1. Today my time has been used for organizing, perfecting and clearing. This email had been lost in the others. Your new notebook seems perfect. That naughty cat is funny.

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  3. When I moved into my current home 9 years ago, I bought a 3-tier plastic “rack” that I put spices on, that was the extent of me trying to be more organized. I figured when I retired abut 6 months later I’d do more home cooking instead of consuming pop in the microwave low calorie frozen meals. Wrong. I rarely used the spices and I ended up tossing most of them out because they were ancient. The spice rack still sits in one of the kitchen cabinets by the stove, holding other items I use more often, like extra-wide egg-yolk free noodles and Basmati rice. I don’t keep a lot of canned goods and boxed foods on hand. When I feel the urge to make a casserole or pull out the slow cooker to make a stew or a roast, I hike to the supermarket to buy what I need and use it right away. The items I do stock up on are toilet paper, paper napkins and paper towels – I learned how precious they are when the pandemic first hit in 2020 and suddenly there was no toilet paper to be had anywhere! I eat a lot of frozen food and keep stocked up on frozen veggies, containers of my favorite sliced ham for sandwiches (removed from the freezer and defrosted as needed) and lots of packages of Sargento Swiss cheese. Left-overs in single-serving plastic containers are stored in the 3-drawer freezer at the bottom of my Euro style fridge, which has enough room to keep me well fed for weeks. If the power goes out for days, I’ll be in trouble if I can’t find some dry ice to put in the freezer.

  4. Can’t wait to see how you organize with all your new containers. I love to do stuff like that, and maybe I should do a little more here in my pantry. Things really aren’t disorganized, but sometimes I will look right in front of me, at the item I want, and don’t even see it. Good grief! I asked my husband next time he goes to the grocery store to get two more, and he said he just got two (cans of cranberry sauce) last week. I looked again, and there they were, still right in front of me, of course.
    I think I’m always in a hurry, and don’t pay attention half the time to what I’m doing. Anyway… I will slow down.
    So sorry to read you are not feeling well yet. Hope you feel better SOON!

  5. Sometimes covid will make you confused and forgetful. I had this with covid, it lasted about a week or two (I think), but it’s hard to tell. You could keep staples on the counter for a while. Take care, my covid symptoms (cough, cold, fatigue) cleared up after two weeks except for the shortness of breath which lasted 10 weeks. I had to use portable oxygen. I was so glad when it was over.

  6. My pantry items are pretty well organized. I just keep like things together: rice/grains, pasta, canned tomatoes, vinegars, spices, etc. The overflow is stashed on tall metal shelves in the basement.

    I tested positive for Covid today. Not surprised, since my mom has it and I was with her. We’re both OK – just like bad head colds.

  7. Lots of great storage/organizing products. I plan to order a few of the items. You really did your research! I hope you post a few before and after pics to give us more ideas! Also hope you’re all better very soon!

  8. How fun!! Sorry you are sick, but you will have so much fun getting everything organized to your liking. I am an organizing “nut” so I am smiling for you!!!

    We will need a “before and after” visual after you’re all done!! Get well soon–Jane

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