I’ve accepted that my Ivy is never going to be a delicate and graceful female kitty. In other words, don’t look for Ivy to don a tutu and become a ballerina.

Ivy is high energy and full speed ahead. I’ve never had a cat quite like Ivy.

Yesterday, one of two things happened that had my heart beating fast.

Ivy on cat tree

Ivy Antics:

First, she jumped up on my rolling desk chair, dug her claws into the upper part, and sent it wheeling at fast speed across the floor. Ivy went along for the ride, headed straight for my glass coffee table.

Nothing was broken, thank goodness. Ivy seems to delight in these acrobatic sprees of hers. While it makes me a nervous wreck.

Then, shortly thereafter, another near calamitous event occurred.

I have moved that darned cat tree all over this apartment trying to find a place that it will be safe. I had placed it against the wall leading into the hallway thinking she wouldn’t knock it over there.

A Loud Crash:

Ivy and the cat tree went crashing to the floor and nearly took down the Christmas tree too. I jumped up and settled the tree. Ivy took off like a rocket.

She hid behind the living room chair for a few minutes, then she disappeared.

Ivy tends to retreat into her kitty carrier. I leave it in the corner of the living room for her,  because that’s where she goes when she is scared and wants to be left alone.

She stayed in that thing for the remainder of the day. Though I called her and called her, she would not come out of it.

Until, of course, when it was time to remind me about supper time.

Ivy in the living room

Ivy The Acrobat:

Okay, I told myself, I have this high energy cat. Ivy doesn’t just climb on things, she hurls herself through the air at them. This kitty can’t go outside, so she needs adequate indoor stimulation.

So I began to look online for the best and sturdiest cat trees.

Still what I found were these tall convoluted cat trees that, while they looked fun and had lots of levels and toys, I knew Ivy would manage to knock them over due to the height and the materials they were made of.

I looked all afternoon into last night. Finally I Googled something like sturdy cat trees for large cats. Ivy may not end up being a large cat, but it really doesn’t matter when she approaches things like a football player on defense.

I finally settled on this one, which happened to be at Wayfair. I really wanted to order from Chewys because they deliver fast and I really like them, but I couldn’t find one this substantial there.

If I think it needs to be higher, I can put it on a piece of furniture.

cat tree I ordered

New Cat Condos Company:

This is from the company New Cat Condos. It is made of wood, which most of the ones I looked at were not.

I just went to the New Cat Condos company website, and saw that it was cheaper there: $89.99. So I called Wayfair to cancel my order, as I was paying a bit more.

In the middle of cancelling that order, the price at Wayfair went down to $89.99, so I stayed with Wayfair. Of course I had to pay the taxes on top of that but got free shipping.

I didn’t want to spend this much money, but so many times in my life I have settled for the cheaper priced version of things and then ended up regretting it. Plus these cat trees aren’t cheap, but they are often made cheaply.

So Ivy Lou, this is your Christmas present and mine combined.

From Their Website:cat tree I ordered

Wood Cat Furniture

We use solid wood in all of our products. This ensures that the products will be extremely sturdy and hold up well to years of cat use. A lot of time goes into hand cutting every piece of wood and assembling it in the proper order. This solid wood construction is the key foundation to a quality cat condo.

Sisal Rope

New Cat Condos uses quality natural, unoiled sisal rope that contains no toxic materials. Many manufacturers use sisal rope that is oiled. Oiled sisal rope is not friendly for your cats, and can even be toxic to them.

Using a special machine we make sure that all of our sisal rope posts are tightly wrapped and will hold up to cat scratching. 

We do not provide a cheap quality rope or a very thin rope that you will see on competitors products.  We have been using the same high quality rope and SIZE for 35 years.


Ivy asleep on the couch

Looking at this photo, I doubt that Ivy will ever be a modest girl. And while she may never be a graceful ballerina, I think we can safely call her an acrobat.

So, after spending yesterday afternoon and evening reading about cat trees, reading reviews and finding out everything I could about them, I’m hoping this one will be sturdy enough for Ivy.

It is 32” H x 20” W x 20” D. And it weighs 48 pounds.

Even better, it comes already put together. So I won’t have to do that, which my aching hands will thank me for. It won’t be delivered until almost Christmas, but I think I made the right choice.

Well, I’m meeting my daughter for lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant, so I’ve got to get ready. If you’re looking for a cat tree, you might look at this company.

Oh, I also wanted you to know that I’ve fixed the window cords where Ivy can’t reach them at all.

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  1. Maybe you could enter Ivy in America’s Got Talent as the first acrobatic cat on their show. Just put her cat tree onstage and let her at it!

  2. My rescue kitties, when they had a cat tree did the same thing. They hurled themselves at it and knocked it over! It was tall and thin. It had a little round enclosed “nest” in the bottom they could sleep in, but they never did. So……….. we put a round (very heavy) weight in the bottom, from my husband’s weight bench weight set, and it worked great! They never again did knock it over (or were able to). It probably weighed 20 lbs. You could put a weight (or brick or big rock) on the bottom of this new cat tree to hold it in place, or like someone else said, screw it to the floor! But a weight works very good. You would probably only find a weight bench weight at a thrift store.. I don’t know if stores sell a set of weights or one weight. Something heavy on the bottom really works!

  3. Oh how your words brighten my days, Brenda. I hope little Charlie is doing better. ‘Herself’ makes me laugh! Her antics are so entertaining. Ivy’s cheesecake photos are adorable. Yes, she is a free spirit. I, too, have spent hours searching the web for ‘big cat’ trees after my very strong Oliver broke the top level off of two cat trees. They were the tall PetCo non-wood type. I then bought a wood one PetCo started selling. Much better. He is strong & athletic. Oliver sits on his haunches and puts one front paw above the other to pull open a heavy pocket door in my home. He sleeps belly up like Ivy Lou…blissfully secure…and precious.

  4. Goodness, life with Ivy is certainly not boring! She is quite the character. I know she must keep you not only entertained but on your toes. I am sure Charlie must be mesmerized watching her unleash her energy. Looks like a fabulous Christmas gift for Ivy.

    Take care, stay warm and have a wonderful afternoon/evening. It is almost dusk here and time to turn the Christmas tree lights on. Like you, I love to sit and look at the lights. Seems to soften life just a bit!

  5. Another suggestion would be to zip tie the old cat tree to the new one and she can still have the height she likes. It would also give it more stability.

  6. Ivy sure is high energy! Funny but quite exhausting. My last cat, Ruby, was like that when she was young and a friend suggested getting a little laser pointer/pen. Basically, when you press the pen it gives out a little red dot and you can point wherever you want. When Ruby spotted the dot moving around she thought it was a great game and would chase the dot across the carpet back and forth and up and down the hallway while I put my feet up with a welcome coffee, and enjoyed the in-house entertainment. Before long Ruby would be tired and would stretch out and in moments be sound asleep. They are cheap to buy and available on Ebay with free shipping. Just search laser pens.

  7. OH MY My what next Miss Ivy Lou she is à mess and a half ,I think you both may need on Prozac very soon. !
    I had a cat like her once and I had to go on Prozac so that is why I suggested it !
    It mellows you out !
    Hope your lunch is great and you come home to an intact Christmas tree !

  8. what a dear little cat person she is! it’s as if she knew instinctively that you and sweet Charlie Ross needed her antics to make you both happy again. she may wear you both out! but at the same time you can’t help but be fascinated by her and enjoy her. I LOVE the way she sleeps! she is a totally free spirit. she sleeps as innocently and as comically as she plays!
    I think you chose so well. I hope the tree gives you both much joy! have a wonderful weekend you three. cozy winter weather is coming our way!
    I love the way you write always. whether your heart is breaking or whether your little family makes us all laugh. it’s magical. and just so needed these days! thank you dearest bean. xo

  9. You had me at “Ivy Will Never Be A Ballerina”. I started laughing before I even started to read..then I laughed out loud, when I pictured her on the office chair, going full speed across the room. High energy for sure….. But no laughing when she tipped over her cat tree. That had to be scary for you “Both”. Can’t wait to see the pictures of Ivy when the new adorable cat house comes. She will fall in love with it for sure. Hope Charlie is well today, and wishing you a fun and tasty lunch with your daughter. Hugs from WI

  10. The cat condo looks really sturdy. I think Ivy will love it. I’d call her a gymnast! She does balance beam, floor exercise, bars and vault without missing a beat. She is such a cutie. When Annie gets scared she hides and it make take her all day to come out. Enjoy your lunch with your daughter.

  11. I’ve never bought a cat tree in a box, I had always bought them at Petsmart fully assembled. I got my recent one there ~ it’s tall like my others were, & none of my cats have ever knocked them over. But it’s not spread out wide at the base like yours is. It looks awesome! I learned after my 1st one 20 plus years ago that a sisal wrapped post or ramp is critical or they WILL use the carpet to strop their claws & shred it quickly.

  12. As the phrase goes in the south, little ole Ivy will be living in “high cotton” with that gorgeous cat condo. It looks sturdy enough for her high wire act!! I wonder how much weight you’ve lost chasing her! Your very own diet plan!

    She’s a real pistol and great entertainment for you, Charlie, and all of us!

  13. That cat tree looks sturdier. You will find out when Ivy climbs up on the roof of it cuz you know she will Brenda. She’s a daredevil! ?
    She’s also making sure you get your exercise too and Charlie!

    My dog follows me around til he gets tired cuz I ware him out. I don’t sit very long cuz there’s always something to do and accomplish! ?

    I hope you had a great time eating out with your daughter!

  14. I can sympathize with you and your experiences with Ivy. I am having similar issues with my new dog Lily. She is the total opposite to my last dog Romeo. She is now 10 months old and she is a whirlwind of energy. She wants to play all the time, does not know how to relax, and climbs up all the furniture like a cat. She gets into the toilet paper and strings it all over the house. Unbelievable! She wants to go outside every two hours to pee, and it is a long walk down the hallway to the elevator (I live on the 3rd floor.) She thinks everyone she sees is her friend and wants to go greet them, even if they are someone on the next block. Everything distracts her attention and she gives me a big run for my money.

  15. Brenda, till the other comes in, why not have your maintenance man screw a square of plywood a few inches larger all the way around, to the bottom of the cat tree. It will not topple over that way.

  16. My cat was given a very tall cat tree (72”) I installed only level 1 & 2, making it 40” tall and much more stable on its base. Maybe you can take off top level of her current tree?

  17. Life with Ivy will never be dull, that’s for certain! THat cat tree looks like a great option – hopefully it will be heavy and sturdy enough that even that crazy kitty cat Ivy can’t knock it over! She must have gotten an awful fright to stay in her carrier all day, poor little thing.

  18. That cat condo looks nice and sturdy which is what you need with Ivy Lou; she is a bundle of excess energy. Those cat condos can be quite pricey, so I think you got a bargain with Wayfair. I hope you, Ivy Lou and Charlie have a great afternoon and I hope you have a lovely lunch with your daughter. Enjoy your weekend!

    Carol and Molly

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