1. I love everything he has done…all of the color, the pretty cup collection, and that amazing vintage macromae hanging lamp! Great job Lucas!?

  2. I enjoyed this tour very much! Our little house is not much bigger than this small apartment. Add on another tiny bedroom and you got it! I feel so cozy in my small place. I have everything I love here, yet it is not cluttered. I really like how this apartment owner has everything there that he loves too. Loved the rustic touches and pops of red as well.

  3. Oh boy, I love the small apartment tours. This was a great one. It so light and airy and seems bigger than it really is. I like how it has some elegant things, like the mirrors over the sofa, and then some very rustic things, like the headboard made out of pallets. He does a great job of placing all of his treasures around the apartment.

  4. Hey! I want to see a better pic of the bedroom chandelier! Half a chandelier won't do. It looks amazing from what little I can see of it!

    1. Go back up and look. I added the chandy close up. Tried to email you but you're a "no-reply" blogger and I can't see your email address.

  5. He has done a great job pulling everything together. I like the bright colors–it looks like an artist's apartment. Lovely- xo Diana

  6. I can definitely identify with how he feels more comfortable in a smaller space. He has done a great job making his apartment a home.

  7. The bedroom with red pops of color against the white background is my favorite … well, and the snow globes (would love to have one of Big Ben). This apartment is very cozy and warm, a nice place to return after world travel.

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