I’ve been meaning to ask you this and keep forgetting. In the past few months I’ve developed what some call “frozen fingers.” The three middle fingers on my right hand get “stuck” and I can’t move or straighten them.

The other night it happened to the middle finger and I instinctively tried to make it straight. So I bent it. Whew! What pain that brought on.

What To Do About Frozen Fingers?

Does anyone know what you can do about this? Are there exercises one can do?

I am doing laundry while the pet babies sleep. They’ve had meds and breakfast and this is their regular nap time. Ivy has already had one game of fetch.

It is cool this morning, but will climb up to about 75 degrees. And 86 tomorrow. But the nights are getting cooler. I actually saw that the temperature inside was one digit below what I had it set on this morning. Still using the air conditioning.

Strange Times:

Such a strange time we live in. Will parents let their children trick-or-treat this year? Some schools are open and some aren’t. The whole nation is one big mixed up place because there is no cohesiveness or a nationwide plan.

What about these big gatherings where people are clustered together like sardines? Are they just tossing caution to the wind and saying: “If I die I die. So be it.”

Well, that’s one thing if they want to be lax about it. But there are those of us who don’t want to be taken down with them.

It is the elephant sitting in every room. And no one wants to acknowledge it because it is scary and depressing and sad. Of course it is.


CONFIRMED: 33,353, 614

RECOVERED: 23,151,081

DEATHS: 1,001,643

ACTIVE: 9,200,890


It will continue to move from host to host attempting to infect as many as possible because that is its sole aim. We are not dealing with reason here. We are dealing with a rapidly moving deadly airborne virus.

Basically we are all standing in the middle of the train tracks and the train is chugging along toward us. And like my frozen fingers, we are terrified but locked in place. Like our feet are set in cement.

The CDC reports something and then inexplicably they retract and change it. At a time when we desperately need to know the facts.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to stick my head in the sand. I WANT TO KNOW THE FACTS.

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  1. Sounds like you have what is called trigger finger. An anti-inflammatory diet can help a lot, especially ditching sweets or anything with sugar. Focus more on healing foods such as leafy greens, vegetables, whole grains, beans and fresh fruit. Take curcumin or turmeric supplements on a regular basis (check to make sure they won’t interact with any medications you may be on). You might also want to try a split especially made for trigger finger – you could wear it at night while you’re sleeping.

  2. It sounds like “trigger finger(s). Stenosing Tenosynovitis. Or maybe in your case “camera button finger”. Funny you should term it the elephant in the room seeing as which party has that for their symbol

  3. I have bad arthritis in my hands and my doctor has me taking several supplements, hyaluronic acid, 2 x a day; turmeric and curcumin with bioperine, 3x a day; and drs best glucosamine with msm, 2x a day. This has helped immensely with the flexibility and stiffness. I can now make a fist with all fingers! Might be worth a try.
    Your posts are fabulous! Love the pictures and we all need our fur babies in these times! Keep up the amazing blog, as always thought provoking. Great comments as well.

  4. The various hand braces that people mention sound like a good place to start. You don’t have to wear it all the time but they are definitely helpful. Also, working a ball of putty with your hand-fingers might help to keep the fingers limber. Vit D, magnesium, would not hurt.

  5. There is a lot of misinformation coming from the government in Washington, because certain people want to pretend that the pandemic has gone away despite more than 208,000 Americans already dead from COVID-19, with estimates as high as 400,000 dead by the end of the year. It is true that a lot of older people and younger people with certain pre-existing health conditions such as obesity, heart disorders, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, lung diseases, are more prone to die but they die NOT because of the underlying condition but because COVID-19 attacks lungs, heart, liver and brain, causes massive inflammation and causes permanent, irreversible damage by killing cells. The underlying condition(s) allows death to come faster. COVID-19 is still the primary cause of death, for without COVID-19, the odds are the person with the existing underlying health conditions who had, up to that point of infection, would more than likely still be alive. Statisticians are saying that deaths from COVID-19 are probably being under-counted because in some states causes of deaths on official records are being attributed to underlying causes rather than COVID-19 itself. People can pretend that the excess deaths aren’t being caused by any pandemic – it’s all a hoax anyway, right? But more Americans than average are still dying – more than 208,000 of them since February 2020 through this morning. It’s not so hard to understand the misinformation being fed to people – it’s an election year and the current administration wants to retain its power. Let’s just pretend its all over and put kids back in unsafe schools wherever we can force that to happen so their parents can get back to work. Of course, people who don’t fall for the current fantasy that it’s all just a hoax won’t be going back to those stores and buying services, etc. from businesses where people are supposed to go back to work. And if the pandemic is all just a big hoax- why are more than 800,000 new applications being filed for unemployment benefits across the country every week? And why are we running out of medical supplies and hospital space in Green Bay, WI in my home state – RIGHT NOW? Believe me, a whole bunch of Wisconsinites with underlying health conditions didn’t just decide “Oh, it’s a lovely season to get sick and maybe die now.” Wisconsin now has a 22% positive testing rate for COVID-19. That isn’t made up numbers. Just ask the people who work in the hospitals, like my recently retired sister who is an RN. I recommend we all read more than one news source, listen to/view a variety of news programming, not just one network. BBC and the Guardian are unbiased news sources for what’s going on with COVID-19 in the USA and elsewhere. So is US World and News Reports online. You can check U.S., state and international countries’ case counts and death numbers daily at Wikipedia online and Worldometers online, those are only a few of many sources available where you can track COVID-19 cases and deaths in your own state. The best defense against misinformation is keeping yourself informed from multiple sources and using your own common sense.

    1. There is a lot of information out there and YES, how is one to know what to believe? I have been reading a lot lately about the underlying conditions and how more people with these are dying. What I have read says basically in the easiest terms I can explain, is that inflammation in the body is the reason COVID is killing so many. We all have inflammation in our bodies, some that is good (when we get sick, our bodies kick in with the inflammation to help our immune system fight the sickness) and some that is chronic and very unhealthy for our bodies. Someone who has one of these underlying conditions, their body is wreaked with havoc from chronic inflammation, which is causing their underlying condition.

      When the virus enters such a persons body, the natural response of the body is to create the good inflammation to help our immune system and our body fight the virus. But for someone who has an underlying condition and is filled with chronic inflammation that is not normal to the body, they have the chronic inflammation combating the good inflammation and that is what kicks their body into the more complex issues with COVID and the respiratory issues and it attacking the internal organs.

      This chronic inflammation that is in the human body stems from many things with the main culprit being our food choices. The SAD is filled with highly processed foods, toxins and chemicals. Most Americans do not eat enough whole foods such as fruits, vegetables and grains to keep inflammation out of their bodies. We have one of if not the worst food sources in the world. There are toxins and chemicals in our foods that our banned in MANY other countries. We as a country are killing ourselves with our food choices, that being processed foods, fast food and the lack of whole foods filled with vitamins and nutrients that your body needs to have a healthy immune system and be able to fight off viruses and sickness. COVID 19 is not the first virus and it will not be the last. There are going to continue to be new viruses that arise everyday. If we do not provide our body with the proper foods and nutrients needed to strengthen our immune system and to prevent all of the underlying conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, obesity, COPD, lung disease, etc. then we are more susceptible to all of the viruses that will be coming our way.

      It is horrific that so many people have lost their lives to COVID, whether they had an underlying condition or not. But in my opinion ( after all the research I’ve seen) and it is just my opinion, to which we are all entitled, so please take it as such, – If those people had not had the underlying condition with all of the chronic inflammation in their bodies, which is preventable, then they probably would have had a much better chance of surviving COVID.

      It is further horrific to me that something as simple as our food choices are the key to our getting healthier and preventing all of these horrible diseases and more people are not screaming it from the rooftops. IT is possible. I know this from my own experience. My body was wreaked with inflammation from my diet and lifestyle choices and it was causing all kinds of issues for my body and health. Inflammation markers can be measured in each of our bodies and I have seen my own markers of inflammation go down in as little as 6 months with just food choices and exercise.

      There is a health crisis in our country and it relates to food choices and lifestyle choices. Food choices alone can prevent so many illnesses.

      1. I think there is much truth in your post about treating our bodies better and being more healthy, therefore, hopefully we could have a better fight. I am trying hard to eat healthy but seem to get off track a good bit, often, too. :0(

      2. Absolutely. What you put in your mouth has everything to do with your health. I highly recommend following Dr Mark Hyman from Cleveland Clinic on social media – or reading his books. He is a wealth of great information, easy to understand, and very personable.

    2. I know what you mean. I live in Wi. I was at Fleet Farm on the west side the other day. We were there on Sunday and counted 17 people without masks. With more coming in the door. I told corporate that I will not be shopping there anymore. A friend told me that she asked an employee and was told that they can’t enforce it.
      Other stores do.
      No problem here…yea right.
      I am so over this! I don’t go out much because of this.
      I use work in a hospital until I retired a few years ago. My ex co-workers told me that it just awful there. So many people, so sick! So sad to see that.

  6. A couple of years ago my GP suggested I see a hand specialist for my “frozen fingers”, “trigger finger” or maybe carpal tunnel. Instead I did some internet research and am following some suggestions from others for dealing with the problem. My self diagnosis is that I have a pinched nerve in my neck/spine that cuts off circulation to my right hand ( trying to sleep on my right side always causes a flare up). Knowing several people whose carpal tunnel surgeries were not completely successful makes me hesitant to go that route. For now sleeping on my back or left side, wearing a OTC hand brace at night and occasionally when I’m on the computer, in addition to massaging the affected fingers with arthritis cream makes whatever this actually is just another old lady issue I can live with.

  7. Hi Brenda,
    Sometimes, my right hand, middle and ring finger do stiff up; I am right handed and 55, so sometimes I over do it with housework, heavy lifting, or some other physical chore. Just flex them, never force them back.
    I’ve dealt with anxiety, most of my life, dysfunctional family history. I have been living on my own for many yrs. and also have two fur babies, 2 cats.
    I hear ya, and feel the same regarding “Strange Times”.
    Just breathe in, relax, and take precautions (i.e. mask, wash hands, etc).
    I take it a step further; I wear a mask, and a hat, and leave 1 pair of shoes for going out, which I leave outside by front door.
    When I get home, I wash everything I wear and shower.
    Do what you can do, that is under your control.
    Forget about the things and people out of your control.
    It is frustrating that others do not follow the precautions recommend by experts, but some folks are not worth the frustrations.
    Stay safe and do what you can for your own physical and mental health.
    One day at a time.
    P.S. Sorry for long comment.

  8. Good morning Brenda, thank you for coming to visit the blog and for meeting Patches. She is a character that is for sure. Hopefully soon the other two will warm to her.

    I am sorry about your finger, my husband gets the same thing as does my mother in law. Both were told it is some sort of arthritis.
    I agree with you about the facts, I am so tired of all of the mis-information. The facts are this: a great majority of the people that have died have 3-4 existing conditions and many of the perople who are registered as having died from covid died from their other conditions. Wearing a mask does protect you. Whatever the case, at some point we either have to have a country-wide/nation wide consensus, which is not legal and will never happen or we have to throw open the doors and let people care for themselves. There are so many horrible things happening as a result of being locked in. 70% of all caregivers around the world are women, only 30% of the “people in charge” are women. Women are being abused, loosing their jobs, etc. Not to mention that they are not getting the support they need. Suicide rates are climbing daily, just today I had a friend tell me that 3 teen friends of her son committed suicide! All under 15.

    Take care my friend!
    Thank you for all of the blog information, I keep forgetting to send you an email to thank you.

    1. My husband and I live in NC. We are being careful but carefully living our lives as normal. I do not want to be a complete shut-in…that is coming soon enough it seems. ;0(

  9. I have arthritis throughout my body however my hands are the most painful. I get trigger finger as well and it seems to come on for a spell, and the go away. When it happens, I take Ibuprofen for several consecutive days and watch what I eat… no sugar, low fat and minimal carbs to help reduce the inflammation.

    I agree with everything you have said regarding Covid-19, and the behavior of many people not caring about endangering others. The virus isn’t political. It is the wacky people making the subjects (virus, masks, etc) political. These are strange and scary times we live in.

    Feeling like I could curl up and take a nap! Lucky Ivy and Charlie!

  10. Brenda,
    A few years ago I had what was called frozen shoulder. It was terrible pain and I was suffering from it every day. It came on very quickly and without warning, and stayed for longer than I could stand. I did some physical therapy and did the heat wraps, cold packs, anything I could to try and deal with the pain. There was no warning sign but after the therapy, it was better, but it did take time. I’ve got arthritis all over my joints, but that frozen shoulder was very uncomfortable. I hope that yours gets much better soon, and never returns. Good luck.

  11. Brenda, I had this happen with my thumb. I wore a finger brace for about six weeks and that corrected the problem. But I’ve also had this happen with my fingers. It’s annoying but I’ve learned to live with it.

  12. Sorry about your finger. It is probably from some kind of repetitive movement. Some get it that are on computers and typing all day. I know there are steroids and injections that can help. Surgery is possibility too but very long recovery. Maybe try not typing to much on the computer. I know that is easier said than done. Hope it gets better.
    Have a great week. Kris

  13. Swollen tendons in your fingers? My friend once had what was called trigger fingers. Hope your fingers get better on their own with some time. If not your Doctor will probably recommend an X-Ray. And then a treatment.

  14. A friend has really bad arthritis in several fingers, she gets some relief from a hand brace, OTC style, not from a doctor.

  15. Just a couple of weeks ago, my husband went to a hand specialist for this very problem. It Is called “trigger finger, caused by repetitive motion. He got an injection into the joint of his problem finger. The doctor told him the only other alternative was surgery and it would take three months before he was able to use that hand. It seems to be much better. We hope it continues. He thinks he got it because we had two large trees removed and he was breaking up a lot of the smaller twigs to fit into trash bags for disposal.

  16. I agree. I wish there was more coordination among the states. Odd, I have developed a numb left little finger and it’s constantly numb. I was just making a list of questions for my upcoming annual physical and that’s on the list.

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