Mourning Doves & Out On The Patio

house plant

Tonight and tomorrow night it’s looking like it will freeze here in OK. Then I’m hoping it’s smooth sailing to spring weather for my patio garden.

mourning dove

Here’s a mourning dove getting ready to bathe. Afterwards this dove along with one of its friends came to the patio door.

The dogs didn’t see them as they were napping. I thought it was so funny the way the mourning doves stood there and looked inside. Funny birds!

mourning dove

Above is the mystery plant that I’m assuming is either Black-Eyed Susan or white cone flower. I still can’t figure out which one. Anyone recognize the leaves?

Jade the tree

Jade literally gets fuller and prettier by the day. She’s such a fun tree to have because the leaves are so unique.


Most every day I change my mind about what the leaves remind me of as they fill out. Today they remind me of a butterfly bush.


I’ve now ascertained that this is spearmint. And the other pot is chocolate mint. Now that the leaves are bigger they’re easier to figure out the origin.

I’m SO ready for petunias and color! After this weekend, I keep telling myself.



  1. I love birds too. I have some I feed on my back yard patio regularly. I’m always in awe about how faithful they are to show up to eat what I feed them. I love mints also and would like to grow it more but it takes over so much I can’t keep up with it.

  2. Well, I can tell you that the mystery plant is neither Susans nor any color coneflower, as I cultivate those plants in my garden, and they both have very regular shaped leaves. I’m not familiar with the jade tree, but the leaves look similar to me. Did it make any seed pods last fall?

  3. Your patio is already looking so pretty; it will be gorgeous this summer! The photos are just beautiful.

  4. I have some mourning doves from time to time but not really often. I do like them, though.

    Oh, I love that Jade tree! I wonder if I could find a spot left in my yard for another tree. Can’t remember how big they get. I guess I’ll have to research that; I might not have room for it as I already have quite a few trees on my city lot.

    The weather has been SO dreary here for the last few days and the forecast doesn’t look much better. I am dying to start planting, but better wait. Like you, Brenda, I am really wanting to see some color in my yard after all this grey, grey, grey for months.

    Take care and hope the rest of your weekend is good.

  5. We have mourning doves, white winged doves and ground doves. They are all just lovely. I have chocolate mint alsp…love it…it gives me a lift every time I rub the leavea.

    1. Chocolate probably lights up serotonin in our brains. I’m not familiar with those other types of doves. Love to see them though.

  6. As I was reading your post, I was listening to the mourning doves here too. We also have lots of ring-neck doves to visit. Your Jade tree is looking so good! Hope all your plants survive that freeze.

  7. I love chocolate mint–love most of the mints actually!

    We have mourning doves here and I just love their sweet ‘mournful’ call. They make the worst nests. They barely hold together until their babies are old enough to fly away. xo Diana

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