Yesterday my daughter came over (we practiced social distancing) and drilled holes in the two plant stands with legs I ordered from

I have a drill, but didn’t have drill bits. I don’t know why this is. Either I had them and can’t find them. Or it could be that one of the maintenance men used them putting something together for me and took them with them.

At any rate, she did that job for me.

Then she came inside to work on Ivy’s chair. I had sort of put it together right, but the sides didn’t line up exactly and there was a bolt with a big plastic head that needed to be threaded from the inside out to secure the back to the seat.

She ended up taking the hardware off the chair that the sides were supposed to slide into. She said they weren’t lined up properly. After that she easily threaded the bolt in and finally the chair sat right.

The younger daughter is great with numbers and has a Master’s degree in business. The older daughter got the common sense and creativity.

I’m going to go over to older daughter’s house early in the week when no one is there but her and look at what she’s planted to see if I need to suggest anything. She is pretty new to gardening and is trying to raise veggies for her family.

Above is what she has planted. She sent me this photo the other day.

She had gotten irritated with me for trying to move the big pots on my patio around. She said to get a dolly to save the pressure on my ankle. I had a dolly when I moved here, but donated it to maintenance because they didn’t have one.

But I decided instead to order plant caddies with rollers which would make it easy to roll the plants wherever I wanted or needed to.

Here’s what I ordered from

I ordered one of these: Bosmere, Black S14410 Down Under Plant Caddie, 14″

One pack of these: Amagabeli 2 Pack 14″ Metal Plant Caddy Heavy Duty Iron Potted Plant Stand With Wheels

And two sets of these: 3 Pack Metal Plant Caddy with Wheels 10.8 Inches Round Plant Stand on Rollers

That should be a big help to me. The top two came already put together. But the latter one need the rollers put on.

In a little bit the next door neighbor’s grandson is supposed to come over and help me out. I told him I would go through the bank drive thru tomorrow and pay him for his work today.

I will have him lift all the plants onto these plant caddies for me and take the sacks of potting soil I ordered out to the patio.

Ivy has had the best time with one of the boxes I didn’t throw away. She tosses her mouse up into the air and sometimes it will land in the box. If it doesn’t she jumps into the box with it in her mouth and then plays with it.

I may keep another one for her because she entertains herself endlessly playing in them.

I thought to myself: Ivy came to live here October 2018 and has only been out once to go to the vet for yearly shots. She manages to keep herself busy and content.

So I should be able to do the same as we’re in lock down in our homes. It takes planning for sure. Making sure that you order what you need before you actually need it, etc.

I was reading yesterday that now that the world has gone online, the world may not want to go back.

Certainly more people in offices could work from home if need be after this virus thing has run its course.

They would be there when their children come home from school by working at home. And the offices they once worked in could save on energy for heating and airing those big buildings.

It just makes sense in a way really. For companies and for families.

I work from home and love it. But I’m an introvert and don’t like being around people much.

It would be a change for a lot of people, as they are discovering right now.

Cars would not be taking so many people to work, so that would help in terms of gas usage for the environment.

Working from home would reduce the number of vehicles on the road and reduces the pollution and emissions that are being released.

Did you know that the way a car is maintained will significantly impact how it affects the environment? Which is why you should make sure your car receives routine maintenance.

My two potted trees are looking good. The Japanese maple was ahead of the ginkgo biloba/butterfly tree in terms of the leaves emerging.

I just love this time of year when spring sets in and plants wake up from their winter sleep. And I’m so thankful I have my patio space where I can get outside and enjoy the plants and birds.

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  1. With the second set of caddies, is there a lip around the edge? I have a huge plant on a caddy now but when we try to roll it, we’re always afraid the plant will fall off. Thanks.

  2. I have the first plant dolly pictured – I got them from Tuesday Morning quite a few years ago and they were orange, which might be why Tuesday Morning had them. I spray painted them a darker color and put them under some very large concrete urns/planters and they have been a life saver. I use garbage cans for my potting soil and have a plant dolly under the galvanized one so I can move it. They are wonderful. It looks like you found some good ones. I’ll have to check them out. Thanks!

  3. I hope we don’t become an online society . I enjoy getting out especially to small decor and quilt shops. I know it’s easier but I want to see it in person.

  4. My hubby keeps our Costco card in part due to getting our gas there. They have always had the best quality gas…which makes for much easier stress on the engine, thus less repairs and less environmental too I am sure. You CANNOT save pennies on gas and expect not to pay much more in repairs…we have friends who had a car very similar to ours…they would drive miles to save a penny per gallon on gas…and got bad gas too…and thus way more repairs than our car. In fact, our daughter still uses our old car in NC a good deal of the time…and our friends got rid of theirs and got another many years ago…cars were about same age…
    Ivy is quite the character…we have friends with a bunch of cats who told me that there is nothing they like better than sacks or boxes to play in…funny…rather like kids that way!

  5. Brenda, why did you drill holes in your planters from Amazon? Was it a modification you wanted done to them? I am thinking of ordering a couple so wondering if there was more I needed to know about the planters.

  6. Hi Brenda,
    We all need to follow Ivy and find fun inside our homes in the simplest of things. She is too cute with her playing in a box. I love those plant coasters. That will be great for your patio to move your heavy pots around. Glad you can help out your daughter with gardening. I love her galvanized planters. Take care and be safe.

    1. Yes! My son lives right outside LA and while on the phone with him today, he mentioned that. He doesn’t have a car – he walks or bikes where he needs to go, or else takes public transportation.

  7. As I’ve told you, I envy your patio. I finally bit the bullet and went to the laundry room today. I washed and disinfected numerous times. I’m glad that is over. I won’t have to do laundry again for another month. I’m now back in my apartment and won’t leave it for awhile. I would have loved working from home when I had a job. It will be interesting to see how things change. Glad your daughter is helping you. xo Laura

  8. Ivy is so precious. My cats love boxes too, when we get an order I leave the box out until they tire of it. I had some plant coasters and loved them. Over time they broke, I should replace them. Sure saves the back.

  9. I hope we go back to normal soon! I pray we don’t become an on line society!!! We need churches and all types of gatherings…man was not made to be alone. I am alone by choice, but I still have great friends and neighbors!
    If we became totally dependent on the internet, and technology, we would die off in no time, or at least be ripe for take over.

  10. Plant caddies on wheels will make it so much easier for you to move things around as they need throughout the season as the sun moves across the sky and some plants need more sun than others. Nothing but rain rain rain here, last night we had a thunderstorm rumble through. Today it’s showers off and on with strong gusty winds. I would like to be outside continuing yard clean-up – there is SO much that needs to be raked and then raked again. But not my kind of weather to be outside trying to work. I’ve been looking at countertop refinishing kits online and thinking its time to finally tackle my kitchen. I have lovely new tile for a backsplash to put up – I’ve had it for at least 3 years now, just sitting in boxes in the garage waiting. Geez. But I don’t want a glossy finish countertop, I prefer a more matte look, thinking it will show less imperfections and the unavoidable scratches and dings that will occur with use once the countertops are in use again. I can’t find anything with a matte finish. It is times like this that I mourn not being able to drive. I could just go to one of the big box stores and shop around, and buy the things I need right away rather than ordering online, hoping it’s the right thing, paying shipping and waiting. The end result is endless stalling and nothing gets done. I wish I could afford to hire a contractor but now I’d rather not have anyone out at the house. All I can do is laugh at myself. I have a check I need to deposit into one of my 2 checking accounts. Both of the branches of those banks nearest my house closed down because they didn’t have glassed in areas to protect the tellers. One branch inside my supermarket is totally closed down now, I don’t even know if the Tyme machine works and I’ve no idea how to deposit a check in a Tyme machine. Other branch (a quick bus ride away) has only its drive through windows open. How do I use a drive through with no car and avoid getting run over??? Argggghhhhhh. Is it too early to have a glass of wine…

    1. That’s a real problem, no car and can’t go through drive-thrus. Surely that will addressed. Aren’t there ways to deposit checks online? I will look into it. You might look at GianiGranite. I used one of their kits before this one and it was more of a matte finish. You just order them.

    2. My son takes a photo of the checks and sends it to the bank to be deposited electronically.. I’ve never done it, but call your bank and ask

    3. Yes if you have online banking set up you can just take a photo of your check. They walk you they it. I’ve used it several times. But the camera can be fussy so you might need more light!

  11. Pinned the picture of Ivy…should have a separate board for your furbabies. The plant caddies are brilliant…will help you tremendously. I am amazed at how many bloggers and Instagram folks say that they are introverts. Thought I was part of a small percentage.

    1. Also love to work from home. Wish I can always work from home.
      Save petrol, time and lots of other things.

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