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  1. This morning I see the 3rd clutch of Mourning Doves this year have left, leaving my formerly lush hanging pot of sprengeri fern brown and dead. Anyone know how soon they will be back? Or how I can discourage them?

  2. There is a dove currently nesting in my thyme on my balcony. She (he?) has flown in my apt & swoops onto my balcony when I sit there. It’s very small so she is going to have to learn to share the space!

    1. I have doves nesting on our grill. they are pretty exposed. Is there anything I can do to help them with their nest and/or put some kind of cover that might extend over the end of the top of grill, which would then cover them a bit.?? also should I get them some feed? suggestions? Thanks!

      1. I’d Google your questions. My knowledge is rather limited and I don’t want to give advice I’m unsure of.

  3. I was so joying the morning dove nest on my front porch and seeing the 2 babies pop their heads up on my way out the front door in the morning She has made her nest inside a 6′ 5″ wooden painted pirate right outside my front door. The fold in her hat is a perfect little niche for a nest.
    Now that the babies have feathers she’s been sitting at the top of the screen door which is always propped open looking down on the nest, My husband’s retired and has spent a lot of time talking to her and she even let him pet her on the head which surprised me.
    A couple days ago he heard a commotion on the porch and he saw a black crow swoop down and grabbed both babies out of the nest and fly away, it was quite upsetting. She has been sitting on the top of the screen door day and night as if waiting for the babies as though she is sad or maybe she’s going to lay some more eggs. Don’t know what to do to prevent that episode from happening again. Any suggestions?

      1. We live n Mesquite NV. Very hot in the summer, 2 weeks ago Doves built w nest on top of my patio heater, In a few weeks I noticed 2 little heads sticking out of the nest, a few days later we had a terrible wind storm and of course the nest with the babies were blown away, I was able to locate the nest with the babies, I made a make shift nest on my patio couch using an old towel and what was left of the nest. Mommy and Pappa dove were flying around in the dark and heavy wind, I was afraid the babies would not be found. I stayed awake most of the night hoping the babies would found. The next day while watching the babies through the window. Mommy dove appeared. I was relieved that they were found. They have been in the make shift nest for about 4 days now and their droppings are everywhere, Question should I attempt to clean the nest or let it go. Thank you

  4. Ekaterina, I assume you are referring to the release of white “doves” at weddings or some other functions as the damage done by unassuming, uneducated people. Where I live in far north Texas, in the country outside Dallas, you would be laughed at for calling a mourning dove a pigeon! 🙂
    Many people anxiously await dove hunting season that opens on Labor Day, I believe. I don’t hunt, but I don’t judge. have eaten it. I’ve tried lots of exotic meats, including alligator, rattlesnake, frog legs, wild boar, elk, venison, etc. I haven’t eaten pigeon, nor has anyone I know. It’s not a thing.
    In fact, all or most pigeons roost under elevated highways all over this area as far as I know. I’ve never once seen one outside of the asphalt jungle Pigeons appear much larger than doves, at least to me.
    One more thing: any specie’s feces left on a surface will do damage to it, even yours and mine. What do you suggest be done to pigeons for the “damage”?

  5. How exciting to have the Mourning Doves nest on your patio. Every morning when I take my dog for a walk I see and hear the Mourning Doves in the trees around us. I love watching them.
    Cute picture of Charlie and Ivy. They look so sweet together.
    Have a beautiful blessed day

  6. The doves are so pretty! My neighbors have Boston ferns on their porches and both have nests in them. Such a fun experience to watch. Your patio is so pretty and I know it gives you a lot of joy. Charlie and Ivy are just adorable.

    Carol and Molly

      1. My doves came last year in April made a nest In a fake tree on my deck. An actual great safe place for them. We all enjoyed them especially my grandsons who named them and watched it all. They came back 3 times to have their babies. When we were out on the deck they were comfortable with us out there. Don’t laugh I would talk and sing to them! Now it’s winter we cleaned up the tree and moved it to another deck nearby. The last few days it snowed and we saw them on the new deck checking out the fake tree again. Hope they can get comfortable again in the new spot love how they come back what a wonderful experience ellen Ossining ny


    Pigeons and doves are part of the same family Columbidae, and your birds are mourning doves. One way you can tell is because mourning doves have tail feathers that are ragged or not all the same length. Other species of pigeons and doves have tail feathers that form a shape like a paddle.

    To round out their pretty gray outfits, mourning doves have the cutest pink feet, which my husband calls their little pink boots.

    A pair of house finches is raising some babies in a decorative wreath hung on a wall of my mom’s front porch. It’s very cute, but your mourning dove nest looks even more enchanting!

    1. I’ve noticed their pink feet. I love house finches too but haven’t had any in a long time.

  8. How lovely and exciting to have the doves on your patio. This would give me great pleasure too.
    Lovely picture of Charlie and Ivy.

  9. May I suggest that you do further research on the “dove.”. What you will find is that what you have is actually a pigeon. A dove is simply a type of pigeon, There are two types of pigeons, one is dark and one has white under the wing. The latter is called a white winged pigeon also known as a dove. I only mention this because it is a very common misconception. Sadly, only after the damage is done people are told that they are pigeons. That they have an infestation which can spread diseases, cause destruction to your home and car from the feces,

  10. Great post. My mother always put out bird seed, and she loved the mourning doves that came by to feed.

    1. I fed the birds till I moved here. But I’m so close to restaurants it brings in the rats. However I do have bushes with berries and flowers that they like.

  11. How wonderful that the doves are nesting on your patio! I’d love to have some nest in my back yard. Or any other birds, for that matter. I’ll look forward to your reports on your doves.

    I love petunias, too. It hasn’t been warm enough to plant any here yet, but soon hopefully. I especially love the black ones. I bought some a couple of years ago but haven’t found any since. Maybe this year. I’ve been working outside a little on the warmer days but now we’re in a cold snap again. I can hardly wait to buy some plants to put in.

    Charlie and Ivy seem to have become very comfortable with each other. It’s cute how Ivy’s eye peaks out from behind Charlie’s leg. They look like they are cuddled up really close.

    Thanks for sharing your mourning doves. And have a great week–you and the fur babies.

    1. I’ve found that they have those black petunias early in the year and they get bought up real fast. One lady had a whole shopping cart just full of black petunias. Pretty much bought them out.

  12. What a wonderful thing for them to be there .Happy for u !!!
    Enjoy them and keep everyone posted ! Awesome !!!!

    1. I will! I forgot about them earlier when I was out taking photos. One scared me as it flew rapidly out of the nest because I guess I got too close.

  13. How exciting to see the Doves raise a family in your garden area. I love when they coo in the morning. Such a nice soothing sound. Keep us posted as these two doves start their family.

  14. Hope they stay and raise their young! Not only will it be a delight for you to watch, but Ivy will be fascinated too…..through the glass, of course!

    1. Ivy can’t see them. That’s in the middle of the back wall and there are no windows looking out to it. But I think I might get a bird bath and put it closer to the door for her to watch birds.

  15. We have doves, too, but I’ve never seen their nest. My husband put a blue bird house on our fence and we’ve been watching them for a few years now. I put my old coconut liner material out in an old metal basket by our back fence and they pull strands out of that to help make their nest. We have to throw out the nest each time after the babies fly or they won’t start the process again! We put out mealworms in a spray can cap turned upside down and nailed to the top of a fence post. The male tweets for them in the evening when my husband feeds the other birds with sunflower seeds! He is so protective over those worms, though, divebombing other birds who think they can share/steal I never thought I’d get so much pleasure from watching the habits of my birds but I do. We’ve also had hummingbirds now for a couple of weeks so we are really enjoying the view from our back porch. I love seeing all the changes to your patio and reading your stories. You are one of my faves!

    1. I had Eastern Bluebirds in Texas nesting. They were SO beautiful! I miss them and wonder why I don’t see them here in OK because you seem to. I have the right houses that I brought with me.

  16. Lots of doves can be heard in the trees near my home. It is a happy sound to me. I will plant flowers next week. Next year I hope to remember to plant them have the mulch added. ?

  17. How cool! And what great photos! We had some nest on our porch last year. Sadly, one of the babies fell out of the nest. We haven’t seen any this year though. The babies are too cute…what an adorable photo of them! Love and hugs!

  18. I am so envious of your doves nest as we had one “couple “ return year after year to the same nest. Then we had to enclose that part of the barn so their nest was gone. Broke our hearts cause they tried so hard to find any available opening to get back to it. We have had none since. I would be rejoicing if I had them back again so take good care of that special nest as they will bless you each year coming back.

    1. There is one garden tool with the sharp sides facing up next to the nest inside that galvanized piece. I’d like to move it so none would be harmed, but I’m afraid to touch that nest.

      1. We miss the babies so much as they would stand on the ledge looking down at us as we walked in the barn. We grew so attached to each hatching and knowing the parents were returning each time.

  19. How fun to have a nesting pair on your patio! Here are my thoughts regarding sun and shade for plants…if the instructions are for full sun, here in central Texas, partial shade is okay. I also love petunias, but once the real heat of a central Texas summer hits, they don’t do as well as May and June. I read your blog every day and enjoy it so much. I am a retired 75 year old.

  20. Thanks, Brenda. I just planted the lemon balm and moved it to a shady spot. Our river soil is
    so rocky that I must garden in containers. But I like the fact that they can be moved if needed. The mourning doves picked a perfect spot to build their nest.

    1. You can always move it around if it seems it’s not doing well. I’d say probably semi-shade.

  21. That is so cool about ‘your’ doves! For the second year in a row, we’ve had a duck build her nest in our front flower bed ~ her babies (all 12 of them!) hatched a week ago today, and within 12 hours, Mom had moved them to the canal that runs through our neighborhood.

      1. Our UPS guy says that usually he will see one or two nests in our neighbor hoo, but that this year he has seen about 40!!

  22. What a wonderful thing to have birds nesting on your patio. And it is so sweet how Ivy and Charlie have bonded.

    1. I have a dove in my hanging planter and she sits on her eggs all day and night the father hasn’t been around for a couple of days ,i was out today and found a dove that was hurt it looked like his wing was hurt so i tried to get it but it was scared and ran away under a small palm tree how can i help the mother dove to feed it and make sure the eggs get hatched? I can see the hanging basket outside my bedroom window and her sitting on her eggs, how long does it take to hatch the eggs?

      1. I really don’t know. The one time I bothered a dove’s nest they all left. I guess Google it and see what info you can find out.

  23. The bird’s nest is exciting news! I have mourning doves around but have never seen a nest or young ones.
    I love your petunias and am inspired to plant them in my big green pot (like yours) this year!

  24. How exciting to be able to watch the building of the nest. I so hope that they return soon — maybe they just went on a couple’s vacation before they begin a family!

    Your flowers look so pretty and the patio makes me smile. I know you must be in your element during these gorgeous warm happy days.

    The photo of Charlie and Ivy is just too cute.

      1. Brenda, there is a nest in my spider plant on the screened porch. Must have taken place when the door was open. Now I must keep the door open so the mother can feed her babies. In a previous post, you mentioned lemon balm. I bought a plant and the growing instructions say to plant in the shade. But the internet says full sun. I have mine in a container. Should it be in the sun or shade?

        1. I’d lean more toward shade. I have established lemon balm in the raised garden. But the ones in pots I think like a bit of shade. So a bit of both! Just see how they do I guess and move them if necessary.

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