1. Brenda, I love your beautiful pumpkins! The neutral color makes them perfect for not only halloween but for Thanksgiving as well! I try to have a few “jack o’lanterns” little tiny ones and then mostly neutral white baby boo pumpkins.

    I hope the weather is cooling off and that you are enjoying a beautiful Fall! How are you feeling and have you had any luck with a new place?

    Take care and have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Love it!! I didn’t decorate last year because we we in the process of finding a new house. But guess what??? I’ve already decorated for Halloween! Even outside. It’s everywhere😜 The dogs were a little confused at first. Barking at everything. Now they just bark at the outside lights!! Just trying to get in the mood for something positive. In this house I don’t have to put my holiday decor in the attic so it’s easily accessible. Who knows, maybe I’ll decorate for Christmas soon😅😂🤣

  3. The autumn painting in the dining area is wonderful – fell in love with it instantly! I changed out the bright multi-colored pillow covers on the sofa to more neutral colors and will be switching out the “art” (printed off the internet) to autumn scenes very similar to your autumn painting. The fall wreath will go up on the front door today. For now, that’s enough, the weather doesn’t feel like “fall” yet. I was shocked yesterday to notice that some of the trees the street over from mine that I can see from my backyard have already started to turn color; the months of drought we suffered through again this summer have really weakened the trees.

  4. Looks warm and inviting, Brenda!! Love old barn photos, as it takes me back to my Grampie’s barn in my childhood!

  5. Brenda,
    Do you remember where you found the eucalyptus in you vignette? I really like the yellow! It’s so happy and uplifting! Thank you!

  6. Oh my gosh I love that you used some neutral in your vignette. The vignette with the picture and your lamp and those sweet pumpkins in twine are so sweet. Love it. Love the yellows too. Very pretty.

  7. The vignettes are so peaceful looking! I love the one with the barn pictures! Thanks for all the tips you give us. You really have inspired me to make a few!

  8. Thanks for the vignette tips. You make it sound so easy to put together. I had never thought to choose a focal point! I agree about subtle, calming colors in these times.
    I love the eucalyptus in the off white vase, so pretty. I am surprised that Ivy has not claimed the boho beads for herself. My cats would be on them in a flash and taking them away.

  9. Brenda, I wish I had read your post before I ordered faux white, burlap, and black and white plaid pumpkins for the bowl on my coffee table. I would have chosen something more neutral. Do you mind telling us the source for your cream distressed lamp? It looks lovely with your vignette. It’s still hot here in Alabama but my heart is yearning for crisp fall days and all the joys of the season.

  10. The fall decorations are lovely. I love a few pumpkins here snd there. Regardless of our temps all over the country fall is upon us. I awoke this morning to very cool weather here in So Cal and it refreshing.

    I’m awaiting delivery today of a new frig. Mine went out after the electric company did some pole work. I ordered it 8/12 and finally getting it. I’ve been nursing a sick frig this long. My freezer has more frost than a Frosty Freeze! Yet my main portion is being kept cool with dry ice.

  11. I prefer the subtle shades. They are, as you say, more calming. The yellows are especially pretty, the pears and the pitcher.

  12. My favorite British sitcom was “Keeping up Appearances.” The central figure was an upwardly mobile Brit, Hyacinth Bucket (pronounced bouquet). Lots of good, clean fun.

    1. I still watch the reruns on PBS. Poor Richard! And the long-suffering neighbors who tried from her.

  13. I love the pears vignette. So warm & inviting! Hope Ivy likes it! Lol

  14. I love the vignettes. So subtle and attractive. Out here in California we are covered in smoke, the fires are so bad, and it’s so hot I can’t even think about fall yet. I enjoy looking at yours to remind me it will eventually come!

  15. Really like both these vignettes. The first one has such pretty pictures and the muted tones are nice. Love the yellow in the second vignette. Great ideas. So pretty.

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