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Joe King Oliver was a true blue cop for the NYPD until he was framed for assault by an enemy within the department.

Ten years later he is a private detective with the help of his 17 year old daughter. The events of a decade earlier, the brutality he suffered, changed him so much that he lives a solitary life with no relationship but that of his beloved daughter.

Then he receives news from the woman who admits she was paid to frame him all those years ago, and she wants to make it up to him if that is possible. And at the bottom of all of it is the fact that he never knew who was behind hiring her.

At the same time this is happening in his life, he also takes on the case of a black journalist accused of killing two police officers who were using their badges to traffic in all sorts of lurid crimes.

He is joined by Melquarth Frost, an unlikely partner, a brilliant man who is also a skilled sociopath. And a person who ends up helping him when others would not.

To solve the two crimes, he has no way to discern quite who to trust. So he trusts no one.

About The Author:


walter mosley

Walter Mosley is one of the most versatile and admired writers in America today. He is the author of more than 43 critically acclaimed books, including the major bestselling mystery series featuring Easy Rawlins.
His work has been translated into 23 languages and includes literary fiction, science fiction, political monographs, and a young adult novel.

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  1. I truly enjoyed this book. I have read every Walter Mosley written. The rich thick description places me in the moment and I enjoy his reference to color when describing people. I aspire to write and his stories bring me fresh inspiration. Thank you sir!

  2. Absolutely love this author. My fav novel by him is “The Last Days of Ptolemy Gray”. I highly recommend it.

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