1. Before I got to the part of your post that reflected on the meaning of “home,” I was thinking that your tablescape was warm and homey! And, I’m glad you pointed out Ivy in the background of one photo…..it just adds to the true meaning of home!

  2. I love the way you’ve done your table. So simple but so pleasing. I chose not to use my big tree this year and bought a little 4 ft tree that I put on a sofa table. Sam Elliott, my cat that has to try out every space in the house for naps has chosen to sleep under the tree now. He keeps messing up my “snow”. My Dizzy is a very confident and poised cat, Sam’s very innocent and sweet, but you never know where you’ll find him next. I’m sure Ivy would hate my quirky boys. Looks like the bottom is about to fall out as far as our weather goes so buckle up and stay warm!

  3. What cute snowman plates! I have some from Target that I bought in the early 90’s but I haven’t pulled them out in several years. Maybe I’ll do so after seeing your photos.

  4. Your Christmas table decor is lovely, Brenda! I love everything about it.
    My home is definitely my refuge! In my home I don’t fear judgement or seek acceptance.
    Have a joyful Friday evening, Brenda!

  5. The snowman plates are so cheerful! And it looks like Ivy has decided to lay directly on the sofa rather than the nice, comfy towel you had laid out for her. Too funny. Only 29 degrees here today. Brrrr.

  6. Your dining room table looks so nice. I love the Santa salad plates! I also love the quotes about home. As you said, our homes are our refuge!

  7. Very pretty. I like the snowman plates, and the red and green napkins look perfect with it.

    1. I debated on those snowmen salad plates for some time. I’d found various others, but ultimately decided on the cheerful colors of the snowmen.

  8. Love the table settings! The simplicity and snowmen with green and red Christmas colors speaks of an appealing calm beauty. So pretty. Ivy looks quite comfy.

  9. It is about time for me to set my dining table for Christmas. Your table looks welcoming.

  10. The table is lovely with the snowman plates. And I too like the simplicity of the wood trees. I actually picked up two
    very short wood trees this year at Daiso. A welcome addition to Christmas.

  11. The snowman salad plates are so cute and colorful, they are perfect for the season and can be used all winter, before and after Christmas. I also like the red and green napkins. Ivy photo-bombing by accident with that little glimpse of her feet and tail, LOL. Home is Ivy and the wildlife you can see outside your patio doors and your windows and the special things you’ve surrounded yourself with. I believe that our homes should be our sanctuaries, whether it is a rented apartment or you own a home or condo. I decorate to suit myself. If I get a little bored with the decor, I’ll change a few things. I like a splash of modern here and there, but generally speaking I hold on to my furniture and furnishings for a long time. I oooh and aaaah on occasion over things I see in the magazines and online, but rarely try to duplicate the feel/look, as I like what I have.

  12. Reminds me of this saying I found in an old cookbook: “It matters less what is on the table than what is on the seats!” (Although, like you, I don’t feel complete without a little festivity in my view while eating. And on the seats? It’s perfectly fine to have it be any of my cats!)
    Is Ivy a table visitor? Seems like one of mine is always up there “shopping” for snacks!

    1. Yes, she’s a table visitor. But she’s pretty picky. Unless there are cornbread crumbs, she prefers me to feed her her treats. She won’t even eat tuna!

  13. I agree with your sweet sentiments that homes are what we make them. I am so over these decorating blogs that have so much stuff in their homes I wonder how it stays in place with children and pets. Not my style of realism or fussy and maybe they enjoy staging them for photos but I like yours that is real. Plus in our country we have so much “stuff” and landfills are overflowing now and we can’t recycle fast enough all of it, that even thrift stores can’t dispose of certain items. So to see simple wood trees and plates that welcome you without a lot of fan fare are what I like to see. Good job!

    1. I look at all the “stuff” I’ve accumulated and I’m always having to do away with it. Now that I don’t really go out, it’s a bit different. As I get older, less stuff is more appealing.

  14. I love your tablescape Brenda!
    What I don’t love is all this snow that I awoke to this morning! Lol Time to go and shovel out the walkway now!

  15. Hi Brenda,
    I just love your Christmas table with your plates. Very nice. I hope you and yours will have a very Merry Christmas. Have a Blessed day.

  16. Always have found wood grain pleasing, in wherever it comes. Something about it seems so homey…and warm.

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