House Cleaning Chores, Etc.

It is a gray and dreary day outside. Cold too. It’s been colder this winter than any winter I recall since moving here nearly 10 years ago. There is virtually no wind this morning, which is a bit unusual.

I’ve fed the babies and dispensed medication. Charlie has decided not to eat his pill pocket treats with his medication in it. So I am forced to ram it down his throat. I just hate this, but I’ve tried those pill pusher things and he manages to evade the pills no matter what I do.

I’ve tried ordering different flavors of pill pockets, but he still doesn’t want them. So though it makes him mad, and sometimes I cry while I’m doing it, I do what I have to to get the job done.

However in the evening before we go to bed he will actually eat the pill pocket with his medication in it. I can’t figure out why he will take it then but not during the day.

Shopping For Seeds:

Yesterday I shopped online for seeds at Renee’s Heirloom Seeds and Johnny’s Seeds. I would just order everything from Renee’s, but she doesn’t have those beautiful gold zinnias that Johnny’s has that I so love.

I kept things in my online carts and will probably switch things up before I actually order. Because I like to think about things and look at my pots outside to figure out what all I need before I actually place the order.

I did get some chores done. The refrigerator is sorted out. And the one closet where I keep my clothing, shoes and most everything else has been cleaned out.

Household Chores To Tick Off My List:

At the back on the outer wall of the closet I saw either mildew or mold. It was dry to the touch. I made sure not to shove anything back against it and will have to get Clorox.

Then I got my granny cart out and wheeled about five heavy loads down to the dumpster. Since much of it was really stuff someone could use, I stacked those things outside the dumpster in full view of the road so someone would see it.

I always feel better after I get these jobs done. You can’t live in a one bedroom apartment and not have to de-clutter and get rid of things fairly often. At least I can’t.

What I’m Listening To:

I am listening to Paul Cardell. It is a 2 CD set.

Today I might start in on the other bedroom closet where Ivy’s litter box is. There isn’t as much to be done in there.

Hulu Shows:

I only have one more episode of Apple Tree Yard to watch tonight. Then I’ll have to find something else to watch for my one hour of TV each evening, because I don’t turn the TV on during the day.

I was loving DCI Banks and thought there were more episodes. But then I saw I’d reached the end and felt a bit sad. It’s like saying goodbye to an old friend when you’ve been watching a show’s series for months.

And two token photos of the babies. They’re having their morning nap right now so I won’t disturb them to take extra photos.

When Ivy closes her eyes and is sleeping you can’t even tell that she has eyes.

Ivy sure likes a soft spot to take a nap. And of course I make sure I provide those soft spots for both of them.

Switching To A Faster Higher Performance Theme:

Oh, one more thing. Last month I had my tech guy switch the platform I was on to a theme that is supposed to be much faster.

Have you seen any change in the last month or so?

It’s not a Genesis theme, if you know anything about WordPress themes. It’s the much touted Kadence theme. It’s supposed to be much faster without heavy Javascript files to load.

I usually do a lot of stuff for my blog myself. But this was beyond my knowledge, so I paid him to do it for me. Of course I want a website with higher performance and that loads faster for readers.



  1. De-cluttering seems to always be an ongoing process for me. I work on it fairly regularly but never seem to reach the end. Brenda, I’m not sure what you’ve done to your blog but it’s running very well for me. No problems from my end.

  2. Hi Brenda my daughter’s dog Jackson is 17 years old and he has to take a couple of pills at different times and the only way he would take his pills is she wraps them in a little bit of marshmallow .Have a good day Brenda and your babies are so precious .

  3. I have a 14 year old Havanese and the only way he will take his meds is a small piece of braunsweiger, I stuff the pill in the middle, works like a charm. Sam looks forward to his pills now, so stinky!

  4. WOWEE…great job on fridge!! Is your goodwill, etc stores shut down? Have not checked lately, though I have a bag ready to take to our thrift shop (one we like best here is called Value Village) and we have taken some things about a year ago…I MISS shopping there…my favorite clothes have come from thrift shops…why I cannot seem to find where to buy them elsewhere I do not know…I have heard a few places that things will be open again soon…but in our state? I would not count on it. This gov really is on a power kick…so no matter what, I am not sure…time will tell.

  5. I feel your pain with trying to give meds Brenda. My little french bulldog is a pill to give a pill to 🙂 She can chew around any pill pocket, cheese, peanut butter….you name it and shoot the pill out the side of her mouth. Dietz & Watson London Broil has been working for us for a few months. I am faithfully at the store every 5 days or so to buy another pound. Of course her Boston Terrier fur brother needs his share every time she gets a piece 🙂 The things we do for our babies!

  6. My Australian Shepherd has to take medication daily and luckily she will take it in a pill pocket! I’m sure it is nerve racking for you to try to get the medication into Charlie ! Your refrigerator looks very organized!

  7. Good morning Brenda, sorry that you are having a hard time giving Charlie meds, I used to have the same problem with my older dog Munchen.
    Thankfully I do not have any pets that need medication right now.
    I have been organizing drawers, and closets this week as well. It is freeing to let go of some of the stuff.
    Have a great day!

  8. I have to give Clementine a pill every morning and she takes the pill pusher like a champ. However, I know every pet is different. Could you crush the pill and mix it into Charlie’s wet food? I also like the idea from another commenter who mentioned mixing it with some broth and then pulling it up into a syringe and squirting it into his mouth.

    Good for you for purging and organizing. I haven’t been too good about that this month. Your fridge looks so nice and organized. I noticed your produce drawers were empty though. Where do you keep your produce? My drawers are so crammed full of fruits and veggies that I don’t have enough room and have to keep some on the shelves? Of course, there’s two people here though.

    1. There are strawberries and blueberries on one of the fridge shelves. Bananas on the counter. I have various kinds of fruit for smoothies in the freezer. I have a purple onion in the bottom drawers. I use those drawers as storage for other stuff too. I’m currently out of other fresh veggies.

  9. Brenda my fur baby also refuses to take his twice daily meds in a pill pocket. I tried several things to no avail until I took a friend’s suggestion to hide his meds in pate type wet dog food. I cut the pill in half, roll up like mini meatballs which he has never not eaten right away. I use Bella’s Grain Free Pate for small dogs ordered online in a 12 pack and I get 2 days worth (4 meatballs per day) from each individual container. Probably more expensive than the pill pockets and once opened must be kept in the fridge but as long as he continues to think he’s getting treats instead of pills I’ll continue going this route.

  10. My dog, Cooper is incredibly stubborn about taking his medication. I’ve tried wrapping (disguising) it in a small piece of bread or cheese. Manages to eat everything and spit out the pill. Ugh! Lately I’ve been putting the pill in a bit of peanut butter on my finger and I put the peanut butter on the roof of his mouth. He’s so busy enjoying the peanut butter he ultimately swallows the pill. LOL Mom 1/Cooper 0 LOL
    I’ve been working on decluttering boxes that have been piled for longer than I care to admit. It feels so good to let things go. One day last week I cleaned out my pantry, refrigerator and freezer. I placed a fairly large grocery store store and restocked things I know I’ll definitely use over the next month. That felt wonderful, as well.

  11. Hi Brenda,
    I totally feel your pain. Having 2 cats, 20 plus years old , I have to administer meds a few times a day. Easiest way, grind the pill in a tablespoon, with a teaspoon. Add chicken broth , or tuna juice from your tuna cans. With a small size, two dollar oral syringe ,from Chewys draw the mixture up into the syringe. Get down on the floor with Charlie between your thighs , and while you love him up , place your left hand under his chin tilting head slightly, put the syringe in the right corner of his mouth and push the syringe gently. He will lap it up. It has saved my cats lives, as well as mine. Now medication time is so simple. I no longer sweat profusely out of anxiety, and my beloved cats are none the wiser. Please try it . As long as your knees allow you to get down into the position. Good luck 👍Deb

  12. My new little senior rescue adoptee, Zoe, a coton de Tulear, is with me several days and I’m giving her a pill twice a day. I just hate it. It’s so chancy as to whether she will eat it in food or I have to force it on her. I feel horrible, but she just had surgery and she needs it. Tough being a pet mama. She’s so sweet and I think we’ll be ok.

    1. Love that you adopted a senior rescue Eileen! May you enjoy every day/year that you have with each other.

  13. Poor Charlie, having to take medicine when he really doesn’t want to. Jacob takes antiseizure medication three times a day. I buy the feline pill pockets (less expensive than the dog pockets) in chicken and salmon but sometimes he balks and won’t take it. He has to have it so down the throat it goes, with my assistance. I so enjoy your furbabies.

  14. Hi Brenda. You are getting so organized. Your refrigerator looks so great. I have to clean mine out and get it organized. I am watching Apple Tree right now and am loving it. Have you tried the series Unforgotten and Last Tango in Halifax. Both Brit shows and fabulous. Have a great new week.

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