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  1. That was quite clever, Brenda. Smart thinking. It looks good, it’s functional, and it’s solving a problem. When I bought my house, there was some damage (scratches) to the wood floors in the living room. I decided that was a perfect spot for an area rug.

  2. Hi Brenda
    I love your utensil solution! One thing I thought of is to purchase some wood grained wall covering and match to cover the blue holes. Might be worth a try.

  3. Brenda, this is a very cleaver solution! It is great for you and for renters in the future.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Your solution looks good but have you tried pulling out the wall anchors? You could use a small pliers of some kind and pull it out. Pull it out straight rather than wiggle it too much otherwise you might make a mess. Then I would fill it with ‘wood filler’ or wood stain filler of some kind and gently sand it down. That’s only a suggestion if you are up to it and if you’re looking for an alternative. Otherwise your solution is cost effective and I think does it’s job.

  5. I thought it was a very nice storage solution…never noticed the blue holes until you told us!! We have rented since Dec 1999, somewhere…most places we have left some kind of improvement and always got our damage deposits back. I think most renters never leave improvements of any kind…so even if there are imperfections somewhere, maybe then they are not noticed. I had my grandson install on the inside door of the pantry a 6 level storage rack…I keep that full of course and since I had him screw it in place, we plan to leave it when we move.

  6. What a fantastic solution! I didn’t even notice the blue anchor holes until you mentioned it.

  7. It looks good. Maybe you will find some small utensil that you can hook over the top rail to block the blue. Also, try more paint.

    1. The paint keeps coming off the blue when I try to put the adhesive part on. I keep trying to figure out something to put higher. I haven’t figured anything out yet.

  8. What about the blue spot/holes when/if you move? Will you lose your deposit?

  9. Looks so good…I really had to look at your closeups to see the blue holes…love the greenery and tin pots…adorable…💕

  10. I looked with interest at all the things hanging from your hooks and never noticed the little blue things until I read on and realized what you were doing. So good job! If you don’t tell, most likely no one will notice. I’ve done plenty of “distractions” over the years out of necessity.

  11. Great job Brenda. Looks like it was always suppose to look like it does now.

  12. Good solution for the problem. Like that you made it functional, but also added some greenery too. Your lamp is so cute. Do you remember where you got it? Would love to have one like it.

  13. This looks so nice. I love the lamp, greens and the “soap drainer” under the soap pumps. I need that. Have a good day all!

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