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  1. On a very ordinary day many years ago, my Dad died of a heart attack. It was 3 days before Christmas and those agonizing days that followed forever changed Christmas for me. Why do those wounds take so long to heal?

    1. I'm so sorry for your loss, Vikki. I lost my daughter in August, so my grief is still new. I've been working hard on getting emotionally prepared for Christmas, and then just found out that a cousin who's in his mid-30s died two days ago. Now Christmas will be so hard for his immediate family, just as you've experienced. I've talked to others who've lost loved ones who say the grief never really goes away, but you can learn better coping skills over time. I just found out that Hospice offers up to six free bereavement counseling sessions, even if your loved one who died did not use the Hospice service at their time of death. I have gone to one session and will go again in a few weeks. Maybe you could check into that. The counselor who saw me was professional and so kind, and had information about coping with the holidays. (Thank you, Brenda, for allowing the opportunity for me to respond to another reader of your blog.)

    2. Thank you JKAYE for the helpful information. It also helps to know someone out there is with us in sympathy. As time goes on, grief is like a wound that has healed over, but still hurts to the touch. I am so sorry for your losses and wish you Peace this Christmas and in the coming year.

    3. I am so, so sorry for both of you. It's nice to see readers communicating with one another via this conversation.

  2. I tried to read this and I only got about a quarter in. I just couldn't like this person. Maybe that's the idea, she's severely damaged, but everything about the main character just turned me off, and I found her so very unsympathetic, no matter the circumstances. Maybe I didn't read far enough in.

    1. It took me awhile to get into it, because the girl seemed so materialistic. But she was insulating herself with all these "things" because of her trauma. I'm glad I read it.

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