Birthday Present I Bought Early

I told you about the birthday present I bought early for myself, and I’m showing it to you today.

I think everyone should buy themselves something they really want for their birthday.

Then you can tell everyone there’s really no need to get you anything, which takes the pressure off of them.

In Birthday Present I Bought Early, it is this reading chair placed in my living room.

Then you can say I have what I want and I don’t need anything else. If they want to go ahead and get something for you, so be it.

Full View Of My Living Space:

Today I’m showing you a full view of the living space that evolves with each photo in this post.

When I saw my birthday present online, after weeks of searching, I knew I’d better grab it. Because many of the others I picked out were already out of stock.

And I think that was meant to be. Because what I did get is exactly what I wanted.

A view of my living and dining space in my apartment

I’m moving around the room randomly. So that you can see the entire space I’ve arranged in here.

There’s nothing new on this side of the room. You’ve already seen the quilt Greg put up on the wall behind the couch for me.

In Birthday Present I Bought Early, this chair is adjacent to the new reading chair.

Then there’s my old recliner. It’s a bit beaten up from constant use. But it’s still a soft and comfortable electric recliner.

This is where Steve sits when he comes over.

A view of my living room with the patio door that looks out onto my yard.

It was angled in the corner. But I was afraid to use my stove because I feared the chair was too close to it.

So Steve scooted it down along the wall where it’s now safe to turn on my stove in the fireplace.

Steve is tall and has long arms and was always hitting his elbow on the little console next to the chair. He tends to talk with arm flourishes when he’s talking.

Placed where it is now, he doesn’t hit his elbow.

A full view of my new reading chair.

So Here Is The Birthday Present I Bought Early:

Well, now the birthday present that I bought myself is in full view.

I saw it at Wayfair and fell in love with it. It’s called a reading chair. How perfect is that for me and Cozy Little Book Nook page?

Ivy thinks this new reading chair belongs to her. Of course she does.

Now I have a legitimate reading chair, which I can sometimes include along with my book reviews.

Well, I can do that when Ivy isn’t sprawled in it. She seems to think the chair is hers of course.

I have a boho table next to it for books and drinks. There is a battery operated candle there as well.

In Birthday Present I Bought Early, this is the reading chair I purchased for my living room.

I like cozy spaces like this where the furniture for seating is all angled to face each other.

That’s perfect for when you have guests and everyone is conversing.

A view of the reading chair with the boho table placed beside it for books and candles and such.

Greg put the chair together for me last Saturday and took the big box out to the trash. It was very easy and quick to put together, he said.

If you want to see it at Wayfair, here is the link. I see that it’s gone up in price since I purchased it. So it’s good I got it when I did!

Now that everything is all in place in my living room, I can focus on my craft space.


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  1. Oh my goodness it looks perfect in your room. Your place has a homey , cozy feel….like a warm hug….just come on in and have yourself a seat my friend!!! You definitely have a decorating gift and thank you for sharing!

  2. You chose your birthday gift well and knowing it has passed Ivy’s approval makes it just perfect! Your apartment is just gorgeous. All the colors go together so well. Enjoy that chair!

  3. When I was a younger married woman (and now am an old one), there were times basically nothing was purchased for me. You can be mad, or you can be sad, or you can just go shop for yourself!! So now? Yep, me too…I shop for myself. Happily so. I love your very warm, homey setting…looks very inviting…and indeed don’t cats think you are always purchasing things for their comfort?? Animals are funny. Our last dog did not necessarily take possession of new things, or old, but she definitely felt anyone who came to the house was coming to see HER!!

  4. I love your new chair – it’s both pretty and classy. Is it comfortable? How does it feel on your back? And…Ivy doesn’t use it as a scratching post?! Clementine (and Monkey, if he were still here) would have that scratched up in a heartbeat.

    I sometimes buy myself presents, not only for my birthday, but Mother’s Day and Christmas!

  5. I firmly believe in buying yourself a birthday present. When I still worked, several people told me they celebrated a whole birthday week for themselves, with the 7th day being their actual birth date. They took themselves out for their favorite meals, did their favorite things, and on the 7th day, purchased themselves something they wanted all year.

  6. You will have many enjoyable hours reading in your new chair. It looks so cozy in your home. And chairs for the girls to come over to visit in their spare time too. I know you had an influence on their reading too so this book nook is going to be fun for you to touch on so many topics. It might be fun to have the girls do a guest post. People all read books differently – mobile devices , download, podcasts, and in their hands from libraries or purchasing. So many changes.

  7. Your home is wonderful and beautiful, Brenda. I love that you’re good to yourself.
    That chair stunning and looks incredible in that spot.
    I’m a firm believer that we should all give ourselves a birthday gift. I did something very, very similar last Spring. My birthday is in July so in May I ordered a reading chair for my bedroom. It’s tufted, as well, and came with an ottoman. I like it so much that I find myself smiling when I sit in it. Such silliness, I know!!! 🙂

  8. Happy pending birthday, Brenda! You chose well on this lovely chair.
    Whenever I see full room photos of your space, I think you’re fortunate to not have me as your neighbor! I’d pop in and refuse to leave your warm, inviting, comfy space. You’d politely ask, “Don’t you have anything to do at your own apartment?” I’d reply, “No, I’m good! Want to finish this novel before I mosey on back there!” Ivy would be shaking her head, “What the heck, does she live here now too, mom?”

  9. Your chair looks great! And comfy! I think Ivy seconds that. She’s obviously in charge of quality control, lol. Good birthday purchase! I agree, if you buy it yourself, then you get exactly what you want!

      1. Yes. Very true.
        Order what you really love!
        Got my eyes on the blue reading chair!💺
        Looks very comfy & cozy.
        Not outrageously priced.
        Thank you 😊 for sharing.
        Happy early birthday Brenda!!
        Your girls might take you out for a nice dinner. ❤️

    1. Ivy is one spoiled kitty. Steve calls every few days and he’ll say: “Is Ivy taking visitors right now?” And I’ll say yes and he comes over and Ivy is excited and trying to get her toys to him to play with her. She doesn’t do that with me. I guess he’s special.

  10. I love the chair! I may order one. My chair in my reading nook needs replacing. Your living room looks so warm and inviting. You have a beautiful apartment.

  11. I like the ladder with the decorative quilts on it, so colorful and cozy looking, and so easy to grab one if you get cold while relaxing in your living room, as I tend to. Your birthday chair is so pretty – I love the style and the color. In my world, you can’t beat tufted upholstery for a comfortable and classic look. Laying-on-her-side Ivy approves, so the chair must be comfy. Wondering if a small pouf or footstool to elevate both of your feet or just your leg with the damaged ankle about 8 to 10 inches or so could maybe provide some relief and benefit (by reducing pressure on the ankle?) while you’re using your new reading chair.

    1. The dining table is just a few feet away. I could grab one of those chairs to put my foot up on. And speaking of the tufted upholstery: I had planned to put a quilt over the back of the chair. Then once it was in here, I found that I didn’t want to cover up that tufted upholstery!

  12. I love everything about that chair. The color is nice and it looks so plump and comfy. I got a good look at your beautiful dining room table. I remembered the nice looking chairs but forgot how beautiful the table was. I also like to pick what I want for my birthday, less waste and get exactly what you want. Enjoy!

    1. It’s hard to find real wood at a decent price anymore. But that dining table is all wood, which is why I chose it a few years ago. The table was around $300.

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