This week we’re visiting with Emily who blogs at The Wicker House.

The outside of her nearly 100 year old home is a cute cottage style that is well landscaped.

Emily decorates with various colors.

She tends to lean toward a nautical style.

Her kitchen is small but she has made good use of the square footage that she has.

Her home has a cottage, boho and farmhouse vibe added to her love of nautical decor.

A rather unusual shelf, which looks quite old, is home to dishes and kitchen decor.

A family photo among vintage finds.

A table all set for dining.

A collection of vintage picnic baskets is used to decorate a shelf.

Black and white in the bedroom.

A great place to snuggle up under the blankets and thumb through a beloved book.

Emily likes to have small water fountains going indoors. The sound is soothing and a nod to her love of the nautical lifestyle.

House plants can be found throughout her home, giving it a cozy ambiance.

A place on the deck looks mighty comfy with a seating arrangement ready for family and friends to sit and enjoy the outdoors.

Now let’s chat with Emily about her home.

1. How long have you lived in your small space home?

We have lived in our 96 year old home for 7 years.

2. Did you actively seek small space living and why? Price? Downsizing?

I didn’t exactly go looking for a smaller home, even though I have a huge love for little cottages. I was more looking for a house with character and charm because that was more important to me than size. 

3. Which room has proven to be most problematic for you?

Perhaps our basement only because it’s technically “the man cave” but I sure would like to decorate it in my style

4. Do you have a pantry and/or linen closet?

We have a pantry that I’ve never shared before. It’s been on my list to paint and organize but I’ve yet to get around to it.

We don’t have a linen closet, but we do have a coat closet, although that is where I store all of my extra home decor items. That closet could really use a makeover as well.

5. Where do you store small appliances and things like ironing boards, etc?

Our home actually has a ton of storage which is so nice. The kitchen especially has a lot of cupboards and plenty of space for small appliances and special occasion dishes.

6. Where do you store seasonal/holiday decor?

We have a little garage in the back of our yard that we use to store all of our holiday decorations.

7. What do you like best about living in a small space?

I don’t know if I could ever live in a big house because I enjoy the coziness and feel of a smaller home so much. There are plenty of spaces in our home to go to be alone but I love knowing that my family members are always close by. 

8. What do you find most challenging about living in a small home?

My teen boys have to share a room and I’m sure there will come a day when they want their own space so that may become a challenge for us.

9. What projects are you wanting to start but haven’t tackled yet?

Oh gosh, I have so many projects that I want to start. I’m currently working on re-finishing our wood floors, and then I’ll add some new paint. 

I’m also thinking about switching up our kitchen again. Down the road we want to add a new front porch and remodel the master bathroom.

10. What made you fall in love with this house?

A while back a wrote a blog post about why I choose our home(see it here: ) I have a ton of reasons why I love our home but mostly I’ve always just felt like this house was meant to be ours.


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  1. I love this house! So stylish, and warm, and cozy. As you said, “a cottage, boho and farmhouse vibe,.” She has done the mix really well.

  2. Thank you
    Brenda you are always present the best for us. Anxiously wait each day to spend time with you your mesmerizing words and the wonderful way you share as if we were together outside enjoying
    Your Beautiful flowers talking and enjoying tea.
    Little CharlieBoy and Ivy Would be spoiled by me before I had to leave our pleasant visit.
    You always make a special time for me to enjoy my time reading your blog. You spend many hours working to make me and all your followers enjoy a wonderful day. You make a gloomy day a sunny day. You make the world a better place and you shine bright?????. ????

  3. I love this series on small homes, too, Brenda. This post, though, left me feeling like I wanted to see more of the actual rooms instead of mostly the smaller shots of vignettes and small areas. I feel llike I don’t have a real sense of how the homes furnishings are arranged. That said, I still enjoyed seeing Emily’s style and her choice of objects for decorating.

    Thanks for posting another chapter on Living Large in Small Spaces.

    Hope your back and foot are better today. Also, I forgot to mention yesterday what a cutie Charlie was in his “sunglasses”. A charming, dapper fellow. Pats for him and Ivy, too.

  4. Brenda, I am really enjoying this topic. Each home is so cute it’s hard to pick a favorite. I am taking ideas from each home. I like the idea of adding square footage as a question. I’m in a 700 sq ft apartment. I also always wonder if they did all the decorating themselves or if they had a decorator help them. I have no creativity when it comes to decorating, but would love to have a home as beautiful as these. Sandra

  5. This home has a “grown-up” feel about it. Casual but classy. I like it a lot. The plants and baskets along with some blue and green touches are all nice ways to add a bit of nature to the mostly white and black decor. It seems like a home where the men of the family would feel comfortable. I love that fountain. I’ve been thinking of getting a little fountain because one of our cats would be fascinated with it. But, he’d probably get water everywhere. So, maybe not. Thanks for another great small home.

  6. What a wonderful cottage! The exterior of the cottage is so pretty and quaint and the landscaping looks beautiful. Love Emily’s decor and sense of styling. The shutters in the bedroom are such a neat idea. And her kitchen although small (like mine) looks to have so much storage and useful space (unlike mine). Love that she has a double oven in that small kitchen. I will be using some of Emily’s ideas in my own home. I will also be visiting her blog.

    Thank you Brenda for this series. I have told you before but I’ll tell you once more — I am really enjoying this series.

    Have a wonderful Friday afternoon.

  7. I think posting the square footage of these small houses would help. I think someone else mentioned this last week.

  8. The outside of the home is picture perfect cottage. One does not need a ton of space in order to live large 🙂

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