1. I love all the things that you did especially the clear jars .I love old lace used in crafts it is very beautiful .Does Charlie sleep while you craft or does he stay awake and watch you ?
    Glad your eyes are great and Sweet Charlie is doing well.
    Hugs to you both ,keep up the great work ,you inspire us all !!!

  2. GREAT ideas, Brenda. I need to get my craft area “organized”, too. After just moving, things are helter/skelter around here. I know where things are (basically) but really need to take my organization a bit further. xo Diana

  3. Brenda you know what is so awesome. You already had all those storage baskets and jars.

  4. I have my own “craft room” but if I had to craft on my dining room table, I would do you what you do… use a rolling cart with my things in baskets and jars. In my craft room, I have shelves on two of the walls, plus two shelves above my computer table (laptop and printer on it). These two shelves hold most of my fabrics so I can see what I have. My shelves hold baskets of more smaller bits of fabric and my unfinished craft projects (put in quart or gallon baggies and labeled so I can see what they are), also plastic cases for my 12×12 scrapbook papers. My craft work area is a long padded board set on top of two low sets of file cabinets with plastic pull-out drawers. I love this set up as the drawers can hold my sewing and craft things (in baskets of course!). I sit under a window, so use part of the windowsill for my paper punches, and I put a thin shelve under the window that is about 6 feet long that holds all of the things I want easy access to, like my glues, small stamps, little boxes and jars of buttons and gems, charms and cut-outs and a basket of tags that I use in my mini books that I make. I also have about 3 jars full of my tools that are right at my fingertips. Sliding drawers on each side hold my pads of papers and I have a “design/idea” wall in front of my laptop where I can put my ideas and photos of things I love. I have WAY too much “stuff” and do want to downsize quite abit, but my craft room is my happy place and I love it! Your small area looks wonderful. I used to have a desk/craft spot in my living room too… a big computer desk…. and it held just about everything, with a tub of fabric that sat on the floor beside it. Whatever space we have, even if small, can work fine if we have some shelves above it! Take care… your spot looks wonderful! Marilyn

  5. I love your green cart and all of your supplies beautifully organized. It looks like it belongs in a showroom.
    I am not crafty, but I do have all of my baking things organized.

    1. You’re a wonderful baker, so I can see you having an organized baking station.

  6. The cart is sweet and I like that the color even matches your cabinet. What a clever way to store your craft items; so much better than stuck in a closet!

  7. Hi Brenda, I have been reading your Blog for some time now, but first time writing. Love all of your ideas and I look forward each day to read your next Blog and see what new idea you come up with. Love the Craft Cart idea and I will be on the lookout for a cart to start my own. I am trying to size down and I have a long way to go.
    Also love your stories about “Charlie”. He is so cute. My baby is “Hayley” She is a Cocker Spaniel, I adopted last year and she is 8 years old.
    Please keep all the wonderful ideas coming.

    1. Good for you for adopting an older dog. I adopted Pepper years ago when he was 7 and had him until he was 13. I loved that dog so much. He was a real sweetheart.

    1. I get tired of going back and forth digging for things. Now I can just roll my cart up and I’m good to go!

  8. You always make me feel enlighten on ways to store all my craft materials. I have so many different things that I dample in. Some times it’s overwhelming. Thanks for all your wonderful ideas!

    1. You’re very welcome. I love to use vintage storage because I can leave it out and it looks pretty.

  9. I’m in the middle of organizing my studio and am giving away so much stuff. I will still have a lot, but at least it will be the things I really want. Clearing out and giving away really makes me feel better.

    1. It always makes me feel better too. I feel “accomplished” when I get things purged and organized. Otherwise I don’t even know what I have!

  10. Great ideas for storage of craft supplies and I love that green cart (pretty and functional and it ROLLS).

  11. Your storage ideas are very helpful, Brenda. I do have buttons stored in glass jars, but for some reason never thought about putting things like ribbons or embroidery floss into jars. They look so pretty stored that way. That cart looks so useful and decorative at the same time. I can’t wait to see something you create at your new work area.

    1. Every day I’ve thought of starting a project, then something comes up and I turn around and it’s the end of the day!

  12. I love that little green cart; so handy to move around where you need it. The only crafts I do and I don’t know that it is considered “crafty” is I do needlepoint/cross stitch Christmas stockings and I keep all of those kits in a huge wicker basket behind my bedroom recliner. That way, when I complete one, I simply grab the next kit and begin again.
    How’s Charlie? How’s your eye?

    Carol and Molly

    1. Just got back from getting my left eye checked. All looks good! Yes, what you’re doing is crafts. I like your idea of the picnic baskets. I have two and have been contemplating getting them out and putting craft supplies in them too. That green cart (that I painted) is a vintage cart I got while living in Texas from a store that was closing.

  13. Looks nice Brenda! You have it put together so nice, that even if the cart was in your living room. It would be cute. I love to use things like that for storage too. Especially the clear jars, so easy to see what is in them. I have some things in baskets higher up on a shelf in my sewing room. So, I took some of those cream colored tags with the strings on them. Wrote what was in the basket and have it hanging on the front. Then I know which basket I need to get down. I don’t have a large sewing room. it is a small bedroom that we converted for me. Have a wonderful day!

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