Book Summary:

One day a woman, tortured and bound, stumbles onto a road in rural Oregon. She tells the man who stopped to help her that she’d been kidnapped and had escaped. She is lucky to be alive because two women before her were found dead.

She manages to show authorities the house where she was held captive. The owner of the house is a prominent attorney.

He is quickly arrested and his wife tells the police about his sexual sadism. The evidence against the man seems to be concrete.

The woman Alex Mason hires to defend him is Regina Barrister, well known as “The Sorceress” for her legendary courtroom victories. But there’s something Regina is hiding.

She is slipping and she knows it. She has lapses of memory and sometimes forgets what car is hers in a parking lot.

She knows if this is found out it will be the end of her career, and it is all she has. But she takes on this client anyway.

She has hired a young lawyer, Robin Lockwood, and the Alex Mason trial is her first big case. Robin becomes worried about her boss’s lapses of memory.

And the Alex Mason case for her just does not add up. Something feels wrong about the whole thing.

Will her boss be able to adequately defend him? His life depends on it.

About The Author:

phillip margolin

Phillip Margolin has written many New York Times bestsellers.

He has had a long career as a criminal defense attorney who has handled thirty murder cases.

Winner of the Distinguished Northwest Writer Award, Margolin lives in Portland, Oregon.

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