Book Review: Family Tree

Book Summary:

Annie Harlow is the producer of a popular television cooking show and her handsome husband Marvin is the star.

As the book begins, Annie finds out she’s pregnant. She can’t wait to tell her husband. So she gets in her car and heads to the Century City studio.

But then suddenly everything goes wrong at once. What Annie discovers when she gets there is so shocking that she runs back outside.

And a horrible industrial accident on the studio lot puts Annie in a year-long coma. When she finally wakes up, she doesn’t remember what happened.

Her mother insists she be brought back to her childhood home in Switchback, Vermont where she is surrounded by family.

Annie slowly emerges into a world she’s not familiar with.

As memories resurface over time, she must grieve all that she lost in the blink of an eye. And learn to cope with the realization that her husband divorced her while she was in a coma.

My Review:

When I started reading this book, I sensed it was a romance of sorts, and I’m usually not drawn to romances. But I was more than pleasantly surprised. I now have a new-to-me author to read.

Susan Wiggs is a natural at combining tragedy with love, sorrow and regret with redemption. I will be reading more of her books. She is quite the story teller.

About The Author:

susan wiggs

Susan Wiggs’s life is all about family, friends…and fiction. She lives at the water’s edge on an island in Puget Sound, and in good weather, she commutes to her writers’ group in a 21-foot motorboat.

From the very start, her writings have illuminated the everyday dramas of ordinary people. Her books celebrate the power of love, the timeless bonds of family and the fascinating nuances of human nature.

The author is a former teacher, a Harvard graduate, an avid hiker, an amateur photographer, a good skier and terrible golfer, yet her favorite form of exercise is curling up with a good book.



  1. Susan Wiggs is a wonderful author. Love reading her books. Try Leila Meacham she’s a wonderful author as well.

  2. I love Susan Wiggs books. She writes about real families with some romance mixed in. I loved this book, learned a little about Vermont, too.

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