1. Good idea! I did something similar one time in a plant stand but used a pretty plate instead of a board.

  2. That is so cute! But more than cute.
    it is downright designer-looking!
    Please don’t change it, nothing will look as chic and creative as what you have done!

  3. That is a beautiful plant stand. I have one that appears to be about the same size, but not anywhere near as pretty and ornamental as yours. Mine came painted teal blue. It was a gift from a long-time friend, so it means a lot to me. I use it as a side table in my Shezebo on the concrete patio during the summer to hold my wine glass. I put a Family Dollar large size plastic platter in the bottom that fits well, so it can be used to hold two glasses (or beer bottles) between two chairs or pulled up to the side of the slatted metal round table I use my computer on. The colors in the platter coordinate with the indoor/outdoor rug and curtains I use in the Shezebo during the warm season. Right now, I’m “working” on creating an inexpensive foot rest to use under the desks in my office/den/library so I can raise my feet comfortable. Long story short, I have the perfect size cardboard box and am waiting to get another one the same size so I can cut it into pieces, fit it inside the current cardboard box as “support.” Will pad the top to make a comfy spot for my feet and ankles and cover over the whole with fabric to match the current decor. I order nuts every 10 days to feed my tribe of squirrels, so the next box will be arriving Wednesday. Beats spending $30 or more to buy a small footrest online that wouldn’t really match what’s going on in the room.

  4. Novel idea but Ivy may use the handle sticking out as a bar for chinning or hanging.

  5. I love the green plant stand now side table! Great re-purposing!
    How fortunate that Steve was there at just the right time!

  6. Very clever solution, Brenda! You’re going to be decorating that beautiful plant stand in a variety of ways! Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

  7. A $1.25 Dollar Tree charger glued to the top with E 6000 glue would work for a topper to this little plant stand.

  8. Just a little while ago we heard a big bang…oh no what has the cat done now lol…our pups went running through the house to find her and I started looking…sure enough our shredder in the office was tipped over along with the kitchen size garbage can it sits on…there is shredding all over.. I am sure she scared herself big time…for now I just shut the door lol…will clean it up later…the joy of cats…nothing 💔 broken…

    1. They are so inquisitive. I love that the dogs took off barking looking for her. They knew she was the cause of the problem!

  9. I’ve long ago given up the luxury of live plants or arrangements with grasslike components. Too tempting for my cats! I’d rather have them safe and happy than satisfy my own decorating impulses. I do have a lovely vase of dried oak leaves that I use on the thanksgiving table, so that one comes out at the very last second. They just can’t keep those little noses out of things like that!
    I like your charming plant stand and the solution you came up with to make it useful without harming Ivy or causing yourself a clean up disaster!

  10. You are so clever! Your fix is perfect. I love that table!! I wish I could have bought one too. Anyway, I feel like that’s happened to me in the past, but no good examples come to mind. Well, maybe… my AC went out recently, and I borrowed a portable window unit, but it’s big, like a piece of furniture. First problem was that the piece holding the hose, that you set in the window, was too small, and the extension it comes with was too big. So we used the small one and cut up a cereal box in the shape and size we needed to fill in the extra space. It worked like a charm. Then the drain hole was at the bottom, about an inch from the floor. Too low for a bucket, so we used a baking sheet with a lip on it, and put it on the floor under the drain to catch the water. That worked too. Thankfully, my AC is now fixed!

  11. Do you ever discipline Ivy when she misbehaves? I have used a water bottle or a rolled up piece of newspaper. I pop the paper on my hand (never touch the cat) and say no. I love animals but like children they need discipline. Sorry if I have over stepped. I have had several inside cats and they never got on table or kitchen counters.

    1. I can just say something to her usually by using her name. But that plant stand was going to drop those plants quickly so it was best to just right the stand and take the plants out for now.

  12. That was a great idea for the plant stand! It is so satisfying to be able to solve a problem with something you have around the house!

    1. I know. And not have to buy something. Because you know I’m going to change it pretty soon anyway!

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