1. All of the recipes look especially delicious today, especially the carrot cake. I must be hungry. I’ve seen some pictures of ALL white rooms and I agree with Jan, while I like white rooms they do need SOME color. I think color adds warmth to a room, even if it’s wood tones.

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  3. Brenda, happy New Year!
    It’s not snowing here(sadly) but it has been a little chilly and rainy.
    All of these rooms look comfy and cozy, perfect for a tin or snow day.
    As do the recipes!
    I hope that you have a wonderful weekend Brenda, stay warm.

  4. Can’t get over how blank my home looks after the Christmas decorations were taken down and put away.

  5. Hi Brenda,

    We’re having homemade soup tonight that was already in the freezer. Probably Monday or Tuesday I will make my variation of Potsticker Soup. By my variation, I mean I will be substituting a few ingredients for ones we like. I’m looking forward to it already! Thank you for your time and effort spent finding these tidbits for us.

  6. Enjoyed this post. Enjoyed The Inspired Room’s remodel. It turned out really lovely. And Shiplap and Shells is always fun. Such a cute home.

  7. I like the first room shown (Lantern Lane Designs) because it’s not just stark white, which in wintry and cold Wisconsin just makes me shiver when I see some of those rooms, it has other colors and textures in it. I especially like the arrangement on the mantel and the brown plush covered ottomans flanking the fireplace. “Styling” shelves – ugh! I still do not like the use of the word “styling” to describe the old fashioned “arranging items” or “putzing around with stuff on my shelves” to be pretty to the eye. Regardless, I pretty much ignore the latest “trends” and do my home up to please me, not “influencers,” and I don’t give a hoot if nobody else likes it – they don’t live here, I do. I will definitely have a fire going later, right now I’ve got a space heater on that looks like a mini fireplace aimed at my feet and legs while I type away in the dining “room.” This area gives me a great view of my back yard and all my critters, who have been eating me out of house and home for the past 6 weeks. I’m going through 25 pounds of almonds every 10 days, and that’s with some “rationing.” It is snowing, we may get an inch or two. Today is the Feast of the Three Kings (not celebrated much in the US) and I’ll begin the process of taking the ornaments off the Christmas tree and start gathering the Christmas decor to go back in storage. It’s not a favorite chore but has to be done at some point, sigh. It’s hard for me to let go of the holidays.

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