1. Love how sometimes cute things like the lamb sponge holder pop up in the most unexpected places like the grocery store!

  2. Really like seeing the photos of your garden, and they are helping me endure the wait for similar results in ours. (Our Mint has just begun to make its appearance, for example.)

    We’re in Zone 5B, and it looks as if we’re 4 to 6 weeks behind your area. Are you in 6A?

  3. I have had mourn8ng doves for a few years but not recently. I read that you should not place food or water too close as other animals may be attracted to those and the doves consider them predators.

  4. Brenda, love your blog. I enjoy your sweet decorating style too. I call your ground cover “myrtle”.

  5. Question: Is the YL lemon oil a brand name? Where might I find some?

    1. This is Young Living Essential Oils. Many bloggers sell it. I can find some names and put them here. I bought my batch from a blogger, though I can’t recall which one years ago.

  6. Oh, my goodness, what a night for Nathan!!!
    I think the plant is periwinkle, a ground cover.
    The fur babies are wonderful, as always! Always look for them in your posts!
    Lemon balm and mint…..always guaranteed success in the garden 😉
    My daughter had a lot of basil last year, and IT SURVIVED the winter! It’s a spectacular sight, a big patch of it!

  7. Mint and lemon balm (which are in the mint family) will definitely overtake a garden. Ask me how I know. lol Love your new little lamb sponge holder.

  8. You should look up recipes and make your own oils. You can use to make your house smell wonderful and flavor your water. Also peppermint is used along with a carrier oil for pain. Everything looks great at your home.

  9. Its funny you mentioned (or coincidental) your Lambs Ear Plant…just a few days ago..I was walking with my Cocker(who does her legs like that..I agree..too cute)…and stopped to socialize with my neighbor…I asked her about her plant..and she said it was Lambs Ear..first ever heard of it…and now you mention it. I loved to feel of the ears..lol Also…I love your lamb on the sink..that is adorable… Have a great weekend,( and after keeping our 2.5 year old and 7 year old grandson last weekend overnight..I surely understand…whew..wore me out..but definitely love and fun)…..cheers.

  10. Please leave the nest alone. I agree you have messed with it enough. Real shame.

  11. Ivy is getting so big!!! The books sound interesting…I will be adding another one to my list. BOYS!! So mischievous…poor Nathan…LOL I hate that about the birds and like you, it would be touch just to throw them out! Happy weekend! Love and hugs!

  12. I like to clean with 35% hydrogen peroxide. Very strong but great for bleaching things and cleaning.

  13. The ground cover is a vinca minor. It is not the common one, which is white and green. That’s very pretty variegation. The upright bedding plants are vinca major.

  14. Thanks for the laugh…poor Nathan…those boys are something else…this episode reminds me of things our 2 grandsons who are 2 yrs apart, did when they were young. How anyone could keep sleeping with q-tips in their nose is unbelievable. Next time he takes care of those 2 overnight, he would be wise to take them on a run before bedtime.

  15. A book I’d like t recommend is “ A Gentleman in Moscow” it’s a great story. Also “ Redemtion Rad” by John Hart which is areal page turner. Last book I’d like to recommend is “Where the Crawdads Sing”… amazing fury fiction book by a naturalist writer. Her descriptions of nature are beautiful but this too is a page turner. I think your plant is vinca too. Charlie is adorable and Ivy is such a character. Poor Natha . I hope he recuperates from his boys this weekend . The boys sound like mischievous rascals who bear closer watching ! Hope your weekend is great.

  16. OH my gosh about Nathan sleeping through all of that!!!! I am so envious that you are enjoying your sweet patio and plants already. We will not be seeing that for at least another two weeks to be safe for planting. Enjoy.

  17. Forgot to mention, does anyone else follow Margaret Roach’s blog Awaytogarden.com?
    I find it so interesting.

  18. I agree with Jan about the Dove nest.
    We are still having tons of rain in Southern Ontario, I can’t get on the garden to plant my annuals, I don’t think we will have much of a spring now.
    Always love to see Charlie and Ivy.

  19. Leave the nest alone. If the birds do not come back (you may not see them when the ARE there), the nest will eventually fall apart or a squirrel will eat the eggs and that will be that. Let nature take its course. Humans already interfered enough with those mourning doves.

  20. I think that is a fancy vinca. My vinca has solid colored leaves and blue flowers but they are shaped the same.

    I enjoy your columns. Thank you.

  21. Oh no, poor Nathan!!! Wow, he surely must be a deep sleeper to sleep through all that! Not me, I’d be awake at the first sound of anything….I’m lucky if I get 5 hours of sleep a night. Oh well! Any sign of the cosmos popping yet?

    1. I think that’s what it is. I planted cosmos and zinnias and I’m pretty sure the cosmos is the thinner leafed one.

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