1. I am glad you are back, my friend. Abi is such a cute detective. Best wishes for improvement
    in your apartment management.

  2. I have never been able to comment either and I read your blog every day! Hmmmm, I wonder if it will work now. Love the pupsters and your flowers! Hope you are feeling better.

    1. I was never able to comment either. Now I can respond . Best wishes on this new venture .

  3. I couldn’t comment either. So I was a silent enjoyed of your blog, Brenda! Lol. I just love reading your daily activities with your pupsters!

  4. I noticed a few comments regarding commenting. A while ago Google brought in the rule that you need to be logged into G+to be able to comment which many complained about because they were losing readers. One advantage of being on WordPress

  5. Brenda,
    Happy 2018! Your blog looks great and I look forward to a year full of following.
    All the best,
    Karen Marie

  6. May I ask if you had help with the transition from blogger to WP? I have been contemplating a move but frankly it seems like such a pain in the butt and I have 4 blogs. If you would not mind sharing I would love to know who helped with the transition.

  7. While you were down I had a notification of broken links on my site. Over 35 which were all yours due to the transition. I didn’t unlink them as I knew you were only down temporarily.

    I figured you were going to something else other than WP like squarespace. I’m on WP and still have http but I’m not sure if it matters since I don’t advertise. I’ll try to find out but I hope not. Not very interested in investing any money into it right now.

    I love your header, but I really like all the designs you’ve used over the years and it is great that you change things up every now and then.

    The spam commenter above has been on so many blogs lately! Please consider adding akisnet. It will help tremendously!

    1. I couldn’t go to Squarespace because they didn’t have the changes, just like Blogger.

    2. Forgot to say, the designer said she would fix the broken links as soon as everything was transferred. Might be a week or so.

  8. Glad you are back. Hope the changes at your apartment complex are all good changes for you and the other tenants as well.

  9. Welcome back, We would gladly wait for you to get back up and running. Looks good so far, but I will be happy when you get everything back on as I like to review your old posts on occasion, especially the ones where you redecorate LOL!

    1. The designer said to tell you if you click on the title of a post, the photos will come up. It will just take awhile to get them on every post.

  10. Brenda, looks good so far. Nice to have you back! Hope the rest goes fine.

    That Abi! My dog does the same thing. He like even the used tissues! Or napkins. If I leave one on the table and he sees it he’ll take it and rip it up. Can’t figure out what the draw is. Who can fathom the mind of a dog anyway!

    1. I don’t know what it is. A Kleenex or paper towel seems so boring.

  11. Nice to have you back on line and posting. Even though you were only down for a short bit, your posts were missed.

    1. Now if we can just get all the comments and photos transferred.

  12. Hi Brenda! Love your pretty header, and your blog looks great! I can access to post a comment, too. Once in awhile the old comment box would flash on, but then disappear. Might be my old, slow computer, tho, so hope this goes through. Your blog is one of my favorites, and I look forward to reading your posts everyday. And I must say, your photography is incredible. Some of the photos you’ve shared of leaves and grasses, etc., with a bit of sun on them, have been breathtaking. Hope all goes well with the rest of the transferring! Bess

  13. I have wanted to comment to let you know how much I love reading your blog every day, but I was never able to. Now it seems I can comment. Yeah! I love your cozy home and your pupsters! I enjoy your posts so much!

  14. LOL, I have never understood the glee of dogs demolishing the ‘plague’ tissues, that’s too funny. Um, good luck on the 15,000 photos, lol. I know I have to use flickr for some photos where I post on a sharing site, which means, I must transfer my photos to a file on my comp—desktop in order to file it to flickr, to change, and then to then post on that sharing site. Seriously drives me nuts. Um, so much for Change…only sure thing is it will change again. Happy New Year!

    1. Charlie never touches the Kleenex or paper towels. Sometimes Abi won’t bother them. But when she’s in the mood, she shreds them into tiny bits.

  15. Uhoh, I don’t get WordPress blogs on Bloglovin and your blog is one of my favorites. Now I have to read an email which is not as easy to read.any suggestions?

    If other readers use bloglovin you may have lost lots of readers.

    1. I know what you mean about trying to read an email. Too tiny. This is what I do. I open the email and then click on the title of Brenda’s new post. This opens it in an easier to read format.

    2. I’m looking into the Bloglovin’ thing right now. I will get it straightened out.

  16. Brenda… I love the new heading art. It makes my heart happy and anxious to read all your posts!

    1. The designer took days to make that heading. Close to a week, because I kept wanting to add this and that to it!

  17. Like the new header on your blog. Good luck with learning to navigate word press. I know you will get in the swing of it quickly. Glad you are back up and able to post.

    1. And I’m SO behind on reading blogs too! I’m excited to see what you’re doing at your new-to-you home.

  18. Brenda, today in Texas it is Thursday, Jan. 4th, at 1:36 PM, so these other comments cannot have been made around 6:30 PM on Jan. 4th….
    I noticed that when you were transitioning and we could only read your message about that but not leave comments, you were a day off and saying it was Wednesday when it was only Tuesday., so I guess you have your blog time still a day off. Otherwise, the comments section today would not have the date as Jan. 4th in the evening and I suspect you need to change your date for today.
    Am I making any sense?

    1. Yes, thanks for pointing that out! I’ll go back to the Dashboard. So many confusing things to do!

  19. Looking good so far, Brenda! I really wish I had time to read that many books, I would love to get through them at the speed I used to when I was a kid! Alas, my eyes get tired and my schedule is far too busy. I’m lucky if I finish one a week now!

    1. Sometimes it’s that way for me. But with the blog transfer, I had a bit more time while I was waiting.

  20. Happy New Year Brenda! So glad to see you back up and running, the new site looks great!

  21. Hi Brenda! I have been reading your blog for awhile and love it. Glad to have you back!

    1. So good to be back! Still figuring things out, but glad to be back.

  22. Your blog looks great! I’m happy for the change, because I can start commenting again. The google comment connection stopped letting me comment a few months ago. Stay warm! 😉

    1. Great! I never could get that figured out. I think it was a Blogger thing.

  23. I think it will be wonderful. my website ‘peanut on the table’ was on word press.
    I lost all the pictures on the posts one time. and it was those that I most enjoyed!
    ah well. as you say … we must roll with the punches!
    it’s looking good! fresh starts are fun. and oh that funny little Abi! 😀

    1. I lost four years last time. But it wasn’t the fault of WordPress; it was Godaddy not getting the switch right. I had someone do the switch for me this time, who knew more of what she was doing.

  24. It looks good so far! If you don’t mind me asking, what made you decide to switch over to WordPress after being on Blogger for so long? Happy New Year to you!

    1. Hey Shelley, the reason I switched to WP was due to Blogger not having https, which is what is needed now. If you have a domain and you’re on Blogger, you can’t get that. Just blogspot blogs. Also, my ad network said the advertisers wanted something called ad.txt in the code. And Blogger doesn’t have that either. So I did it for my income.

  25. There will be a few snags along the way. Please be patient as I figure all this out!

  26. Yay! Happy to see you’re up and running – the blog, that is! Your site looks great.

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