Ivy Returns To Normal & A Possible Project

It is still a bit dark outside. When I wake up it is darker than it was at the same time a month ago. A sure sign the seasons are changing.

Yesterday was actually cold. I even turned on the heat overnight. But I’m pretty sure it never came on.

I guess it’s time to put up the shorts and get out the pants and long sleeves.

Lunch At The Flip House:

I took Kendra lunch for both of us yesterday at the flip house and we talked for a few hours while she painted trim. The chandelier she commissioned an Etsy store artist to make is hung and is absolutely stunning! Can’t wait to show you.

We talked about a project I’m thinking about starting in the living room. The pros and cons of it. The practicality of my being able to see it through. Nothing earth shattering. Just wall changes and possibly paint.

Then later she came over and brought my water fountain inside so it will be protected when it freezes. Remember to unscrew those water hoses!

Ivy Plays Fetch Again:

Ivy is back to her normal self. She decided she’d play fetch again yesterday, which relieved me. I thought her brain somehow forgot. I’m a pet mom who worries.

But no, she either wanted to punish me for changing her food bowl and litter box. Or she just didn’t feel like playing fetch.

Oh my, this cat can really pose when sleeping.

I still am perplexed that cats can keep the white of their fur so clean. Because they never get baths. At least Ivy doesn’t. I can just imagine my trying to hold her down to bathe her. I can barely pick her up.

I guess she’s good at cleaning herself. She has never thrown up a fur ball.

And Charlie…

When I leave Charlie he gets upset of course. So I make sure I’m never gone more than 2 hours max.

But mom just needs to get out sometimes. Then I come home and sit in my chair and he nestles up against me.

He likes to be snug between me and the chair and then he’s content.



  1. Spending time with your daughter while she works most likely makes the time go by faster for her. I’m sure it’s a welcome change from her doing work in silence. And there’s always good to come with mother-daughter bonding…. I wish my mom lived closer to me so we could chat like you and your daughter can. Lovely!

  2. Glad Ivy is back to her old self again.
    Can’t wait to see Kendra’s new flip house photos and your new project too; just love to see and learn from other people’s creativity.
    It’s feeling like Autumn already down in Miami, as well.

  3. It certainly sounds like Kendra inherited her mother’s creative flair! I look forward to seeing a picture of the completed chandelier! As for Ivy, cats can be so dramatic. They certainly keep us on our toes. We had a cath with long white fur and patches patches of grey fur. I was always amazed at how white his fur remained too. Then one day he was able to sneak out the door when I opened it in early on the morning of December 31st when I was retrieving our morning newspaper. It was a Sunday and not much later, the family headed off to church. When we returned at lunchtime, my husband too my 2 oldest children (aged 5 and 6) to an event where children could build their own bird feeders. I stayed home to look after the baby. After I put her down for her nap, I realized I hadn’t seen the cat in a while and went looking. My heart fell after I’d searched every square inch of the place! As soon as my husband and kids got back we went searching but to no avail. I could hear the neighborhood celebrating at midnight but all I could do was cry because Muffin was an INDOOR cat and not at all accustomed to the -35°F temperature. (Winter in Canada. ) The next morning we found him and brought him home. Guess what? Muffin was the dirtiest cat I’d ever seen. His white fur was all grey and dirty! Out in the cold he was more concerned with keeping warm than staying groomed. I still get emotional when I think if that New Year’s Eve.

  4. I love reading about you & Ivy!
    I’m getting a 3.5 month old kitten this week. I keep wondering if I’ll regret this………

  5. My littlest dog runs to the door always wanting to go with me too but I am not gone too long either. Then it becomes snuggle time after I return home so he’s not ignored for long. So you are doing all the right things for Charlie.

  6. Still 100 here in Lake Havasu. We were in the pool yesterday afternoon and the water temp was close to 90 and it’s not heated. Expecting slightly cooler temps this week and then supposed to be in the 80’s next week. Woo – hoo!

  7. It’s cold here in IL. Only 37 when I got up this morning. Didn’t get out of the 40’s yesterday and won’t today either. But yet Thursday will be 75. Our weather is so extreme here. We’re in the late fall season of lots of rain, too. They’re calling for rain on and off every single day in the extended forecast.

    Can’t wait to see pictures of the new flip house. And see what you’re up to in your living room.

    Both my cats have a lot of white fur…they’re white and black. And both their white fur sections are bright white, too. Cats don’t need baths unless they get sprayed by a skunk or have fleas. They are self-cleaning. 😉 Even though my kitties are now 10 & 12, both of them have shiny, smooth, very silky fur. The vet techs always comment how beautiful their fur is. I think it’s a combo of brushing them on a regular basis (I use a Furminator brush) and feeding them a healthy diet.

  8. IT is so nice that you are able to spend time with your daughter while she works, a nice break for the both of you.

    As for your two cuties, it is always nice to see them looking so happy.

    Have a wonderful day Brenda.

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