Decor Tips For Renters

Those who rent are confronted with landlord rules that inhibit changing much in their leased home. So I’ve come up with decor tips for renters.

If your landlord isn’t flexible about letting you painting the walls, bring color into your home with throw pillows and rugs. A rug quickly unites a conversation area.

Remember to take advantage of vertical space. As in bookshelves and hanging hooks or any other type of wall storage.

This room is also filled with natural light, which is always a bonus.

Go Bold With Paint:

If you’re allowed to paint the walls, how about a going for a bold dark color? You can repaint the walls before you move again. And just look how it makes this dining space pop.

Add a whopper of a light fixture that will command attention and add texture. Fresh flowers always add panache. 

The Unexpected:

This kitchen makes great use of its space. I love the window with hanging pots and pans instead of a window treatment. What a unique idea!

The pretty colors add focal points to the open kitchen shelves.

The tile floor is rather ugly, but a big rug can help with that problem.

Black & White Bathroom:

This all black and white bathroom looks terrific with the floor tiles.

If there’s room, add a little table such as this round one, where you can add a plant, a small candle, etc. 

Adding contrasting patterned rugs add interest.

Renting doesn’t mean you can’t have a beautiful home. Actually quite the opposite. As long as you improve on an area, the landlord may be willing to bend his/her rules. 

Love it while you rent it, as I always say. Life is too short to be living in the future. Make your spaces reflect your personal tastes and you will be happy while living there.

Photo Source: Apartment Therapy


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