New Light In My Kitchen

kitchen light

I ordered this galvanized light from and had the maintenance guy here install it. It is just under $20. Here is the link.


I felt it was a good price and that it fits in with my other galvanized decor.

Before I had a light that you have to take down to change the light bulb, which I didn’t want to do. I rarely turned it on and just used lamp light. I don’t use much overhead lighting anyway.

kitchen light

I hope you gardeners are able to get out and enjoy being in your garden today. I’m sure enjoying my patio!

(I’m trying not to type much due to the pain in my wrist/shoulder, so this is a short post.)


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  1. A really cute light fixture and a great price, looks like a nice width too. It looks wonderful with your curtains.

  2. A year or so ago you showed a vase, I guess it was, that was white with a lady with red lipstick. Do you know where I can find one?
    Ginger Britt

  3. I love your light, great choice & the price is right! Hope you feel better soon.

  4. Love the new light in the kitchen. At night I love little lights to make me feel cozy. Sorry you are not feeling great today. Maybe a little too much gardening? Rest those hands & shoulders today!!!

  5. Love it. Very practical too. It really can become a quality of life issue when you have to spend an hour fiddling with shades and the like in order to change the bulb.

  6. Love the light fixture — looks great with your decor. Hope your wrist/shoulder feel better soon. Take care.

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