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A Dough Bowl Vignette

The other day, I decided to roll around on my scooter and create a faux plant dough bowl vignette.

Of course, I truly love my real house plants. But faux plants aren’t heavy and are something I can manage one-handed and one-legged while I steer the knee scooter.

In A Dough Bowl Vignette, I used three different elements to create it.

In The Dough Bowl Vignette:

There’s nothing wrong with decorating with faux plants. You can place them in the shadows or even in the dark. There is something to be said about faux house plants.

Just try to find the ones with leaves that look almost real.

I found my faux pothos at Amazon, along with the clock.

It’s fun to create vignettes, one of my favorite forms of decorating. For one thing, it’s fairly portable. And it’s so easy to change things up for a slightly different look. Or depending on your mood, you can create an altogether different look.

A dough bowl on a cupboard filled with decor

Using Backdrops In Vignettes:

It’s nice to have a backdrop for your vignette, like this wall quilt, to make it a bit more interesting.

Sometimes I use brown shutters for a backdrop, but I figured they were too heavy to handle one-handed and rolling to and fro on a knee scooter.

I’ll use it another time. When I can take more than one or two steps at a time.

As I did in this vignette at my old apartment below.

My Old Apartment Boho Vignette:

This is more of a boho-style vignette. The house plant is a neon pothos, which is close in color to the green Buddha. And I added a salt lamp in a saucer in front.

I used the brown shutters in the back to give it a contrast. Then I layered a strand of beads I had strung over the shutters for a little whimsy.

I no longer have the salt lamp. It broke some time ago. Maybe I’ll get another one at some point.

Advocates of salt lamps claim they can clean the air in your home, soothe allergies, boost your mood, and help you sleep.

In this dough bowl vignette, I use a faux plant, a bowl of ceramic blue and white balls, and a vintage-style clock.

Elements To Use In A Dough Bowl Vignette:

In this dough bowl vignette, I only needed three elements. The clock, the blue and white bowl of ceramic balls, and the faux plant.

I’ve had this dough bowl for years and love to use it in decorating.

In the center, the clock grounds the vignette. A blue and white bowl is a nice contrast. Adding the faux plant softens the look.

The addition of the faux plant with long tendrils is just what this vignette needed.

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  1. I love looking at all these vignettes. I like creating those kind of little displays, too. But right now I don’t have much space to do it with most of my surfaces taken up with my grandsons’ toys and games. Someday, I’ll have more room when my daughter and her family find their own place. It was fun to see the pretty ones you’ve created, though. Thanks for sharing them.

  2. We cannot have real plants cause my Hubby is allergic to the mold that grows in the dirt…so thanks for your suggestion as to some faux ones…might help things look more homey here. Hope you are having less pain each day!!

  3. What a peaceful,restful vignette – love it! And also the look back at the vignette in your old apartment. I remember it well as that green Buddha and the brown shutters are beautiful! Do you still have the Buddha? I love green so much.
    Hoping you’re not having much – or even better, any – pain. So happy that cast is off! I hope Ron and Pat are doing well – and your friend Steve who has become such a good friend. Family and friends – so important in all ways. And a pet for pretty Ivy.

  4. Real pretty Brenda!
    Enjoyed ❤️ seeing your creations.
    Great the cast is off ,,,,, freedom at last!!!
    Continue caring for yourself wisely.
    Eventually, things will improve and be fine!!!
    Be very careful Brenda.
    P. S. So loved the deli you spoke of yesterday.
    They sure make incredible 👏 foods and such a marvelous variety.
    The selections are incredible.
    I’d love to try a beautiful tuna sandwich 🥪 on marble rye with a nice bowl of 🍲 soup!
    Everything is 😋 worth ordering!!

  5. I love your faux plant Brenda, it does look real for sure.
    Thanks for explaining what a salt lamp is, I was wondering.

  6. The contrasts in your vignettes are always interesting. You have many different objects to use, and often repeat them. The blue balls just pop with the yellow in your quilt.
    Thanks for sharing the dough board again. That is the next thing I want to buy. Keep safe.

  7. It’s fabulous, Brenda! Your vignettes are always beautiful.
    As you’re scooting around, please be careful and don’t get overzealous. LOL

  8. Yesterday I read one of your blogs from 2014…it was a good read with peaceful content…8 years later you are still writing and showing beautiful content in your blog…and I for one love it…have a good day and I hope continued recovery goes smoothly💕

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