Book Review: Dakota Blues

Karen seems to spend all her time working. Her career defines her.

Her husband tells her that he has gotten a woman half his age pregnant and needs a divorce.

Her mother dies and she flies back home for the funeral, chastising herself for not taking time off to go back and visit her while she was still alive.

While she’s back home, her boss decides to fire her. 

At age 50, Karen is facing a divorce and the end of her job and possibly her career. She wasn’t as important and influential in her position as she’d thought. 

She has worked long enough to make good wages. And the powers that be oftentimes fire women and men like her, so they can hire someone younger and pay them less. 

I think this is a good book for any woman to read, particularly if you are in this age group.  

It often takes a disaster or a divorce or both to make us pause for reflection. To look at where we are in our lives.

Money is one thing, as everyone has to pay the bills. But no one wants written on their gravestone: “I worked myself to death and while I did I somehow missed out on living.”

So many words of wisdom in this book! 

I downloaded this book free on my Kindle through one of the freebie e-book sites. But I would have gladly purchased this one in book form. 

This book is about a woman who is forced to look at what is truly important in life. What she first thinks of as a horrible turn of events ends up being the best thing that has ever happened to her.

And with this epiphany, she realizes that the little every day things in life are what is most precious. 

Rain on your face. Touching the velvety softness of a rose petal. Watching the sun rise and set.

All these things have no dollar tags, therefore they are free to enjoy. If only one takes the time.

Reading this book while Karen learns this lesson herself is a gift in and of itself.


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  1. I am enjoying reading free books thanks to your recommending Book Bub. Thank you so very much. With vision issues I can read much easier on an electronic device . I have the Kindle app on my phone and tablet .

  2. We've all had some problems, such as divorce, a loved one dying, being fired from a job — I've had all of those experiences but not as close together as Karen in this book! Thanks for your recommendation, because it will be good to get some insights on how to have a new perspective about life.

  3. no matter how tough we have it, there is always someone who has it much worse….after my son was diagnosed with chronic renal disease I learned not to "piss and moan" about anything….ever.
    Suzanne Morse

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