1. My, my! You sure got everyone in an uproar! How silly (and sad) that some folks seem to look for things to be offended by. As well as feeling the need to be judgemental. I believe that the bible has something to say about judgement. If they don’t understand a conversation between adults, women mostly, about the joys and struggles of daily life, why are they here anyway? Would they react the same in a face to face chat with a friend? I hope if the conversation took a turn to a topic they didn’t understand or felt strongly about, that theyd ask some questions. Gather some facts. Learn something, before passing judgement so abruptly. I’d hope. All besides the fact that the subject, from my take, is about peacefulness, self improvement, DECORATION! Oh, my!

  2. Netflix. Time to watch “The Crown” which is based on reality (and, of course, “Ozark” if you have not done so). Do you not have many British series on American Netflix? They are wonderful, although you may have to load the subtitles if the accents are difficult for you.

    As to your new interests, I commend you on your continued intellectual curiosity. Not my cup of tea, but we only come about once in this world and we should enjoy our precious time here.

    1. I laughed out loud when I saw some of these comments. Good grief. Here you wrote a lovely post about your beautiful fun day and then some comments took a really negative weird turn with it. As a psychologist, people never cease to amaze me. I’m sure the negativity was just from their life experiences or rigid spiritual lens they see the world. That’s all. As a Christian i feel compelled to say their view and lashing out is not Christian-based. My grandmother was a faithful strict Christian as well. She was also an antique dealer who loved art. She had a Buddha statue in her garden and collected crystals because she admired the art and thought they were peaceful and calming. Having crystals and statues do not mean automatically one worships them as they implied. After reading your post, it appeared you were interested for reasons like my grandma….they were pretty and calming. Too bad some people who commented wouldn’t just ask if they had concerns rather than make assumptions. Maybe they will learn in the future just to ask instead of being so judgement all.

  3. Whew, I got to your blog late tonight and was shocked at what I saw. Sorry to hear they fee that way. It’s not as if you are making voo doo dolls and setting them out. I am excited for you. It sounds like it was a fun day out and you discovered a wonderful and relaxing store. I’m anxious to read your comments in Fifi’s book. I might have to buy that one. You keep being your wonderful self.

  4. I am so sad to see people leaving here. It’s not like you are telling us to follow you in everything you do. You are just trying to find a sressless and calming life. You are setting up a peaceful area. Not worshipping an idol. Meditation is something you do for yourself, something that is a benefit for your health. It is a part of nature in away. Just like you would go out to a park or something to relax. We all need to “lose” ourselve to peace and less distractions. For some people that would be daydreaming. For others it would be sitting by water. Building yourself a place is the same thing. If we feel stressed or just need a calming time we find something/place that is familiar. I bet if people thought about it it is something we all do. Be it prayer, meditation, reading, writing or anything else that slows us down.
    I love your fur babies. Always good times.
    I am healing from a very involved ankle surgery. More damage then the Dr knew was in there. But doing good. Have a great day.

  5. Dear Brenda,
    I will remain a blog reader here in NYC and our retirement home in Arkansas. Your blog calms me, inspires me and pure daily reading enjoyment! You are well liked and respected please keep writing! As a devoted reader your writings have told your life’s journey a heart wrenching one so whatever you decide you want in your journey is fine with me! I learn a lot from your talented writings. You are such a kind lady and how anyone can be negative for your wanting to share with us your journey, is most selfish and judgmental. Be strong, keep your chin up, keep loving your fur babies and the naysayers Adios to each of you! As we know they will be checking back to see how people reacted to their cruelty. After all as a reader said above you in no way have forced anyone to do anything. You only want to be loved! Hugs to you and the babes! ?

  6. You sound so happy and upbeat in this post; I think this outing did you a lot of good. Perhaps consider getting out and doing fun things more often. It doesn’t necessarily have to be stores or spending money. Take a walk in nature, go on a photography adventure, go to the library, take a park district class in something that’s always interested you.

    I like many different decorating styles, boho being one of them. I had no idea that Fifi O’Neill had changed from her foo-fooey shabby chic look to bohemian. I just took a look at her book on Amazon and from flipping through it (virtually), it’s one I think I’d really like. I’m reluctant to spend over $19 on a book though, so I put it on my wish list and will wait for the price to go down. I checked online and two of my local libraries and neither of them have it.

    It really dismays me to read the judgmental comments on this post. Everyone’s spiritual paths are different and personal. How you choose to relax and find peace is your own journey and no one should be judging you for it. Like the Bible says, take the beam out of your own eye and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye. I grew up in and still attended a conservative Christian church up until about six years ago. Since I left, I can honestly say that I am more spiritual now than I ever was. I am also much more accepting of all religions and beliefs; I think ALL paths lead to God. I have now attended services at different churches/religions and have even gone to services and programs at a Buddhist temple. I have enjoyed all of them and found beauty in every religion and service.

    Be careful with Ivy and the plastic bags. She could chew on the plastic and choke (Monkey and Clementine both love to chew on plastic – we can’t leave anything plastic out) or she could get caught in the bag and suffocate. Try giving her a paper grocery sack to play in – toss one of her toys in there. She’ll love it!

  7. I am glad that you had such a fun day out yesterday. You sound much more upbeat and happy in this post. I think getting out did you a lot of good. Perhaps you should look into it more often. You don’t necessarily have to go shopping – that gets too expensive. Taking a walk in a park, going to a library, going to visit your daughter and Andrew, maybe even exploring a neighboring town that you’re not familiar with.

  8. I wasn’t really anticipating anyone totally rejecting your blog because of your new interests. While I did make a comment that I personally was not interested in pursuing anything with a “hippie” angle to it, I don’t feel called to reject anyone for doing so. I’ve been thinking about it, and it occurs to me that perhaps part of the issue is that things like crystals and chakras are really more a part of the New Age Movement than a part of being a hippie. (Not all hippies are into New Age, and not all New Agers are into being hippies.) The New Age movement is threatening to some people because they see it as a being related to the occult and to darker forces, and a contradiction of Christianity. But there are many different types of study in the New Age movement. While some indeed do relate to things like channeling or communicating with people who have passed away, other forms are more benign — creating a meditative garden space, for instance, something anyone of any religious belief or no religious belief can do. Basically, it appears to me that you are feeling a desire for a different look and feel to your space that is soothing and contemplative, perhaps, and some of these books and objects are catching your interest. While I might not buy the same objects, I’ll be interested to see what you come up with. I think that people need to understand that your world is fairly small and confined lately do to your need to be there for Charlie, so, this fresh interest into some new ways of creating a soothing environment is a way for you to expand your limited horizons a bit. It got you out of the house and meeting some new people, so, that seems positive!

  9. Please don’t worry about the “haters” as the kids say nowadays. Too bad they feel the need to bring their negativity to your blog rather than just quietly unsubscribe.
    Enjoyed reading about your morning out. I look forward to seeing your new tranquility space. Glad you chose an elephant with its trunk up–that’s good luck! I was a child of the 60s/70s. My parents kept a beautiful home that included a large Buddha (mom still displays it) for decor only and burned incense in a bottle cap on the flat crossed Buddha palms. Mom liked the scent.
    Your lunch sounds so good, you made me crave a taco salad! El Pollo Loco has a delicious double chicken tostada (chunks of breast) layered with all sorts of yummies. There’s one at 406 S. Boulder in Tulsa if that’s near you.
    Cuddles to dear Charlie Boy and the ever inquisitive Ivy Lou. Hope she stays away from your new items. Can’t wait to see them displayed.
    P.S. I’ll borrow your idea of indoor wind chimes. I never thought of that!
    Be well.

  10. I just intended to leave a message telling you that this post made me smile. You had such a good day and you can tell that you are happy. Then I read the comments. What the hay is going on. Is it the Budda , the crystals or what. People decorate with Buddha’s but don’t don’t worship them. The crystals ,what is the problem. Why can’t you go do place in your home to relax and reflect. Don’t let those comments rain on your parade. Hugs

  11. What a lovely little adventure, Brenda. It’s just the kind of thing I enjoy doing myself. I love browsing through various stores and maybe picking up one or two things at a good price. These days, though, my staying power is rather short–after being sick with that pesky sore throat virus for a month I just don’t have the stamina I’d like to. But I just keep plodding along, sometimes I have to nap in the afternoon, and hopefully I will gain strength little by little. I’ve been walking several days a week with my neighbor, so I think that helps.

    How did Charlie do while you were gone? I hope he was okay. Ivy is certainly a Persistent Polly when she gets something in her head, isn’t she? What a gal!

    I’m glad you treated yourself to a day out and about and good eats.

    Happy Weekend to you three!

  12. I am loving everything you bought !Can’t wait to see it all come together .
    Making our space our own is what it is all about .Kudos to you.
    I dug out my incense yesterday gonna burn some tonight in my reading room .
    Glad you had a great outing.
    “You go girl “!
    Hugs to you and the babies!!!!
    Ivy is such a pretty cat .
    I love hearing about both her and Charlie!

  13. I tried ALL of this stuff for YEARS in an attempt to find peace, fulfillment, and purpose. But it NEVER worked. It wasn’t until I hit rock-bottom, started listening to Christian radio, and heard a Bible scholar talk about how to find those things, that I finally did.

    It was by putting my faith in Jesus, and believing what the Bible says….and I got hope and freedom that have lasted for 30 years now!!!!

  14. Brenda I am sorry you are getting some negative comments. I believe most of them are coming from a lack of knowledge, understanding and from fear of the unknown. I consider myself a religious person and I belong to a church. I believe we are meant to be open minded and not judgemental of others as long as those others are not hurting anyone. I think some people wrongly think that setting up a relaxing spot with a Buddha or other Far Eastern type items means that person is setting up a place to “worship” other Gods or other religions. These people are scared of the unknown and I am sorry for them. I believe in one God and I believe different people interpret God in different ways. I see what you are doing as searching for a way to get better in touch with yourself so that you may live a more relaxed and stress free life. That is a good thing any way you look at it. Maybe if more people got in better touch with themselves and felt more at peace this would be a better world for all of us.

  15. Brenda I am new to your blog, having been drawn to it because like me you love your pets and plants and are non-apologetic for your preference for solitude. I look forward to your daily posts.

    In my mind your blog, and others I follow, is like a lavish buffet filled with luscious culinary offerings. I always fill my plate with familiar dishes that I know I will like, mostly ignoring those that appear odd to me. However, once in a while I will take a small portion of something new to me and sometimes I discover I like it and other times after a bite or two I realize that particular dish is not for me.

    My point is we all have the option to pick and choose from life’s buffet. Take from it what you know you will like and leave the rest for others to enjoy. Once in a while step out of your comfort zone and try something new but never ever find fault with the choices others may make.

    I will continue to enjoy my favorite dishes from you blog and who knows I may find some new favorites in the days to come.

  16. Brenda, I really don’t understand what is going on here. I love your interesting blog, you sharing your life & pets with us, your beautiful plants, home & decorating ideas. I’m a religious person but I can still understand & appreciate what you are doing with your new ideas. Its supposed to be fun, calming & relaxing. Thats what its all about don’t you think? If people don’t like what they read simply go elsewhere & read what interests you & don’t leave critical & unpleasant comments. We are here to relax & enjoy your blog & to read the nice comments.

  17. And by the way, Brenda, why would you ever have trouble explaining to Andrew the objects in your room. To him, as to most children ,they are just interesting things. My grandchildren play with my collection of sea shells without questioning whether there is any deeper meaning to them (which there is to me, of course!)

  18. Hi Brenda,
    Thanks for the opportunity to comment on your blog. And thank you for being so tolerant of people’s comments. You could easily have deleted them, but it’s a good lesson to see how others can be so judgmental. I was raised Catholic and am still. I find peace and hope through my religion. I am also aware that God gives us an intellect so that we can discern what is beneficial to us. We are all on a journey but take different roads leading us to our own bliss. I find tranquility in so many ways: all of mother nature to me is a prayer; watching the moon and stars, especially on a winter night; sitting by the ocean; reading; my home which affords me comfort and solace; my pets who keep me warm and never judge. You mention starting this new journey through exploring the idea of self care. Self care includes not only caring for our physical bodies, but the mental, intellectual, and spiritual aspects of our selves.

    Keep on with your journey. And keep sharing. I like to quote the philosopher Ram Das who says “We are all just here to walk each other home.”

  19. Hello Brenda,
    I hope what I say here does not create a religious or political debate but the insensitive comments I am seeing here lately are sad and exactly what is wrong in the world today. I do not see where you have said that this is your religion now and even if it is then that is your choice. No one was forced here to this blog as they are not forced to stay either! I have understood you to be making a space to be calm and serene as I think you have told us that outside influences make you anxious. You do you Brenda! I come here because I love your little home, your babies and you plus there is always something new to learn. Perhaps these people would also pull their kids or grandkids out of school because schools are becoming more mindful and trauma sensitive toward students. Staff have to take class in how to be a calming influence toward children including yoga and doing a mindful minute (lights out, everyone sits quietly and chimes or soft music is played) which helps with focus. The school I work at does this and it is sometimes the best part of my day! Sorry I wrote so much here! Don’t let the haters get you down. Have a wonderful day!

  20. Wow!
    This is where all the hate and vitriol that’s so pervasive today begins… Our so called “good” Christians, non judgmental to a tee,my rear. No wonder so many churches are closing their doors, doesn’t Bible say “judge not lest yeah be judged?” Typical of what I have seen and experienced, let’s cherry pick The Word to suit our judgments.
    Be happy, Brenda, make your littlevhome the calm, happy space you want… Life has not always been kind to you!

    1. Those same so called Christians are the exact reason I no longer attend a church. They go every Sunday and sit and then leave and judge everyone else. Notice that those same people have posted anonymously. It is easy to judge hiding behind the keyboard. I’ve come to the conclusion that those that preach the loudest are the least Christian.
      Brenda, I am glad to see you had a great day. Don’t let the negative comments deter you in any way.

    2. I am Christian and I am not judgemental. I feel the above comments are judgemental toward Christians. We re not all alike. Just like you are not like your neighbor or a person down the street. We are all individuals, so please do not judge all Christians the same way. I have been reading Brenda’s blog since she lived in East Texas and I have never been judgemental toward her. Please do not judge all Christian people the same. It’s a religion based on love and good. However there are people in all aspects of religion who are not genuine. I’m sorry a couple readers decided to attack all Christians. Just because a couple of commenters were negative toward Brenda’s new adventure doesn’t mean a few should go on the attack of others. Brenda handled the comments well. I think Brenda was just looking for meditation and something to bring calm and peace. I don’t think she was looking at it in a religious manner. Peace to you all.

  21. What an enjoyable day you had! It’s restoring just to have a day like that off in pursuit of something new. Ivy is a hoot, and she it so cute!

  22. I don’t understand the kerfuffel with some of your readers threatening to stop reading your blog. You are just showing us a new interest of yours. You haven’t said that anyone else should do what you are doing. Some people seem to have such a narrow view of things that it almost appears to be fear based (though in this case I don’t see what they are afraid of).

    Ivy looks pleased as can be with her new bags. My friend has two Siamese kitties, and they love playing with plastic bags, but she worries that they will get a bag handle over their head and it will strangle them. One of her cats managed to really get a plastic bag handle twisted around her neck very very tightly while my friend was home one time. She saw what was happening and was able to rescue her kitty by snipping the bag handle. She firmly believes in snipping all plastic bag handles so they can’t get twisted and strangle her kitties.

    I’m enjoying seeing the new items you have brought into your home. I noticed your readers mentioning Wayne Dyer. He was one of my favorite authors during a time in my life when things in my life were going awry. I learned so much from reading his books and he truly helped me calm down and find ways to deal with life in positive ways.

  23. Brenda I am truly baffled by these negative comments and the need for two readers to stop following the blog. Meditation and visualization are two powerful techniques used by trainers in the Olympics and also used by doctors and psychologists on a daily basis. I don’t see how you’re jeopardizing your soul by studying philosophies from other places and times. Perhaps the word altar got some off track. The word corner, shelf or niche works as well. Just a spot that inspires you to be calm and focus inwardly to soothe the spirit. I don’t think your daughter and grandson would notice care or be influenced in any way by this. But all that said the only person who needs to be pleased by this is you. It’s your sanctuary so what brings you peace, security and rest is not up for an opinion. For the few negative opinions I think in contrast you have far more positives. I think I may look for some Wayne Dryer books to read and to reread. Love to read your blog. I always get ideas and inspires me to try new things and to think about new ideas.

  24. Wow, what a haul! I can’t wait to see what you do with everything and am looking forward to seeing the wind chimes. I love wind chimes. It is so good to see you doing something just for yourself and creating a special space for meditative healing and contemplation.

  25. I am glad you had a fun day, even though I would never purchase the things you did. Our spiritual journeys are quite different from others it seems (you have heard some of what happened with my hubby and me)…and it all takes time. No matter where we end up on those journeys, we can be separated from others, simply by our searching for truth on our own path. Something that has to be accepted. And the fact remains as well, sometimes we are where we are, due to the failure of a religion (the church in our case) and would never be there had we not lived through some horrific things, true? Those who have not walked our path in life, simply cannot understand. I like the adage said by the American Indians (sometimes credited to the Cherokees): “If you would be my friend, come walk a mile in my moccasins.” Good advice I think. Most of all, I wish you all good things, and finding real peace is part of that too!! (Currently, Hubby and I do not belong to any group…seems to work for us at this time!!)

  26. Well, shoot! This really stinks! You were what I considered the last of a dying breed, Brenda. Maybe I’m overstating, but you have stuck it out blogging when all the others have either moved on, or just moved on to Instagram. Now, yours is becoming another close-minded religious blog (which I can see it’s already begun within the comments here), only yours will maybe have a splash of décor mixed in? Bleh. And here I was so happy when you said you would never go to Instagram. Now, I wish that’s exactly what you did do. Oh, well…

    1. I don’t get this at all. I am not a religious person so this will never be a religious blog! I can’t do anything about the comments!

      1. I don’t understand her comments at all! It’s sad to see all the judgments here. You do you, Brenda! I wonder how they might feel if others communicated judgment toward them?
        I can’t wait to see your space and I hope you continue to find treasures to add to it!!

    2. I don’t understand this posters comments. Brenda’s blog has evolved over the years…I believe we need to think and keep an open mind…we are all trying to be positive and hopeful, aren’t we?

  27. I’ve enjoyed following your blog for many years and would never judge you for wanting to find peace and calm. What I will do is caution you to think through anything that might become an obstacle in your relationship with your daughter and grandson. You don’t want yo jeopardize this and you don’t want your sanctuary to become an elephant in the room. You’ve mentioned them coming after church to your home. Consider how you will handle explaining to a four year old quizzical mind. Good luck on your new endeavor. ✌? peace

    1. I don’t understand. How could my decor be an obstacle? Yes, they go to church, but it is an alternative type church.

  28. What a great outing. Isn’t it fun to get out for the day? And you hit the jackpot finding all your treasures. I smiled when you talked about Ivy trying to get in the door. She wanted to share those treasures too.

  29. Brenda, you are a woman after my own heart. Even though I have purged and purged and purged almost down to nothing, I still find myself drawn to Boho “hippie” stuff. We also have a New Age store here called “Mystic Rose”. I have been there a couple of times now. I love the crystals, the incense, the books, all of it actually. I also go to a rock shop periodically as well and have purchased a rose quartz stone and an amethyst stone. I have them sitting in front of my Buddha statue on my breakfast bar along with my crystals. (I am not a religious person but consider myself to be a spiritual woman.)

    They are surrounded by my plants and I guess this area is my personal altar. I am reminded all the time that my home is my sanctuary, and that I want peaceful, serene, clean and simple surroundings, which make me the happiest I have been for many years. I actually have little objects that are boho, but I do love them. I love wood, metal, etc, and I like baskets, candles, essential oils, etc. I have settled on a basic color scheme of blues and creams and white, but I must admit your picture of the green glass jars has stuck in my mind for days and I am tempted to figure out where I can add something in that beautiful green color which is so healing and refreshing.

    1. Blues and greens together are such a restful combination. So calming. I love your idea of blues and creams and whites. And your little boho touches that make you happy.

  30. Many years ago, I worked as a secretary in a hospital. All employees were “forced” to attend Wayne Dwyer’s seminars. He was the most genuine, thought-provoking person that I have EVER met in my entire life. I was 28 at the time. Thirty years later, his words still affect me. He changed the course of my life. I quit the hospital and went on to receive three degrees at our University. I was so afraid to start college at age 28. But he personally spoke to me after his seminar and convinced me to make a change (any change) in my life. His kindness and positive reinforcement is something that I had never encountered in my 28 years. His words motivated me to overcome FEAR. Your enjoyable post brought back memories of Mr. Dwyer and all of those changes that I focused on because of his inspirational words to me.

    1. How fortunate you are to have met him. He has made a tremendous impact on my thinking about myself and has brought me closer to the spirit, God, source more than ever. This is only happening lately and I wish I had encountered him through his tapes and books earlier in my life.

      The Christian who is dropping Brenda’s blog has seriously misunderstood what Brenda has written and one of the things I am practicing on a daily basis is to avoid judgement on someone else. I wish this woman well.

      But again, lucky you.

  31. You need to get out like that more often. It’s good to see you happy.

    1. I completely agree with this!! Can’t wait to see how you set up your space Brenda!

  32. Goodness, I try to never criticize anyone. Whatever brings you peace is what is important. I am looking forward to seeing how you set up your space and I am so happy tht you are out and about so much and enjoying it. Your life seems to have opened up so much. xo Laura

  33. I am happy to hear that you had a great time at the Spiritual Rose and than Pier One. I have a few items from Pier One that I still enjoy. I am anxious to see the book that Fifi wrote. She has come for far in that last ten years with her blog and than all the books she has written as well as editor of many popular magazines. Your meal sounds good to me. You need to do this for yourself more often. Have a great weekend.

  34. I have enjoyed your posts for many years. Since I am a devout Christian, I will be leaving you now. I am sad you have chosen this route. It will end in destruction of your soul. I will pray you will one day find they true answer to your searching. Good bye, Brenda. May God find a way to your heart.

    1. What about the 1st Amendment – Freedom of religion. Doesn’t everyone have the right to believe how they want to believe? I don’t judge others for their beliefs.

      1. Those who love in the true Christian way don’t judge either, Brenda. I’m with you. How can another human being claim to have all the answers and to determine that another path is wrong? THIS is what saddens me.
        Brenda, don’t publish this if you feel it will lead to too much discord in your lovely, refreshing blog that gives so much to so many.
        PS – I go to church and love my church community, but welcome learning and trying new things too. The world of the spirit is limitless and – if I may say – beyond our understanding.

          1. I too am a Christian and go to church, love my church family and all our diversity.
            That’s my spirituality as well as what I learn from you and others who have good messages of wholesome living so looking forward to this journey you will share with us in your blog.

      2. I’m a sold-out-to-God Christian too, but it’s not my place to judge. There’s a lot more to your blog than this. We don’t have to agree on everything, in fact, it’s impossible to do so. It is ok to share opinions and extend grace.

    2. Thanks for taking us on your journey and showing us all the wonderful things you found Brenda. I think I will look for the book Global bohemian. My home is quite modern in décor but I have always had a leaning toward Boho stuff and I don’t think my husband would mind one bit, he is always open to new things,

      I look forward to seeing how you set up your meditative space.

      I love learning about new ideas.
      Sounds like you had a wonderful fun exciting day out. Wish I could have joined you.

    3. I will also be leaving. It breaks my heart to see this path taken.

    4. Jesus loved all people and animals in nature. God is love, He is included in all. Jesus loves the little children of the world. A closed mind is a terrible thing to waste. Judge not, lest ye be judged.

  35. What a fun day you had! I just love finding treasures unexpectedly. I think BoHo is great way to include different things in your decorating that maybe don’t “go” with a set style (such as mid century, farmhouse, shabby etc.) but that you are attracted to and love. It’s your home! Fill it with things you love! These days we all need some nurturing and peace away from the madness. Our homes are the best place to find it.
    Love Ivy and her bag! Charlie is probably watching and wondering – what is so fun about that?

  36. Honoring and respecting your own individual spirit is very centering and calming. It’s not Hippie Stuff. I’ve been focusing on this path for over a year and have found it grounding and a wonderful guide in moving forward in my life.

    I have listened to many inspirational speakers. Wayne Dyer was a very famous speaker who passed away a few years ago. He goes very deeply into meditation and exactly how to accomplish it. It’s on youtube.com. He is constantly referring to “the source”, Buddha, God, whatever you want to call it and draws from many ancient philosophers, the Bible and quotes from poets, etc. It’s interesting to hear his tapes or read his books in the early years and how he evolved and grew into a more focused, spiritual person.

    There are many more wonderful books available. He is just one example.

    I wish you well on your new experiences.

  37. Thank you for sharing the books you bought! I don’t buy many books any more so I’ll check the library. Glad you were able to get out for a fun day!

  38. I’ll be interested in your thoughts after you read the crystal and chakras healing books. I’ve always been curious about both. I am so glad you had a great outing, found some neat things and your babies at home did well during your absence. Can’t wait to see more. . . .

  39. YAY You!!! As long as each piece ‘speaks’ to you, you can’t go wrong!

  40. I so enjoyed reading this, Brenda! It’s the kind of little adventure I would enjoy – good for you! I also don’t mind eating alone, although I often have something to read while doing so. Not always. It’s good just to be out and about and absorbing the dynamics, sounds, etc. Fodder to thought, and for writing.
    I don’t care for the dismissive tone of what some are calling “hippie stuff.” It saddens me. Surely we can all participate in this wonderful life without snubbing others. We are all in this together, our paths will take us different ways perhaps, but love should take us home – together.
    I hope little Charlie and Ivy are happy and well, you work hard to keep them so. Enjoy your interesting new experiences.

    1. Happy Saturday, Brenda,
      Big fan of BOHO here, wasn’t sure how to get going, TY, one of my fave is to scroll through instagram, lots of ideas, it seems a happy style, bright colors, living things.
      That cat is a hoot!Surely,like me, it’s a case of who rescued who?
      It was flea meds time at our house and I can now say I know how it feels to be shunned, lol, even Temptations couldn’t get me back in good graces for awhile, both were sharing my bed this a. m. so I must be redeemed ?
      Enjoy your weekend!

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