta get up and do stuff.

  27. If you have another incident with a snakk injured animal, take it to your local humane society, they will at least euthanize it painlessly and a person who happens upon the injured animal will be spared having to figure out a way to kill the poor animal. Cities used to have animal control personnel who would pick up injured or dead animals, but because of budget cuts a lot of places don’t do that anymore. But a local humane society may come out and pick up an injured animal.

  28. So glad you have Nathan for all your needs! He sounds like a faithful friend! Your furniture looks so nice! fresh and clean! I sure hope your ankle is ok,. Blessings! Deb C

    1. He helps me with things I don’t have anyone else to help me with. Sometimes that means picking up dog poop on the patio when I’m not able to. That’s why I say I pay him what I would accept in order to do the job myself. I feel like a second mother to the boy.

  29. So sorry to hear about your fall. On the other hand, I absolutely love the couch and the chair and the new look. I think it looks beautiful! And for what it’s worth, not that puffy at all!!!

  30. Enjoy your recliner. Sometimes we have to make compromises. Since my husband retired last fall, you should see the state of my coffee table. Piles of books, paper and magazines on the top and the shelf underneath. Whenever I suggest tidying up, he says he needs it that way so he can find things. I had to grow an imaginary pair of blinders.
    After working in the yard or around the house, my recliner has been a lifesaver for my back. I put my feet up and a lumbar pillow at my back and soon I am ready to go again.
    I hope you hear good news from the ortho.

  31. Brenda, I feel bad for you because you’ve had such a rough time with your ankle and wrist. Any mention of a leg injury gives me a shiver. I broke my knee last year and continue recovering. You’re smart to check with your doctor rather than trying to push thru it. Your sofa is really attractive. If your new chair is comfortable , simply enjoy it along with Charlie. Does Ivy join you and Charlie in the chair? Both my cats are always plastered to me when I’m relaxing in my recliner. My son tells me I need one more cat so I can be completely covered in cats! Hoping you receive good news from your doctor.

    1. Charlie would not allow Ivy to be that close to him. He snaps at her at least once a day. I don’t want to drive over to see the doctor, but better safe than sorry I figure.

  32. Someone told me if you fall and break the fall with your hands then you are still young. Your reflexes are fast. I go to the orthopedic surgeon in an hour. I fell at the end of February and fractured my patella. Ouch! I was lucky and have been wearing a brace in hopes that it will heal without surgery.

  33. I love the lived in photo better with the steps! Homey and not too magazine shoot looking LOL. There’s nothing wrong with switching up your furniture and decor if you choose and are able. A lady is inclined to change her mind after all!!!!!!!! I can see Charlie being afraid of the tightrope maneuver at his old age. Maybe the steps could service both pieces of furniture if turned along the couch sideways and moved to the chair end. He could access both from the one set of stairs. That is the way we have ours turned for our cocker spaniel. Sideways along the couch. I hope you feel better soon,,,,,,,,and nothing is too permanently wrong this time. Nathan is a God send!!!! Bless that guy!

    1. Charlie boy is snuggled right up next to me on this soft recliner right now. We’ll figure it out. If I have to pick him up, then I will pick him up.

  34. Brenda,
    The recliner looks really nice and comfy.
    Love the wall decor behind the couch!
    Hope you get well soon.

  35. Oh Brenda, that’s not good! I did the very same thing at work a couple of months ago – stepped into a stupid big hole in the asphalt and fell. Cut my knee, hurt my hand, and was also completely embarrassed. I filed an incident report with my company, and you should do the same with the apartment management. They should be responsible for any medical bills.

    Love the new couch, and I’m sure the recliner, although not your taste, is very comfortable! Hopefully it will help with some of your aches and pains, in which case it will be all worth it!

  36. Your couch was very stylish before. It makes no sense that you are changing everything to new stuff…?

    1. I feel a little betrayed. You were all about saving money and making do with what you have and all of a sudden you’ved Replaced almost everything in the living and dinning areas. I’m happy your able to do that but….

          1. No one ever has a promise of tomorrow. TO US (me and hubby) next to having a comfortable bed, the recliner is a necessity because if we feel ill and not able to sleep lying down (which has often been the case with our medical issues), the recliner has been a lifesaver, allowing us to rest and sleep well…and look at all the money that saved, so we did not end up at the doctor’s…you may well find it actually saves money in the long run too, Brenda. People often find it hard to understand what they do not experience…enjoy your recliner!!

      1. Based on reading your past blog post about life, you have more than earned the right to enjoy your life, and anything affordable to make it more pleasant and comfortable…Also, I think we all would agree, anyone married for a long time, good or bad relationship, has more than earned the SSI, whether you have worked in or outside the home…. So cheers…keep on living your beautiful life and making the most of it.

    2. Well, you see, it does. These are tax deductions for me. In February my accountant said you’re making a certain amount of money SS won’t accept. So make sure during those months you have deductions to make up for it.

  37. Wow, what a day you had. Through it all, you ended up with what you are saying is a comfortable chair…that’s all that counts and from what I see, it looks pretty and the color is really nice, taupe, right?. The couch is beautiful and strangely enough, the doggie stairs seem to balance out the picture, photo wise. Maybe you can get some set of steps for Charlie beside the chair. Transitioning from the chair to couch and back strikes me as a little tricky for an old dog and you wouldn’t want him to slip. The steps might fit on one one side or the other and switch the table with the lamp on it, if necessary.


  38. Brenda, I likethe color of your new recliner. I don’t think it looks too puffy, and the height fills in to match well with your lamp and wall art. From experience with a bum knee and ankle, comfort is important to me. I love my power recliner enough to give it the space it needs ?. I hope you didn’t do any major damage In your fall, and you feel better soon.


    1. You didn’t upset me. I was told by the furniture store that these power recliners can be stopped on a dime. So if Ivy was ever to get under there, I could stop it before she had any injuries. She likes the couch. But last night I looked in here in the dark and she was in the chair. Ivy is a big cat. I think I’d see her going under there. I had to weigh that against my comfort. I won’t hurt Ivy, I can assure you.

    2. Most animals are smarter than they look…we never ever had a problem with animals and recliners which we have always had at the same time. It does look comfy Brenda…and the color goes well I think. I am so sorry you hurt yourself again…if you incur costs however…the apt. complex should pay them…after all, it was left there for someone to fall.

      1. I don’t think anonymous means to be yelling. She has always left her comments in caps and no one has ever remarked that I can recall. I’m sure there is a reason why she prefers the caps to be on and not everyone is privy to online internet etiquette aka netiquette.

        1. Brenda, our two beloved kitties lived almost 20 years without being injured by our recliners. The habit of knowing where the cats were before we lowered the recliners was so ingrained that we did it without even thinking about it and with only one cat to watch out for, I bet you’ll be the same way. We lost our precious girls two months apart shortly before you lost Abi, so I felt so bad for you. I’ve never experienced grief like that and don’t know if I will ever have another pet so I admire you for adopting Ivy. Enjoy your beautiful new furniture and I hope you feel better soon so you can start your gardening.

          Sherry in Little Rock

  40. What a day! It is difficult to rest. You need to do that. Your new sofa does look nice. The chair is, too. A couple of pillows that match the sofa will give you contrast. I think a white chair would have been too much white. Get well soon.

  41. OMGoodness it never,ever ends,does it?
    I hope there’s no new damage, it takes us so long to heal.
    I love the couch,I admire your braveness,white would never make it in my house,2 mostly black cats and I’ve never had the motivation to keep them off the furniture.
    Chair looks amazingly comfy and I think it looks great with the couch!
    You’ll dress it up or down and make it work:)
    Feel better, R.I.P. squirrel,they do seem to be very indecisive on the roads and are death defying:(.

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