1. This book is sitting on my night table waiting in line…it is next. I've been waiting to read it for some time, thanks Brenda for the push.


  2. It is so scary! I did read this book and found it really good and eye opening. I was always sure to know what was going on financially in my marriages, but the last one was such a liar and a manulipitor that I was scared of him and got out. I lost lots and got my credit ruined but I pulled myself together and I'm now OK. I would never trust someone with my financial security ever.

  3. Sounds like an interesting book. It's mind boggling to me as to how men can be so deceitful and get away with it for so long.

  4. I just got through rereading Anita Shreeves' The Pilot's Wife and it reminded me of the unbelievable news that was revealed about Charles Lindbergh's "other" families in Europe. What were there, 3 more families other than his first family here in America? An American hero who could have done this? Thank God his wife was not in a condition to have understood what had happened when the news came out but I have to think that a brilliant woman such as Anne Morrow Lindbergh had to have known something wasn't right while it was happening. I think of how it must have affected his children here when the news came out. I have such admiration for Reeve for having realized that the blame was not on his European children and that she reached out to these half brothers and sisters and visited them.

    This book sounds fascinating. I'd like to read it and see how it ends.

  5. In the late 70's our across the street neighbors were a couple our age with two little boys the ages of my two oldest children. He was an auto worker under those old GREAT union contracts. He would be laid off every summer and receive 90% of his wages, so they had even more money since his travel expenses to work out of town were high. They did all sorts of fun family stuff, hiking and picnicing and visiting amusement parks, going to farms to pick fresh produce, attending sporting events, swimming at the swim club. Meanwhile I was stuck home with five children under 7 and no car. I thought they were the perfect family. We were friends and car pooled, etc, over the years. One day my neighbor came over and told me that her husband had been having an affair, he changed all their mail to a p o box with her knowledge, had filed taxes without her knowledge, and most importantly, changed all their bills to that p o box and had not paid them. She came home from her little part time job – found the house 75% empty (including stereo systems, tvs, video games and everything electronic that her boys had received over the years as gifts). and a note to pick up a registered letter at the post office. Her house was in foreclosure and was up for auction in 3 days. She also discovered that all her utilities were going to be shut off at the end of the week. He had moved in with his mother, hid all their funds, and claimed poverty.

    Her first step was to plead for her family to come through and help her save her house (it happened)! Second, she was able to take no-interest loans from her church to pay balances on the utilities. She did not have a down payment for an attorney and had to represent herself in court for the divorce he filed. Luckily the judge did not find all this funny and allowed her to keep the house (she had to pay him the original down payment of $10,000) and even got alimony for a year or two. They were married 18 years so she was able to get his retirement of social security.

    I still think how jealous I was of their family for all those summers and how glad now I was stuck with my own husband and family.

  6. Oh-Yes- I know someone that something similar has happened to…this sounds like a great read and I will try and pick it up from the library. Thanks for the review. xo Diana

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