Charlie and I headed to his acupuncture appointment and got there at 7:30. I thought we’d be alone in the building at that time. But others quickly started coming in. At least by that then we were in a room.

She treated him today for his back and lungs. I gave him a Trazadone pill last night and again this morning. Still he shook and knocked a bunch of the needles out. I don’t think I gave it to him in time for him to feel that much less anxious.

The acupuncture vet said she’s going through the same thing with her dog and just started it on Trazadone too.

We did get more sleep last night, thank goodness. I don’t think he’s wanting to go out to go to the bathroom. I think he’s just got his days and nights confused.

Yesterday I explained to the vet what he was doing and if he’d thought it was related to his kidneys, he would have run more tests because Charlie tends to get urinary tract infections.

But last week all his blood work came back normal. And the vet said his heart and his lungs sounded fine too.

I’m hoping the Trazadone will help with his restlessness.

This morning I had to call Nathan to come open the door to the air conditioning unit because the filter light was blinking. The door is real troublesome due to the hardware put between the door and the outside of the door.

This latch was put on by the company that came to put in insulation. I don’t know why they put that crazy latch on the outside.

Sometimes I can get it open myself. And sometimes I can’t. If I can, and the door to the maintenance shed is unlocked, I’ll just go in there and get a new filter myself. But this time I couldn’t open it.

So Nathan came and got the door opened and changed the filter. Then he was standing in the living room telling me how a big tree limb fell on his vegetable/flower garden he has in front of his apartment.

It busted his favorite terra cotta pot that I gave him and some of his plants.

Anyway about that time we hear all this rustling. I said: “Ivy didn’t get inside that door did she?”

So he goes over and Ivy is pushing on the other side of the door making it harder for him to get it open. She was completely panicked and it’s a very small space. He gets it open and she comes flying out and ran straight behind my chair.

Poor Ivy. She can’t help herself. She’s what I call a “nosy noodle.” But she has to check out everything and gets herself shut up inside places and closets. Currently I just leave the closet doors open so I don’t have to worry about it.

Last night I came through the living room and Charlie followed me and he saw Ivy laying in my recliner. He went over and got on his hind legs and reached out to her. So I put him up there with her.

He didn’t want to stay, but I thought it was a touching moment.

Thank you for all your well wishes and concern about Charlie yesterday. Meant a lot to me.

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  1. Poor Charlies, bless his heart! I do hope he gets better and that the acupuncture gives him some relief! LOL @ IVY…she shouldn’t be so nosy, but that is the nature of a cat…LOL Love and hugs!

  2. Something you might try in the evening for Charlie to help with restlessness is something called Quiet Moments. I believe it is an all natural calming supplement. My Edie Rufus suffered from seizures, and the aftermath of those was always moderate pacing and inability to settle. I starting giving it to her every evening about 7 pm (seizure or not) and really noticed a difference in her behaviour. It might be something that could be given with the RX you got from the vet, you could ask?
    After 2 years of bravely dealing with the seizures(Edie and I both!) we said goodbye to her on May 10. She was 13, and I miss her so terribly. I had been away from reading blogs for a good bit; but my evenings are empty and I caught up on your blog, realizing that you had lost Abi on May 10 a year ago! Your posts on pets and grief gave me comfort, so thank you.
    Prayers as you care for and love your Charlie.

  3. it is good news that Charlie’s heart and lungs are okay. I know the panic when you think a pet is sick, its horrible, usually I just can’t eat until things are resolved.
    I don’t comment much Brenda but I usually read everyone of your posts. I think about you often and send good thoughts your way.

  4. I’m glad you found Ivy so quickly. Cats are bad to explore and get locked up in closets, bathrooms and under houses. I hope the acupuncture helps Charlie. Don’t tell Ivy but he’s my favorite. Felt guilty even typing that but there’s always been something about that sweet boy that tugs at my heart strings. Maybe it’s his shy ways or maybe it’s his teddy bear face. I hope you get another good night of rest so you have the strength to care for yourself and your fu babies too.

  5. Wow. So sweet that Charlie got up on his wee legs to reach out for Ivy. Yes they have bonded beautifully and are obviously good company for each other. I’m glad you both got more sleep with Charlie’s new sedative. Best wishes to all of you.

  6. How sweet that Charlie made a little overature toward Ivy. Maybe they are starting to really bond with each other.

    I’m glad Charlie’s tests were okay. Hope that helps you relax a little about his health.

    That’s amusing about Ivy getting locked in the air conditioner closet. That nosiness can sometimes get you in a pickle, Ivy.

    Sorry about Nathan’s garden. That’s terrible. Wonder what caused the limb to drop. Maybe an old tree.

    Well, it’s hotter than Hades here again. I was outside a bit today and the mosquito population has dipped but I was drenched with sweat a_ter only a little while.

    Hugs to all, ’til tomorrow. Tell Ivy to try to stay outa trouble!

  7. I know you are so anxious about Charlie ~ I am the very same way about our little pup-o. Our little girl would shake with anxiety and sometimes her teeth would chatter. We started her on Prozac and she’s been okay on it, but we haven’t been thrilled with it. She’s had involuntary jerking movements and still seemed stressed at times. A couple weeks ago our vet recommended a probiotic called Calming Care. It’s made by Purina. I can’t believe it’s worked that quickly, but I will say that taking her off Prozac and starting her on Calming Care has resulted in a whole new pup! And she’s 13. She’s frisky and playful and I haven’t noticed any jerking movements and no shaking either. Please consider asking your vet what he thinks…and no, I don’t work for Purina.

  8. Some good news today..Thank goodness. Great to hear Charlies heart and lungs are “GOOD”. Also, fun to hear that Charlie wanted to get up next to Ivy, even for a moment. Little by little, good things happen too. Hugs from HOT Wi, Bonnie

  9. I love hearing about how Charlie and Ivy are bonding. So precious! And I feel so badly about Charlie being so anxious. At least you were with him so he knew you were there for him.

  10. Poor sweet Charlie. They are all so anxious too which makes it harder to take them to vet or someplace. Can you see any results with accupuncture or is it too early? I hope it is doing something. Ivy certainly doesn’t leave you lacking in entertainment.

  11. Yay Charlie,on his health check! ?
    Brenda, try not to worry much bc you are doing everything you can for Charlie! All his vitals are good, so that’s a great sign! ?
    Have a great rest of the week and weekend coming up!

  12. Awww, your sweet babies are bonding! Molly and the Monkey are like twins, inseparable….although sometimes Molly’s energy level and excitement gets on Monkey’s nerves. It’s awfully cute to watch them together, though….one all sleek and muscled and one all fluffy and smiling!

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