1. I am love, love, loving how you are decorating your apartment!! You prove that any space can be made cute and homey! Did you make the quilts on the walls?

  2. I've learned to use the red more sparingly, so that it is an accent rather than a bright glare!

  3. Brenda I love your room and all of its colorful accents! The red pieces are my favorites. They really punch up the space! Your pup doesn't hurt either- so cute! πŸ˜‰

  4. Wow always amazed that you move to smaller and smaller homes and make them look fab. I do have to be rude, please don't hate me everyone. I see that your funds are really really tight but I see that on your posts you have picked up this lamp, knickknack and on this post a $40 shower curtain. Now I do understand we all have to treat ourselves but it can be hard after reading some of your worrying about money posts to then going into I bought this cute thing. Maybe it's just me. Do you worry that you have such a popular blog that you have to change things around all the time or replace things with new stuff? Like I said I'm not nasty I'm just curious….

    1. I used money from selling many things I had at the other house to buy those items. I sold a lot of stuff, so that I could have a few things I really, really wanted. And no, I don't feel like I have to keep buying things to make my blog popular. My premise is to budget and buy only things you truly love. Quality over quantity. When you take into account all that I have sold or given away, these are just a few things I needed to customize my new home. If you want to read about bloggers constantly buying things, you should look at the blogs that are much bigger than mine.

    2. I just now inventoried what I have purchased. I did buy the couch, yes. It was $599 and suits my needs much better than the couch and recliner, which were sold. Those pieces would have taken up much more room, and this way the pupsters can sit with me while I work. I bought the gold and white throw/quilt and red and white curtains and shower curtain. Price for all: Around $100. I purchased two new lamps at Target. Price: Around $100. I purchased the little yellow rolling cart. Price: $37. I bought a thin cabinet for storage in my bathroom at the antique mall as well, that I haven't yet shown. Price: $22. My big purchase was of course the washer/dryer: $1300. I saved and saved and sold things in order to buy these things. I pay cash. I don't recall buying anything else, but correct me if I'm wrong. I do not want people to think they have to buy things in order to have a nice home. I simply sold other things to have these things. I did not go off-budget. There are always concessions one must make to downsize and move to a smaller home. They often have to downsize their furniture and replace things. I count the washer/dryer, in my case, as a necessity. I could have gone to an apartment that had space for a regular w/d, but then I wouldn't have had the patio to garden in or for the dogs to run around in. So I made choices. They were not spur of the moment decisions.

  5. I think your new place looks very pretty and comfy!! I love the red checked curtains. I have beige checked ones in my living room and dining room that I made many years ago and still love them. I think Abi looks so adorable. I have 2 Yorkies…one with the wavy hair and one with straight hair. You are so right that the straight hair is easier to trim.

    1. When I cut Abi's hair, there are mounds of it on the floor. When I trim Charlie, not as much. That thick wavy hair has volume!

  6. Your bedroom looks comfy and cozy. When I had my schnauzer Schatzi, I used to clip her myself to save money, also. She also had thick, wiry hair It took several times to get it right, but after much practice you will be cutting her like a pro.

    1. I tell myself Charlie's bald spot will soon be gone. Hope the second time is the charm!

    2. I wish you could come spend about a week with me, Brenda! I sure could use your decorating expertise at my house! I love your style! =)

    3. It's pretty simple. Use what you have. Embellish what won't work so it does work. Improvise. Think outside of the box.

  7. There were 82 comments here and I thought ….why comment when she probably won't read it, but I wanted to say that your little place is absolutely darling. You have such an eye for decorating…..and now gardening. No one can tell you that you can't have something….you just go out and prove them wrong and make it even better.
    I used to clip my terrier. I did it so often…just keeping at it a little at a time, so that it wasn't such a big job for me and not so stressful for the pup. She got so used to me doing it…that she just stood still…knowing that it wouldn't take long. Your dogs are so cute.

    1. I doubt my pupsters are going to be still regardless. They are very willful. I believe you can make any space beautiful. No matter how big it is or what your budget is.

  8. I agree with you–it's all about looking at a space creatively. I like what you've done with your bedroom and living room, and looking forward to seeing the kitchen and bath when it's ready. Your patio garden is wonderful. I've been out working in our garden as well.

    1. Getting a little hot out there now! I don't really plan on planting anything else unless I find some muhly grass till fall.

  9. Your bedroom is so cozy, pretty and so beautifully colorful. You are a color girl like me, You have a great gift of styling. You bedroom looks really a nice size so fit so many wonderful pieces inside. I know I keep saying this but you seem happier, more content in your new home! I hope so, since you deserve it so!

    1. I am happier. This amount of space and patio is manageable for me. I don't like to feel overwhelmed because I just can't get everything done. It's more doable when it's smaller.

  10. Your "Cozy Little House" is just lovely. You inspire me so much! I'm so glad I found your blog. My husband and I have a small house that will be our home when he retires in 2 years, IF all goes according to our plan. We have accumulated so much that will have to go because there won't be that much space. I am getting so many ideas from you about how I can decorate using things that we already have and love. That's the new rule around here… it has to be useful or you have to really love it to keep it! I look forward to seeing more inspiration from you! Thanks for sharing your ideas!

    1. And another rule I have made once I moved in: It has to really be something I LOVE or it has to have a dual purpose to come through the door.

    2. That is a very good rule! I'll add that one to our rules. I've spent way too much time this morning looking through old posts, but I have had the best time! I've found some new blogs to follow from some you've featured. I really must get up from here and be productive, but I'll be back to look some more. From your Pinterest boards I see that we are kindred spirits.

  11. Your bedroom looks so colorful, cozy and comfy. Love the curtains. And your little photo bomber, Abi, looks cute, I think her haircut looks good! Have a terrific weekend!

    1. I've shaped her haircut up a bit since I found out I was using the clippers wrong. Looks a bit better. She has weird wiry fur.

  12. You should be in the business of styling homes…your bedroom is just so cute and comfortable. No wonder Abi is in all the photos!! It seems you have much more space in this bedroom, too. I am loving everything you've done and look forward to the kitchen.


    1. I would have to be in the business of styling "homes for real people." I would not be interested in being in showrooms buying expensive marble or granite or whatever. I'd rather shop the attic or basement and thrift stores so that no place looked like another.

    1. They had some great deals. I understand they're no longer selling the gold and white throw quilt I have in my living room. I got a good deal on that.

  13. Oh my gosh Brenda, it's wonderful! I just adore those cheerful curtains. Such a happy bedroom. Abi Rose looks quite cute with her haircut too πŸ™‚ Still need to run to Kroger to look for your CS issue, they are the only store around here her carries it. I can't wait to see it! xoxo

    1. Well, I can't find the issue. And I've looked around. Someone told me it would probably be the first week of June before we can buy it in the stores. I don't know. Sure would like to see it, even though I don't live there any longer.

    1. The kitchen issue will take awhile. Because there's some labor involved that I will have to do that will take me some time. But there will be a kitchen issue.

  14. Hello Brenda What a lovely bedroom you have created! I love the red check curtains and the yellow quilted bedspread and the whole atmosphere feels cosy, organised and relaxing. The quilt looks lovely above your bed.
    Well done on Abi Rose's haircut! And I love your wonderful planters too πŸ™‚ Everything is coming together beautifully there.
    Happy weekend.
    Helen xox

    1. I wish I could make quilts of your caliber. You make the prettiest things I've ever seen, Helen!

  15. Hi Brenda, You have mastered cozy and inviting. Love your bedroom! So many pretty details to make the space interesting and restful at the same time. Love the quilt behind the bed. Abi looks so cute and her hair cut is adorable. You did a great job. Your container garden is beautiful!
    Have a nice weekend.

    1. I just love to go out there in the evening and cut back basil or lemon balm, dead head petunias and marigolds. It is my peaceful time. I chose this place for that patio.

  16. You have such a sweet space! I admire your creativity and imagination in making such a cozy and relaxed home.

    1. What is the old saying about necessity being the mother of invention? Or maybe I'm off on that. But I find it true anyway.

  17. What a great job you've done. It's always good to see how someone else decorates. I love the Primitive Star Quilt Shop – It's where I found a red/cream checked shower curtain – I thought I'd never find one in the right red color that I wanted. Love Abi in every picture too. She's a doll.

    1. I got a shower curtain from there. But I think it's red and white. Maybe it's a cream. Very pretty!

  18. So cozy! Love your new curtains and how you used quilts for wall art and table topper. I groom my pup too, and like you if it doesn't turn out perfectly that's ok…love her just the same. πŸ™‚
    Hope you have a great weekend…

  19. I think this post completely embodies the name of your blog , "Cozy Little House " ! I love it and even more love your philosophy of decorating ( on a budget ) and embracing what is important to the decorator who lives in the HOME they have crafted and created with love.

    1. Some people love stainless steel appliances and fancy counter tops. I love seeing what I can do for far less money and not have look like everyone elses. Because all that is simply a trend. And I don't often follow trends. I do sometimes if it is something I'm just over the moon for, like the buffalo checked curtains and shower curtain.

  20. You certainly got a deal on that cute white bed! It is so you! Everything looks great in that room. I have clippers for my dog, they were used to just trim up the horse whiskers, so don't find them exactly good enough for doggy haircuts. I know it gets expensive having them trimmed often! Your plants on the patio look like they're out of a garden magazine! You are one amazing woman and decorator!

  21. I agree with what you said about bloom where you are planted. Some of the prettiest homes I've seen aren't from wealthy people. They are from people that are creative and make good use of their space. You've done a good job making your new home reflect your style.

    1. You do with what you have and what you can afford. I'm really not decorating all that differently than from when I had money. Except for the fancier kitchen and bathrooms (which mostly the ex wanted). As this is a rental, I can't see spending too much money on things that would be permanent. But I want to do what I can to make the space one that I truly love.

  22. I picked up my new issue of Country Sampler magazine and recognized your place right away. Congratulations! Your place looks beautiful.

    1. I sure wish I could see it! I have yet to find the magazine. And I guess they must have sent my copy to the other house and it never got here.

  23. Well I think your spaces are fun and colorful and inviting. I always enjoy your love of color – and that quilt at the head of your bed, wow – did you make that, Brenda? It's gorgeous!

    Just today I switched out two different sized end tables and I have linen curtains pooling at the floor – and I love the look, but it JUST DOESN'T WORK with a long haired kitty living in the house too – so decided to crop them to just hit the floor – and will have just enough cloth to make a valance like yours – that's genius and I am so happy to have read this post and saw that. YAY for blog sharing ideas. Double yay even!

    Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs.

    1. That wonderful idea was Judy's, for cutting off the fabric and using it for a valance. Actually she made two valances, but it looked too pushed together, so I took one down. Yes, I made that quilt, the appliqued posy one.

  24. Your bedroom looks great. Who needs Pottery Barn linens? It doesn't matter where your bedding comes from…as long as you like it and it suits you, that's all that matters. Both my summer quilt and my winter comforter are years old. When I re-do the master bedroom (won't be for awhile; just getting Tim's room done), then perhaps I'll get new bedding.

    1. Well, apparently a lot of people need PB linens! Because I see them mentioned on blogs a lot. I bought a red towel and a white towel, and I bought them at Walmart. The lowest price they had. A few dollars a towel. No, they're not plush. But I have towels for toweling off. I wanted these for the colors, and couldn't reconcile spending much money on them.

  25. Your bedroom is really looking great. I love how you are making use of your limited space. The curtains look so good…I need curtains but haven't decided what I want yet. Abi is such a cutie and you did a good job on her haircut!

    1. Well, Judy had a vision with those curtains. They wouldn't cover the whole window. So she made do.

  26. I just love what you are doing with your home Brenda! You sound so happy in your posts! Love that living room, and the bedroom looks so comfortable. We lived in an apartment while our current home was being built, and I loved it! We had just enough room, I took only what we needed, and stored the remainder, and still managed to arrange it and decorate it just like I wanted it. We were there 8 months, and I could have stayed on. Our home on Lake Seminole is around 1000 sq. feet, and so much easier to clean than this one. I love them both though, so we just go there whenever we need a change, or just want to get away. It's a 6 hr. drive, so when we go, I like to stay about 2 weeks. As we get older we may winter there, and live here in the summer. Depends on how our health is, I guess. Anyway, so good to see your beautiful home, and it is absolutely YOU!!!

    1. After living here a bit, I realize I just don't want more space. This is just enough to be able to clean and not feel overwhelmed. Especially the patio area. NO yard to mow ! Just right for my needs.

  27. Brenda, your home is positively the most cheerful place ever! Abi is so cute – she should be in every picture! I love your yellow coverlet. I think Claudia also got a yellow coverlet/spread for her new bed. They are so sunny and fresh and welcoming! Baby sends her love πŸ™‚

    1. I think both Abi and Baby are a bit on the narcissistic side! Both think there is no photo without them in it!

  28. Brenda, Looking around your new place, I can see it's yours. You have done a fabulous job. I liked the yellow/blue bed. You are an amazing woman. Blessings to you for a great weekend, xoxo,Susie

    1. I'm not trained as a decorator. I just do what looks good to me and what reflects my lifestyle and of course, my budget!

    1. I took this place because of the outdoor space. Even though that meant I ended up having to spend a good bit of money on that washer. But I would never be happy without an outdoor space of some capacity to play with my plants and nourish my gardens. And for the dogs to run around in!

  29. Like you, Brenda, no matter where I live I have to make it a cute and cozy place to call home. I love seeing Abi in the pictures ~ she and Charlie are an important part of your life so I think we all enjoy visiting them. We used to have a dog and it's crazy how much it cost to have him groomed. Now I have started cutting my kids' hair myself!

    1. Well, the clippers were over $100, but it costs about $75 to have both done. I assume they don't fight the groomer like they fight me. It's a struggle to get Charlie to be anywhere close to still.

    1. Abi must think she's the most important subject in any photo, because she jumps right into it! Found I was doing the clipping wrong. I was going against the fur. But when I go with it, doesn't seem like much gets cut.

    2. It depends on the blade you are using on how much comes off. You only go against the fur in a couple of places. For you, always go with the way the fur grows. It's too easy to cut the dog going against the fur and not knowing what you are doing. Stay safe and go with the fur.

  30. Your place is looking good and like you! If I lived closer I could teach you to groom the pupsters. I was an all breed groomer for almost ten years. Looks like you got the basic job done and I'm sure they feel good. I agree that much can be done with little money, things already owned and creativity. You have an abundance of creativity.

    1. Found out I was clipping against the fur, not with it. Judy thought that's how we should do it. I have to fight Charlie with all my might to get him to stay still enough.

  31. Looking good!!
    People say "I don't have enough money to decorate"
    Give me 5 bucks a week!
    And I'll git er done!

    1. When you don't have money, you improvise with what you have. Or that's what I do anyway.

  32. Brenda
    You've done a great job with your space! Congrats and keep up the work. Can't wait to see what you come up with for the kitchen.

  33. Love the curtains! I saw your darling lampshade and wondered what ever happened with the contest?

  34. It looks like you've just moved everything from your first Cozy Little House on Florence Place to this Cozy Smaller House. I love everything you've done. If you knew the truth, I'm shopping my house to find cozy things for my bedroom. I don't have the beautiful quilts that you have.. I really like your yellow bedspread.
    That is a great length for your curtains and the added valance is the icing on the cake.. Will be waiting to see your bathroom now that you've given us a hint of what will be in there..
    Abi's haircut looks fine to me.. She's ready for summer now..
    Enjoy decorating every "nook and cranny" of your new home..
    Have a happy, fun weekend.

    1. I did move most everything here from there, except I sold a lot that wouldn't fit. And I did purchase the couch and the washing machine.

  35. I love the way you have decorated your bedroom! The quilt at the head of your bed is very beautiful and looks perfect there. The curtains are so pretty in your window. A very welcoming room at the end of your day!

    Abi is so adorable, as always. She looks especially cute with her new haircut!

    1. Found out I was running the clippers in the wrong direction. Today she looks a little better because I clipped a bit more in "the right direction."

  36. You did a good job on Abi's hair cut!!!! It just takes practice, and deep breaths! I do Bella all the time, always have. Just always be sure to go with the hair, except some on the face/ears, and all will be good! You can google how to do their haircuts…there are even videos!

    1. Until you wrote this, I did not go with the hair. Judy was here when we got them and she thought we should go against the hair. Thus they looked spotty. I watched several YouTube videos and clipped a little more today. But what do you do with a dog like Charlie that fights you every step of the way?

    2. I am sorry! It is very hard indeed to fight them!!! I can't do Bella's claws because she fights so much…

  37. Hi Brenda! Oh, your bedroom looks all comfy cozy and that little Abi is so cute! You're quite brave to cut the pups hair. I bought some clippers for Chloe Dawn and then chickened out. She needs her little anal glands pumped every month so she may as well get a hair wash and a cut! πŸ™‚
    Yep, I've been looking at The Little House with new eyes. I just didn't know if I could get organized but I think I'm doing pretty well. But trying to train Mr. Precious to put things back where they belong is challenging! πŸ˜‰
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia πŸ˜‰

    1. Watched a video on YouTube and found out I was running the clippers the wrong way! So today I did a little trimming to try and even some of it out. It is not for the faint of heart!

  38. LOVE the red dresser! The shape and style of your red and white buffalo check curtains could easily pass for the ones at my kitchen sink! Tomorrow morning, bright and early, I'm going shopping for perennials for all the pots on my patio, and your beautiful containers are just what I needed for inspiration! Can't wait for more pics on your prettiness in progress!


    1. I'm having fun with decorating this place. It is small. And the problematic rooms are the kitchen and bathroom for sure. That's why they'll be last!

    1. I guess every space reflects its owner with color and style. And mine is colorful eclectic!

  39. Brenda your bedroom looks so pretty…I love how you hung the quilt behind your bed and I love that red chest!! Your container gardens look fabulous!! You always make your rooms look so cozy and inviting!

  40. Brenda, You have been in your new home for such and short time, and you have accomplished so much. The bedroom looks so comfy and warm. Congratulation on making a new cozy little house. Love the red curtains.

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