When Your Sleep Number Bed Deflates

Have your ever had your Sleep Number bed deflate on you?

Last night I finally got my apartment all clean, mopped the floors and gave Charlie a quick bath. The last thing I do before showering is change the bedding. I got the fitted sheet and top sheet on and turned around for the blanket I use on top. When I turned back around, my mattress was deflated.

I stood there, my mouth shaped into a perfect “O”, totally mystified. What. On. Earth?

Obviously I did something while putting on the fitted sheet. So I called the store where I got it. They ran through a few ideas that didn’t pan out, then directed me to the customer service number. They have your account on file, know which bed you have and help you troubleshoot.

No Manual To Help Me:

It didn’t take long to figure out that they were reading from a manual. A manual I was never given. Why is it that nothing comes with a manual anymore?

I sat on the floor trying to figure it out with them on the line till I finally just gave up. They weren’t the answer.

So I do what I always do now when in a predicament. I called maintenance. He was fixing an air conditioner on the other property across town, but said he’d be over when he finished.

Even if I wanted to call my daughter, which I wouldn’t have because she wouldn’t know how to help, she has been in Hawaii since Monday.

Her husband received a free vacation in Hawaii from QuikTrip where he works. He is the person who studies locations and flies around the country to figure out the exact best spot to build a new QuikTrip.

There are about 77 QuikTrips in the Tulsa metropolitan area, and it is the corporation’s headquarters.

Videos Don’t Help Either:

So the maintenance looks up videos on his phone about sleep number bed problems, which proved to be useless. Finally he just unzipped the mattress and took the thing apart.

Meanwhile everything he puts down I’m watching closely because Ivy Lou is a veritable thief. She watches everything and if something different is laid down, she’s off with it and you may never see it again.

Charlie is crying because it is dark and we keep to a schedule and we’re way, way off of our usual routine. You could set your clock by our routine.

Thankfully He Fixed It:

It took him about an hour, but he finally got it fixed. He basically had to pick up the mattress and shake it so the little part that had come loose and was lost would fall out. Then he put everything back together.

So if something goes awry on your Sleep Number bed and it’s Friday night and there’s no chance of a technician coming out to help you, I hope you find yourself a guy who can fix it.

If he hadn’t fixed it, I’d have been sleeping on the couch with Charlie. And Charlie is old like me and does not like to change where he sleeps. He would have been upset and neither one of us would probably have gotten any sleep.

I was so, SO relieved that he got it working and pumped back up.

Ivy Up To Her Shenanigans:

This morning I’m on the floor doing my morning stretches. I use a yoga mat and a tightly rolled up towel. That’s it. And I keep these things in my closet. Ivy has the other closet for her litter box and supplies.

Apparently I didn’t close the door all the way to my own closet after I took these things out, because I could hear her in there as I stretched. I turned my head to see her yanking my clothes off their hangers.

Oh Ivy. She misses nothing. There’s always something somewhere she can find to get into.

Now she’s laying on the little table next to my chair that holds my laptop when I’m not using it. Charlie is asleep next to my legs on the puffy chair recliner.

How I Love My Puffy Recliner:

Oh, how grateful I have been for what I fondly refer to as my puffy recliner. I scoffed at these monstrosities in the store. But it can do all kinds of things like adjust the top to hold my neck so I’m not looking down at the computer, which has really helped my neck problem.

It is raining. The sky is gray and thunder rumbles in the distance. I’ve got the lamp on and have downed my one cup of coffee.

I’m washing the bedding I took off the bed in the first place. From now on I shall be super careful as I’m lifting the mattress while putting on a fitted sheet.

I have to keep a sharp eye on Ivy. She’s a constant source of mischief.


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  1. Thank u for the advice. My husband just bought me the 360 smart bed ( I know. Its as much aa a good used car but hey sleep is important) Hes actually embarrassed to say he spent that much on a bed) What surprises me about your article is the fact that sleep number couldnt get anyone out to yoi. You would think being as Premium as they seem theyd have an on call staff of techs who woukd make a hoise call day or nite. Thank god u had Nathan! Again thank u.

  2. Nathan deserves stars in his crown. What a great guy and a Dad whose in their trying. He’s impressive. Glad he’s such a great help to you as well.

  3. For some reason I haven’t been able to comment on your last few posts. Trying again…. here it goes. I loved this post Brenda! You’re back!!!! That one post where you were questioning if you should post this kind of stuff broke my heart. The answer is yes. Yes!!!!!! You are so talented!!!!!! I love how down to earth your blog is. I am very sorry about what happened to your bed and poor Nathan! But I loved the post!!!

  4. I didn’t know that Sleep Number beds could deflate either. I guess the amount of air they hold determines their firmness or softness, huh? I didn’t know that’s how they work. Very interesting. I wonder if you should check out the warranty in case there’s something wrong that made the little piece come loose and it deflate like that. You probably have the sales slip that you got when you bought it with the model number, etc. And like the other reader said you could look up the manual online and print it out for further reference.

    So glad Nathan could help you. I hope he feels better soon, poor guy. He really is a good and dependable friend to you. He sounds like he’s a good dad to his little boys, too, but at their ages the things they can think of to get into are amazing. I remember when my twin grandsons at age two or so and their cousin who is about seven months younger, were here over a weekend and got up early in the morning before the grown-ups were awake. They climbed into one of my kitchen cupboards and took out all the cake and cookie decorating sugars and the food colorings. When we found them it was like a tornado had hit that cupboard–sugars everywhere, green coloring all down the doors of the cupboard and all over them. Oh, it was such a scene that my two daughters and I just stood there speechless! I still have green food coloring on one of my cabinet doors that I’ve never been able to get off! Much to our credit, we did not yell or scream at them, just removed them to the bathroom and the soap and water and began to clean up the mess. We laughed later at what a fine time they were having!

    So tell Nathan to gate his little guys out of his kitchen if possible when he goes to bed!

    Hope your bed stays inflated and enjoy your Sunday!

  5. I never knew those mattresses would deflate. Is it still under warranty?
    That Ivy is a real stinker. Hah. But she’s affectionate and fit right in with Charlie , so
    that’s okay.

  6. That’s crazy that your Sleep Number bed broke like that, especially so soon. I’ve never had one and the only person I know that has one is my sister and she’s never said anything about hers, so who knows. Anyway, glad Nathan could fix it.

  7. I’ll stick with my old-fashioned mattress and box spring 🙂 I have no patience whatsoever these days for any kind of attempted fixes – you don’t want to be around me when I run into a computer issue and have to hunt around online for a solution, for instance, ha ha ha! No Nathan in my life to rescue me from such fixes, sigh. I’d keep him stuffed with good stews, casseroles, banana cake and brownies.

  8. What a bummer about your sleep number bed! We’ve had ours for about 13 years and thankfully it has never leaked or deflated! My first thought would be that one of the hoses had come off, but obviously you checked that. I didn’t know about a little piece that could come loose! Now I know. Poor Nathan, he sounds like it was a bad week for him, and it’s wonderful that he took the time to come help you. Our two “rescue” cats just LOVE to go into our closets and dig around too. When the doors are shut, they’ll sit there and meow, looking at the doors, to tell us to open them. They also love to get into drawers and dig around and make a nest to sleep. It must be a comfort thing or that they like the dark… not sure what. Our cat that was not a rescue cat but grew up with a mama doesn’t seem to have that inclination! Hope you got a good night’s sleep! Marilyn

  9. There are online manuals for everything.A lot of new products do this anymore.

  10. We have a sleep number bed also and I have been worrying that when I make the bed I will knock out the tube that puts the air into the mattress. Tell Nathan we all admire his kindness.
    Cats can be a pain in the neck. We used to have one who would go into the bathroom at night and go pee on the bathmat. I learned to keep the bathroom door shut. But then he died and I started to leave the door open at times. My daughter who is severely retarded and whose bedroom looks right at the bathroom door started yelling at me when the door was open, even a crack, and now I have to keep it closed at all times.

  11. Wow, who knew those mattresses could break so easily. Thank goodness for Nathan. I hope he gets to feeling better. Have a great day. xo Laura

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