When I first moved into this apartment, I hated the kitchen. It was ugly and had old appliances. But now I’m loving the kitchen I’ve created.

I just adore this white orchid. It looks so pretty up against so much black and white. It gets plenty of light from the window.

How My kitchen is working out:

So you may be wondering how things in the kitchen are working out. Splendidly, as a matter of fact! My washer/dryer is fixed. I don’t miss my stove at all. 
What I use is a microwave, a Breville Smart Oven, an electric skillet, my egg maker, and now my crockpot, I have everything I need to cook and to bake most anything I desire.
I love to walk in the kitchen and be greeted by all my colorful bottles I’ve collected over the years.
There wasn’t an adequate place to hang my stained glass. So I put it on the windowsill and leaned it against the window.

I rather like it where it is. The mosaic shows through the bottles, and that makes for such a pretty affect.

Then the sun comes in from the other direction and lights up the colors.

I’m a happy camper in my kitchen now. I’m all ready for you to come on over for a visit and have a cup of coffee. If it’s hot, we’ll stay inside.

If it’s nice outside, we’ll take our beverage outside and sit on the patio. We’ll enjoy the container gardens I’ve been busy planting.

Enjoying my patio:

We can watch the resident cardinal couple cavort about the plants and tables and many perching spots.

The male cardinal sits up in the trees and calls for his less colorful mate. Soon she flies in to meet up with him.
I love that they have made my patio one of their year round homes. I enjoy watching them and love listening to them sing to one another.


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  1. Oh my goodness! Just found your blog and love, love your kitchen. Do you make house calls? Just coming out of a depression period of seven years and you have made my day with your cozy, colorful kitchen. Blessings & Grace to you, Janet

  2. You have created a wonderful nest with all your beautiful and meaningful things. It is you all over! If I came over, we would eventually talk, laugh and visit but you would have to understand that I won't be looking at you, my eyes would be so busy taking in the lovely home and I might be rude and interrupt and say things like, "what's the story about this piece?" or "where did you find this, I love it!" Give me about an hour or two and I would settle down and start paying attention to our conversation!

  3. What can I say that hasn't already been said by all your readers?! I'd plant myself at your butcher block island and bake one pie or cake or muffin or tart after another! The kitchen you've created is lovable!


  4. You should be so proud of your place, it is adorable. I can't believe what you did on the patio! And oh how I wish I could come visit and chat with you and Judy, we'd sit on the patio and sip ice tea, and I could just take in all of your plants, and of course pet and cuddle w/the pupsters!

  5. I love your kitchen too, such great color, interest and you have it functioning like not other. I love all your quilts you showed in your last post. You know what I envy, your wall space, the Charmer has no walls! Windows yes, but no walls. I'd love to hang quilts, and I love how you hung all yours. The two walls in our living area has a buffet in front and the other wall a china hutch cause you know how much I love china! Have a great weekend

  6. I just love it. I know what you mean about the treasures in a Cracker Jack box. So many pretty things to look at. Your bottles and stained glass in the window may just be my favorite!

  7. You have done an amazing job making your space so cozy and personable. What more could one ask for? Everything you love is within reach – including those cute little furballs!

  8. Brenda your kitchen is darling and such an inviting space. The bright colors are so cheerful like the gorgeous cardinal you photographed. What a great framed print he would make!! Would look great in your home too.
    If I ever travel up to Oklahoma, I would love to visit you!!
    Happy Labor Day!

  9. So good to know the washer/dryer issue is resolved. I recently saw pictures of Kitty Bartholomew's house on Hooked on Houses….there are pics of her kitchen one pic reminded me so much of yours!

    1. I found the ICE decal ($14) on Etsy. The shop was in Denton, Texas I believe. I got the chicks on the cupboard from another place in Texas. Cozy Walls, Cozy Wall Decals? Something like that.

  10. You have a beautiful kitchen. I discover something new each time I see you post pictures of your kitchen. Have a wonderful week and a nice Labor Day!

    1. I like the small things almost hidden away that you see when you look closely. Like little treasures in a Cracker Jack box. Do they still make those I wonder?

    1. Me too. I was not going to be happy to have spent $1300 for the appliance, plus all the plumbers costs I had to fork over. But I just try to let that go. Can't go back in time.

  11. Brenda..you are an inspiration to everyone who loves color..I love the mosaic through the bottles too..it would be an honor to come sit with you for coffee..inside or out..both are equally enjoyable..and to see your happy little home in person..to bad that you are half way across the country from me..sigh..

  12. Brenda, you have such a way of making your home just beautiful!!! All of the primary colors are just happy ones. And your plants look quite happy, too. I'd love to share a cup of Jo with you sometime. It will be a bit of a drive for me….



  13. Hi Brenda~How are you this labor day weekend? I sure love your kitchen so cheery and bright and every space decorated so cute…I would love to come sit visit and have some lemonade or coffee with you inside or out..I so love your cozy little place…xoxo Carol

    1. You have to fix it up where you love it. Doesn't have to be expensive. Doesn't have to be granite or stainless steel. In fact I find those materials rather "cold."

  14. Love you kitchen, so homey and warm, but still functional. The arrangement on the washer is so cute. Your kitchen inspired me to do the contact paper thing in my kitchen, I covered the grungy red linoleum with a pretty pale green paisley contact paper. It just brightened and cleaned up the whole space. Thanks for the idea.

  15. I love the color in your home! I seem to never be able to choose a favorite color, or color scheme so I love that you use lots of color and it all goes together! Beautiful Brenda!

  16. I'm so happy that everything is in good working order in your kitchen.. Your orchid is beautiful.. I imagine the moisture, in the air, from the hot water in your sink will be good for it..
    I wish it was so I could visit for a cup of coffee, tea or something cold to drink.. I'd bring a lemon meringue pie for sure..
    I think lamp light is so much nicer than overhead lighting.. I have lamps "dotted" anywhere I can find to put one..
    AND you even have a red bird with wife to enhance your patio.. Wonderful ! Love your candles too. Such atmosphere you've created.
    Enjoy !

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