Book Review: Baby Teeth

Book Summary:

Though Suzette Jensen has Crohn’s, a disease that wreaks havoc on her body, she and her husband Alex decide to get pregnant and have one child. That child is Hanna.

At seven years old, Hanna has never said a word, although she can read and write. She won’t behave in kindergarten class, so Suzette is forced to home school her.

Hanna is angry and defiant, becoming more aggressive as each day passes, causing Suzette to become afraid of her own child.

The only thing that seems to make Hanna happy is when she’s with her father. With him, she’s an entirely different child. His perfect little girl.

As Hanna gets more violent, Suzette has to find a way to get Alex to believe that their own daughter is trying to kill her. That the child she is with him is simply a mirage.

Just how far will Hanna go to get rid of her mother so she can have her daddy all to herself?

My Review:

I admit, when I started reading this book, which is written from the viewpoint of both Suzette and Hanna, I didn’t think I was going to be that interested in this book. But a few chapters in and I was hooked.

This author has created a character in Hanna that is both believable and yet unbelievably demonic. This book is about a child managing to find someone’s weakness and then exploiting it.

If you don’t think children this young are capable of violence, this will open your eyes and possibly change your mind. If there truly are children like Hanna out there in the world, I’m not sure I want to know about it.

How scary would that be? Read this book and you will wonder yourself.

This is Zoje Stage’s first novel, and it is a winner.

About The Author:

zoje stage

Zoje Stage is a theatrically trained actor. She learned in acting class how to play evil characters. The advice she was given was to never think of a character as evil, but to see their motivation as a natural consequence of their life, their experiences, and their desire.

She says that this changed her way of thinking in many areas, and in Baby Teeth, she was focused on each character’s truth.


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  1. I remember the movie “The Good Son”. I did have the movie til my daughter took it without asking years ago. I just watched a clip of it..never forgot that movie!
    Happy 4th of July Brenda and all your readers! Stay safe and hydrated…it’s hot everywhere!

  2. What a plot line. Reminds me of a book/movie ages ago entitled The Bad Seed. You would probably really like it.
    You put it well when you said if there are really children with this capability I am certain I want to know about it either. Shudder.

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