Book Summary:

Oliver Ryan seems to have the perfect life. He’s handsome and charming. The ladies love him.

That is, until he brutally attacks his wife Alice. No one understands and everyone is asking why this successful author has seemingly snapped.

This story is told from the viewpoint of Oliver and the people who know him.

There is his mistress Moya. There is the French chatelaine Veronique who lost everything the summer she employed Oliver at her vineyard.

There is Alice’s friend Barney, who was her boyfriend before Oliver stole her from him. There is Oliver’s college friend Michael who has finally come to terms with being gay.

As you read this book, the many onion-like layers that make up Oliver Ryan unravel. His tragic abandonment and upbringing in which he never felt loved. His years of careful deception. All seem to combine to make up who Oliver has become.

About The Author:

Liz was born in Dublin, where she now lives with her husband, musician and sound engineer Richard McCullough.

She has worked in Irish film, theater, and television for most of her adult life. She is an award-winning writer of radio and television drama and written critically acclaimed short stories for both children and adults.


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  1. Not sure about wanting to read this one; it sounds a bit depressing. You sure do get through a lot of books in a short time and I thank you for your reviews! Hope you have a great weekend.

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