Many small homes or apartments do not have a designated entryway. 

But there are ways to get the look of an entryway by thinking outside of the box and using your creativity.

Below are some suggestions on how you can create an entryway in even the smallest of places.

I like this look. It is simple and obviously did not require a lot of effort to create.

This one is a more professional look. By wallpapering one wall, you bring a focus to your space. This is also achieved with  different flooring.

Entryways are great places to take off your shoes or put them on. So all you need is a seat to accomplish that goal.

Once again wallpaper is used to separate the entryway space from the rest of the home. A simple shelf for keys and a painting gives it a unified look.

A place to glance in the mirror on your way in or out is always a nice touch in an entryway. Also a spot to stick some rain boots by the door. And a wire bin to put mail. 
The addition of a shelf completes this little entryway.
Above you can see that the inclusion of a built-in seat, an open area to put shoes underneath, and a shelf with hooks completes this entryway.
The framed art above help to ground the space.
This resident added a tray for wet boots or shoes, coat hooks and something to contain umbrellas to their designated entryway.

Even in a small hallway, you can create a small entryway like the one above.If you live in a small home and want an entryway, perhaps some of the suggestions above will help you to create one. 

It doesn’t matter if you own your home or rent it, you can still complete this project with a polished entryway of your very own creation. 

As the saying goes, if there is a will, there is a way.


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  1. These are great ideas Brenda…I am lucky enough in this small place to have coat closet inside the entry door all I have to do is set a tray on the floor of it for wet boots in the Winter…I would even have room for a bench right across from it if I move one thing!

  2. Those are all great ideas, Brenda. Most apartments here do not have much of an entryway. You just walk directly into the living room. I like all these little ideas. xo Diana

  3. I've always wanted a home with a foyer. I certainly can do a lot more to fix up our front door area and these are some great tips. I like the wreath hanging on the inside of the door on photo #5.

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