1. Love the coffee bar, it is much neater than mine. I have a similar coffee maker to brew coffee and tea. I love looking at how homes are arranged so I will really enjoy seeing how you arrange things. Happy homemaking.

  2. Love a good coffee bar! Even more than that, I love how you & the kitties are settling in – and your ever so kind words in your next post!!!

  3. Everything you put together always looks terrific. So glad you are settling into your new home in a place you can feel more comfortable.

  4. Love the coffee bar and other things happening! You “sound” so much happier and content. Can’t wait to see more. Teri has been such an incredible friend. Give her a big hug!!

  5. The coffee bar looks like a lovely, cozy nook….a great place to start the day. It’s wonderful to hear the most important part of this entire move – that you’re happy there! I bet when the weather turns nice, you will start to meet lots of neighbors, as it looks like a place where it’s easy to see people walking by. And, three chairs for Teri!

  6. I love how the green of the table is reflected in the vase in the picture and how the red of the lamp is seen in the flowers and the red trim around the picture’s matting. Beautiful arrangement, Brenda.

  7. Such fun watching your new home come together.. Thanks for sharing. Pretty colors…love the bar..!!

  8. Beautiful ❤ coffee bar!!
    That is a lovely picture.
    Already 1 week? Wow. Time sure has a way surprising us!
    Helpers are amazing. I know you are so grateful for them Brenda! Very fortunate to have moving help.
    Stay inside with winter weather approaching. A great time to relax, take naps and maybe drink some yummy coco!!
    Let us know if your fireplace is keeping you warm!
    Hope the “little ones” are doing well. 🐈 😽

  9. I love that green cabinet. And the painting is perfect above it. Thank goodness for your friend, Teri and your daughters. They are all very generous with their time and help.

    Can’t believe it’s been a week already since you moved in. Seems like just a few days ago! (To me, anyway.)

  10. Lovely lovely, Brenda…love a story that ends well…and this move seems just perfect in where you ended up…gives me hope for us too…

  11. What a wonderful person/friend Teri is! I’m happy to hear that you are getting settled and feeling at home in the new place.

  12. So good to hear you feel safe happy and your foot is doing better. Coffee bar looks great! Have fun decorating!

  13. The coffee bar looks great, how cool to have the perfect spot for it in your kitchen.

  14. Your new home has a different tone. It seems lighter and brighter. The picture is so interesting with the coffee bar. It was so inviting start there.

  15. Brenda,
    So thankful the move is behind you and your apt is coming together. A helpful friend is a blessing. You have a great eye for color and decorating. Looking forward to viewing all your newly decorated spaces.

  16. I’ll bet you will continue to feel better and safer, even in ways you didn’t realize were inside, suppressed. That last place treated tenants horribly. I’ll bet your daughters feel better, too . I’m curious, you haven’t mentioned your ankle since that day you said it wasn’t hurting. What’s happening with it?

    1. It’s been much better the past few days . Keeping my fingers crossed and trying not to do too much.

      1. I’m really glad you are snuggled in before this ice storm tonight. Did you bring your fireplace? Is your apartment fireplace gas or wood burning? I hope gas!

      2. Glad to hear your ankle is feeling better! The coffee bar looks great, I love the color!

  17. Wow, is it just me, or did this week go by MUCH faster than the week before your move?! Your coffee bar looks great, and I think the picture goes perfectly with it. You’re very lucky to have such a good friend and two wonderful daughters.

  18. Loving the look – and the green color is beautiful! Blessings to you,the kitties, and to the wonderful helpers! Looking forward to more pictures as you go along.

  19. You are lucky to have so many wonderful people to help – moving is no fun, and the more hands the better. Love this little corner and looking forward to seeing more as you settle in! I can’t believe it’s been a week already!

  20. Big 👍🏻 to your wonderful helpers Brenda! U will be settled in your new place soon and enjoying your best life! Teri sounds like a gem of a friend and those kind of friends are very few!

  21. And blessed are you to have a village! We all need a little help from family and friends now and then. You place is going to look and feel fabulous. I look forward to seeing you share the progress.

  22. Looks great! I’m not usually a green fan but that shade is very pleasant.
    God bless your helpers,I moved in here,12/19/20 ,my son and son in law did the moving but it took awhile,the following week was Christmas which fortunately we celebrate at my kids homes.The following weekend saw me leaving until late March caring for an elderly relative that I had committed to previously,so I was still unpacking in the Spring!
    Take it slow and easy and don’t overdue! I know we get anxious to be rid of the boxes🙂

  23. Brenda, it is all coming together.
    I hope you use your wonderful quilts on the walls again. The colors are so beautiful and full of life.
    Looking forward to each day as you share.

  24. Wow a week already! The coffee bar looks great. I have that same coffee pot and I love it.

    I am glad you have had such great help. The girls have been amazing. Terri is a dynamo. It has been a great move for you to Tulsa. Now you have the girls and grandkids in your life once again.

    I always loved the green pieces you painted. They are so vibrant.

  25. Your apartment is slowly but beautifully looking like your cozy home!! Take it one day at a time, what doesn’t get done today will get done tomorrow and so on. Enjoy each accomplishment.

  26. The coffee bar area looks very nice. You are fortunate to have Teri, Kendra and Kasi. Everything is coming together as we all knew it would. Great job.

  27. Brenda, I am so happy that you feel safer and more settled your new place! Teri is a Godsend! How wonderful that this blog has brought such people into your life. So sorry about Kendras’ issues with loans, theft, etc. I hope that she gets that settles. Also, I hope that her employee is doing ok after his accident. Looking forward to seeing more of your place.

    1. I hope you realize what pleasure and huge relief and now anticipation you are giving me and I’m sure the other followers of your blog now that you are in your new home. God bless Kendra, Teri and the rest of your family for being there for you. I’m sending good wishes to Kendra for fast resolution to her issues and fast healing to her worker.

  28. You and your helpers are doing a fabulous job. This is the fun part of moving: unlike the packing-up part, you can pace yourself on this end. Every day your new home looks and functions a bit better – and there is no hurry. Enjoy the process!

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