Apartment Tour: Buenos Aires, Argentina

Lucas is a graphic designer in Buenos Aires. This is his tiny apartment. It is 495 square feet.

He describes his style as “a bit of modern with Scandinavian and vintage elements, but above everything it’s colorful and playful. I like to mix things I like and feel that represent me.”

After living in a much bigger place (where he never felt at ease), Lucas finally found his home a year ago in this one bedroom apartment over an avenue in the Vicente Lopez neighborhood.

The furniture that seemed to be floating all over his old apartment now felt at home in this much cozier place. 

He has a collection of snow globes, about a million pencils that he uses for his illustrations, framed posters and a lot of candles (that make the apartment smell great all-year-round). 

Lucas works as a graphic designer for a multinational company and travels very often. So, his home is filled with playful travel souvenirs that he displays all over his house.

His love for bright colors and strong graphics is reflected in his small home, as well.

He decided to theme each room after one color, for a more cohesive feel.

As you can see, Lucas loves plants. He has them throughout his apartment and here on the patio.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of Lucas’ home in Buenos Aires.


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  1. I enjoyed this tour very much! Our little house is not much bigger than this small apartment. Add on another tiny bedroom and you got it! I feel so cozy in my small place. I have everything I love here, yet it is not cluttered. I really like how this apartment owner has everything there that he loves too. Loved the rustic touches and pops of red as well.

  2. Oh boy, I love the small apartment tours. This was a great one. It so light and airy and seems bigger than it really is. I like how it has some elegant things, like the mirrors over the sofa, and then some very rustic things, like the headboard made out of pallets. He does a great job of placing all of his treasures around the apartment.

  3. Hey! I want to see a better pic of the bedroom chandelier! Half a chandelier won't do. It looks amazing from what little I can see of it!

    1. Go back up and look. I added the chandy close up. Tried to email you but you're a "no-reply" blogger and I can't see your email address.

  4. The bedroom with red pops of color against the white background is my favorite … well, and the snow globes (would love to have one of Big Ben). This apartment is very cozy and warm, a nice place to return after world travel.

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