Charming Cottage In Tennessee

Today’s home tour is of a charming white cottage located in the small town of Leiper’s Fork, Tennessee.

This property has the requisite white picket fence and a porch swing on the front porch. Two weathered turquoise wicker chairs add two more places to sit and sip lemonade on a summer afternoon.

This home is owned by Holly Williams, a Nashville singer-songwriter. She’s also the proprietor of White’s Mercantile.

This tin-roofed cottage is chock full of history. However Holly did add some modern touches.

This cozy home was built in 1892 and the original craftsmanship and detailed woodwork has been beautifully maintained over the years.

The Living Room:

In A Charming Cottage In Tennessee. the living room has a neutral sectional and vintage decor
The Cottage Journal

Coming through the antique-style double front doors, you walk into a cozy but somewhat rustic living room. White shutters cover the window.

An L-shaped sectional sits in the corner of the room. Holly brought an aged tobacco crate in to use for a side table. It gives a vintage vibe to the room.

Holly hung sepia-toned framed photos on the walls. Some are strategically placed on a vintage set of small box springs. Books are scattered on the coffee table.

The Kitchen:

The kitchen has an aqua Smeg fridge and butcher block counter tops.
The Cottage Journal

In the kitchen is an aqua SMEG refrigerator and butcher block counter tops. The white subway tile backsplash reaches all the way to the ceiling.

Holly placed a gold-trimmed mirror above the stove.

The Breakfast Nook:

In A Charming Cottage In Tennessee, the dining space has a rustic wood table and chairs with a brick accent wall.
The Cottage Journal

The breakfast nook has an exposed brick wall and paneled ceiling. A crystal chandelier brings a bit of glam to the rustic style room.

Collected dishes are fashioned together to create a gallery wall.

The Master Bedroom:

The master bedroom has neutral plush linens and two upholstered chairs.
The Cottage Journal

The master bedroom upstairs has two blush-colored velvet armchairs adjacent to the bed, which is covered in soft white linens.

The Loft Bedroom:

In A Charming Cottage In Tennessee, a bed sits in a small space next to the stairs.
The Cottage Journal

The loft-style bedroom across the hall has a bit more color with a vintage green stool and green and mauve bedding.

[Photos & Content Via The Cottage Journal}



  1. The wallpapered ceiling in the living room is the bomb! I also like the style of the sofa with the tufting and rolled arms. There wasn’t a full photo of the mirror collage in the breakfast room, but it sure looked nice. I preferred it over the plate gallery wall, something seemed slightly “off” with how the plates were put on the wall, but that’s probably just me. I am a fan of mirrors in all different kinds of shapes, styles and sizes. The old brick fireplace is a jewel.

  2. Lovely home. When we traveled through the back roads of Tennessee some years ago, I felt it was some of the most gorgeous country ever!!

  3. Cute and charming! Though the mirror on the wall in back of the stove…nope. First of all, who wants to look at themselves while cooking?! Secondly, can you imagine how much grease would accumulate on that mirror? It would have to constantly be cleaned. No thanks!

  4. Did you know that Holly Williams is Hank William’s granddaughter? Over the years I’ve seen other spaces decorated by her in Country Living and I always like them.

  5. What a delightfully sweet home! I’d be very content living in it. I love an inviting front porch!

  6. I love this cottage, the swing seating outside on the porch is charming. Love the inside and how it has been decorated. We had a weekend cottage some years ago and that had a tin roof, I loved the sound of the rain on that roof. We kept it for a few years until someone broke in and then the insurance went sky high so we sold. I really miss it.

  7. Leipers Fork is the most precious little town with quaint shops, and sweet houses.

  8. That’s a cute cottage. The front porch looks very inviting. I can definately imagine sitting there, sipping lemonade or iced tea, and either reading a good book or enjoying spending time with family and friends. (If the weather is nice, lol.) Plus, I really like that tiny window. It looks like a mini church window.

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