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  1. Hi. Can you tell me how you made the shelf with books and the globes?

  2. Brenda that is one unique apartment. I wouldn’t mind moving in with her such a great space. But I wouldn’t want to dust.

  3. i cant get enough of this adorable apt. so cute – and Tater Tot is precious too

  4. Whatever suits you! I couldn’t live there even though it’s organized.

  5. I LOVE it!! All those windows and a REAL kitchen in NYC!! And the color! I love that too!
    I’ve been going thru and deleting all the “white” blogs from my subscriptions. I feel they are just too cold and boring to bother reading anymore. I just can’t imagine living in a house like that. Give me color and personality! But that is what is so great about all the blogs. You can find your “tribe”.

  6. What I love about this apartment is the openness and feeling of expansiveness. And she’s achieved this while at the same time having a lot–I mean a LOT–of things displayed. Is it all one room, do you know? It looks like the bedroom is part of the rest of the apartment. I couldn’t live with that much going on, either, but one thing I really envy about the place is the wall space for hanging and displaying. I say that because I have so little compared to the number of things I would like to hang up. And, gosh, that huge expanse of windows is to die for. I love windows and lots of light in my living space.

    It was fun to see, Brenda. Thanks for the post and hope your week is off to a great start.

  7. I admire her for doing her “own thing” no matter what the current trend is—but I couldn’t live with all of that busy-ness. I love the chairs/desks hanging on the wall; I’ve done this with a child’s chair and it really adds interest. Thanks for a different tour.

      1. I think I like this lady very much ! She may be more colorful than you Brenda ! I love her Pez collection. Love her collections too! Bet she’d be great fun to sit and talk with over a cup of tea .

  8. What a fantastic space! She’s a genius with “stuff” – and what a find, an apartment like that in the city with such natural light and multitude of windows… wow… Adorable companion too –

  9. Wow was that ever a fun tour. I loved it. Granted it is a lot but some of her displays are fantastic.

    1. I knew many wouldn’t wish to decorate that way. But it’s such an interesting apartment!

  10. Wow. Way too much stuff to dust. I don’t think I’d hire her for organizing….she wouldn’t let me get rid of anything. I kind of admire people who can live with that much visual clutter but it’s not for me. Infact, that makes me want to paint a few rooms white.

  11. Wow! A very interesting space and her kitchen isn’t updated, I would never have noticed! Personally I love it and it is very organized given the volume of things that she has. Love all of the color, texture and design elements that she has put together. I think one could only live like this if they lived alone, I don’t think it would work with a husband in tow, lol Thank you for sharing this with us, it is a very cheerful start to the cold rainy/snowy day we are having here in the north east

  12. Very colorful and fun. I would smile when I walked in the door as well but I think the busy nature of all the collections would wear me out. Love the light from the windows. And Tator Tot is so cute!

    1. What I’d give for all that natural light. You could have a veggie garden with that much light!

  13. Wow! I like some color, that would overwhelm me, so busy. But too each his own!

    1. Oh my…. I absolutely love her home! I could move in there real easy! Who needs an updated kitchen? With her collections it works just fine… Thanks for sharing!

    2. The animal prints aren’t my thing. But her place reminds me of a museum or curated things so I knew I had to show it to you.

  14. Wow this one has lots of color. A bit much for me but she has some interesting collected pieces.
    Love that little tatter tot. How adorable is he. Have a great week.

    1. Me too. But it was such a fun apartment I had to show you all.

      1. I love the colors and it’s a fun place but I would never be able to relax with so many bright colors. My first reaction was it was like going to Disney World or the circus. Thank you for posting it…we all have different ideas of our perfect place to nest.

  15. I like vibrant colors, but this is a little too much for me. All of the organized clutter would drive me crazy. My eyes had no where to land. I applaud her for having the guts to do this. I can see her living the Bohemian live style.

    1. It’s even a bit too much color for me. But she does organize it all well!

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