This is how I’m going to update you on things happening here in my neck of the woods in this segment called Life This Week. Also, I’ll let you know what’s going on with Ivy along with photos of her.

My Granddogs:

I want to show you a photo of my two granddogs; Kendra’s dogs. They are so precious.

She put this photo on Facebook the other day, and I thought: my readers just have to see these cute critters!

On the left is Lulu, and on the right is Thor. They always greet me with enthusiasm. They know I love them and will give them lots of attention.

What I’ve Read & Am Currently Reading:

I finished reading “The First Day Of Spring by Nancy Tucker. One of you mentioned it in a comment and I ordered it. It’s a very deep look at the philosophical question: is behavior nature or nurture?

The phrase “nature versus nurture” was first coined in the mid-1800s by the English Victorian polymath Francis Galton in a discussion about the influence of heredity and environment.

I’m now reading “Other People’s Houses” by Abbi Waxman. It is much lighter and quite funny. I know Kasi, my youngest, will enjoy it once I’m finished reading it.

What I’m Watching On TV This Week:

I finished watching all the seasons of Homeland, and hated to see it end.

Then I watched the last season of Line Of Duty on Britbox. And now I’m watching Traces on Britbox. I love British TV.

Life According To Ivy:

Ivy has new toys I ordered for her from Etsy. She just loves these spinners.

There were 3 to a package and they are made of natural rabbit fur and rooster feathers, which somehow struck me as amusing. One package was $12.50.

Ivy likes to put her spinners in the water bowl. Go figure.

Yes, I know they are strange-looking. You can’t account for a cat’s taste though.

Ivy keeps herself very clean. She often goes about the task of cleaning herself and then she takes a nap. I guess it takes a lot out of her.

Lost Magazine:

A strange thing happened. A year ago I ordered and paid for a subscription to Cottages & Bungalows magazine. But I never got it.

Then a few days ago it just showed up. Along with a notice that if I didn’t want an interruption of the magazine subscription, I needed to pay for the next year.

Well of course I wasn’t doing that because for whatever reason I’d never received it.

So I found a number to call them (which I couldn’t locate last year) and informed them of what had occurred. They indicated that according to their records they had sent it, but somehow the post office didn’t send it on to me.

They’re reinstating my subscription for a year. I love this magazine.


I signed up for a DashPass, which is through the DoorDash delivery service.

DashPass offers unlimited free delivery for any order over $12. A DashPass subscription normally costs $9.99 per month.

DashPass subscribers save an average of $4-5 per eligible order. To order, you check the restaurant or store in your area (look for the checkmark) and see if it is listed.

I’ve saved more than that already in 3 orders. For me, I saved $6 to nearly $9 per order this past week.

They also have coupons. I saved an extra 20% off my second order just with the coupon.

I’m trying this because I’m mostly staying in these days.

NOTE: Tomorrow someone will be working on my blog. It will be under construction while she’s working on it.

See you Wednesday with a fall decorating post.

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  1. Though I don’t live in one, I love cottages and bungalows and it’s honestly my dream home. I checked my library and YAY! They have the magazine to borrow – either e-magazine or hard copy. So I’ve downloaded the current issue to peruse.

  2. I love Etsy but I don’t think I’ll be ordering the spinners. How this maker comes by rabbit fur I find troublesome and worrisome. I don’t buy products that animals have to unnecessarily die for them to be created. No I don’t buy leather products and seldom eat meat. My cats play with many things they have appropriated as theirs such as my hair scrunchies and balls I have bought them. They are more amused watching birds at my feeder than anything else. Sorry no rabbit fur toys for us.

  3. Lulu and Thor are adorable! Ivy is too cute – love seeing her pictures. I’ve also had magazines that never show up. Now I try to keep track of deliveries to make sure I get what I ordered.

  4. Your granddogs are so cute. My Molly is obsessed with cleaning herself. Sometimes even if you pet her wrong and ruffle her fur, she has to take the entire bath over again! OCD! Ha ha

  5. I will order my Kramer
    Some spinners ,I am sure he will love them .Ivy is so pretty. I have a Respiratory infection again, but it isn’t Covid .Kramer is hanging out with me all the time.He is loving getting to be so close and getting lots of love.

  6. Those little pups are SO CUTE!! I love it when their faces have so much color and definition…it makes it all the more interesting to see the expressions dogs have too!! So sorry about the lousy PO non-delivery…we face a lot of that here too. Even paying extra fees for delivery is no sign it will be delivered in a timely manner or even at all, here in this location. Sad really…that so many today care so little for the needs of others.

  7. The grandpuppies are just precious. Love that little spot on top of Thor’s head. And beautiful Ivy, that girl knows how to relax. I have a dog like that. I keep telling her ladies don’t lie belly up, but her just love dat fan tickling her on da tumtum’

  8. Hi Brenda. Missed you yesterday. I must have checked about a half a dozen times to see if maybe you were posting late for some reason. Sounds like you’ve been busy. Your grand dogs are so cute. Isn’t it nice to know that someone is always happy to see you, and they never complain to or about you, lol?! Ivy is so funny, putting her toys in the water. Such personality she has! I’m looking forward to seeing your Fall decor post on Wednesday. Fall is such a beautiful time of year! Have a great day!

  9. I bet Kendra has white fur around her house just like I do with the same mix of dogs I own. Wouldn’t have it any other day as these are the sweetest dogs who get so excited someone is coming in the door. And then they want your lap.
    I get Better Homes and Gardens magazine and just love it cover to cover. I think I have subscribed to it for over 20 years of more.

  10. I’ve always been a dog person. but Ivy just makes me smile.
    she is absolutely Beautiful! both inside and out. she’s happy with You.
    and your grandoggies… how sweet are they! hope all goes well with your blog. xo

  11. Good Morning. Sounds like you have some good shows and reads for awhile. I am watching Mr. Mercedes based on the Stephen King novel. Strange which you would expect with Stephen King but interesting. Very different. Have a good week.

  12. I have always been interested in if behavior is nature or nurture! My brother-in-law is adopted and he has so many traits that my husband had! Your grand dogs are just so precious!

  13. I like the new “Life this Week” segment. And always appreciate pics of Ivy and now the grandpuppies. I always subscribe to Victoria, Southern Lady, and The Cottage Journal. The Cottage and Bungalow would be interesting too I think. I might be a magazine junkie, not sure. I would love to get BritBox. Maybe some day. Have a good day.

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