Book Review: The Lost Man


Book Summary:

My book review of “The Lost Man” is about three brothers. Two of the brothers are set to meet at the border of their cattle properties in Queensland. They were to meet at the stock man’s grave, a famous old landmark. Except one brother, Cameron, is dead when the other one arrives.

But his death makes no sense. He knew to drink water to stay hydrated in this horridly dry climate. Also, something had been troubling him.

Some wonder if he committed suicide. Otherwise, who on earth would have wanted to kill him? And the next question of course is why?

My Review:

This was the third novel written by Jane Harper that I’ve read. I always go into her books a little hesitant. For instance I don’t have much interest in cattle ranching in Australia.

But when I keep reading a bit, it always grows on me and I always keep reading.

I find it interesting to read about another country, the weather and other differences. And Jane Harper also knows how to write a great plot.

I’m sure I’ll be reading the fourth book by this author.

About The Author:

author Jane Harper

Jane was born in Manchester in the UK, and moved to Australia with her family at age eight. She spent six years in Boronia, Victoria, and during that time gained Australian citizenship.

Returning to the UK with her family as a teenager, she lived in Hampshire before studying English and History at the University of Kent in Canterbury.

In 2014, Jane submitted a short story which was one of 12 chosen for the Big Issue‘s annual Fiction Edition.

That inspired her to pursue creative writing more seriously, breaking through with The Dry at the Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards in 2015.

Jane lives in St Kilda with her husband and daughter.

Note: I am currently reading The Escape Room


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