Book Review: The Mummy Bloggers

Book Summary:

Sometimes life behind the screen is not as rosy as it seems…meet three Mummy Bloggers. Each of them is followed, idolized, imitated, taunted and trolled online.

Elle Campbell is a glossy, lycra-clad mum with washboard abs, a ten-year plan and a secret past. Abi Black has quit sugar, moved to the country and is homeschooling her kids. Leisel Adams slogs away at her office job each day before rushing home, steeped in guilt, to spend precious moments with her kids before bedtime.

When all three women are nominated for a prestigious blogging award with a hefty cash prize, the scene is set for a brutal and often hilarious battle for hearts, minds-and clicks. As the awards night gets closer, their lies get bigger, their stunts get crazier – and some mistakes from the past become harder and harder to hide.

The Mummy Bloggers is a sharp and funny look at power of social media and the women behind the likes, shares and filters.

My Review:

I loved this book so much I didn’t want it to end. So I read it slowly to take it all in. Obviously since I’m a blogger it was interesting on that front alone.

People often think that bloggers live in a perfect world. For some bloggers every morsel they eat, every outfit they wear is for the consumption of their readers. To get “likes.” And followers.

I can’t imagine thinking it necessary to take pics of what I’m eating. It isn’t all that interesting and sometimes it’s a mere TV dinner and a hot roll.

This is a great read. It is funny and sad at the same time. But the author writes so well it makes no difference what mood she’s striving for. You’ll love it all.

I can’t wait to read more of this author’s books.

About The Author:

Holly Wainwright is a former-Mancunian Sydneysider who came to Australia as a footloose traveler more than 20 years ago. Since then, Holly has had a long career as a journalist and editor, originally in travel and celebrity magazines and now online.

She’s been working in digital media for three years, most recently as Head of Entertainment at Mamamia. She also hosts a parenting podcast, has two small children, lives by the ocean and wishes there were four more hours in every day.

I hope you enjoyed this book review.


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  1. The name of the book caught my attention first – interesting title. Loved your review and will definitely be putting this one on my To Read list.

  2. Sounds like a good one. I’ll go check it out on Amazon. And like Elizabeth, My Mrs Brown is one of my favorite books!
    Have a great day, Brenda, and I hope any bad storms miss you.

  3. This sounds like a great book! I will have to put it on my list.

    I read My Mrs. Brown yesterday and I LOVED it!

    I hope that you Charlie and Ivy are having a great day!

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