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  1. There seems to be lyrics for most debates. Live and Let Die comes to mind.
    When you were young
    And your heart was an open book
    You used to say live and let live
    You know you did
    You know you did
    You know you did
    But if this ever changin’ world
    In which we live in
    Makes you give in and cry
    Say live and let die (live and let die)
    Live and let die (live and let die)
    What does it matter to ya
    When you got a job to do you got to do it well
    You got to give the other fella hell
    You used to say live and let live
    You know…
    It’s true, what the world needs now is love. Love and tolerance. I like that song better.

  2. I couldn’t agree more, Brenda. One of the problems is that many folks’ definition of “love” is way too narrow and circumscribed. For example, when you talk about Love as described, for instance, in the Bible, you are talking not just about a warm feeling, but a wide, wide acceptance. An acceptance of those we do not find particularly “loveable”. And we are also talking about Justice–equality of treatment and of opportunity for people of all colors, socioeconomic levels and colors. Our government is not based on Love. There is no Love without Justice for all. So what do we, as individuals do to reverse the dearth of Love in our world, on our planet? Such a daunting task. I think the only thing we can do is to just start where we are in our own circumscribed little world and approach each and every circumstance and individual we encounter in a compassionate and accepting way, as well as our Earth itself and all it’s creatures. One day at a time. That may sound trite, but I think it is profound. That it is the only responsible, loving way to live our lives in the service of Love. Some of us will have the opportunity to live this life on a large canvass, others of us a smaller one. It doesn’t matter which, the opportunities are there for each of us to live the life of Love. It’s not easy or simple, it is sometimes arduous to put aside our own foibles and agendas to look outside ourselves to see who or what needs our Love at any given time. If every person and government on the planet committed to living this way we would achieve Peace. How long will it take? Another millenium? That might be optimistic. The trick is to maintain living a life based on Love and Compassion despite not knowing when, or if ever, the tide will turn. That’s the challenge and it’s not for the faint of heart. Like the song says, we know …”what the world needs now….” but how many of us are up to the challenge? Let’s assume all of us who read Brenda’s blog ARE up to the challenge…let’s just agree to “keep on keeping on in the service of the “real” Love.

    Take care, Brenda and thanks for an important and tho’t-provoking post. Sending Love to you and the fur babies.

  3. I have been listening to a lot of songs from the 60s lately. This is a great one. The candles in the cups is a really clever, creative, cute idea. I would like to copy it for the cooler months ahead!

  4. The 60’s had such a range of choices in music; Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole and the Beatles. The wealth of talent from Motown; Doors and Rolling Stones, Beach Boys and country music and protest songs were all entwined and listened to by parents and their teens alike. Most importantly, music became a bridge to different cultures for everyone to enjoy. I don’t think there will ever be another era where such diversity of talent and age were together at the same time!

  5. Good evening Brenda, I love this song. It is exactly what we need. I cannot only imagine what this young man that was wounded, and had lost so many friends, thinking that love is the only balm for our souls and to end war.

    I am going to go read the comments on u-tube as well as listen to the song. Thank you for reminding us of this beautiful song.

    Good luck with your appointment tomorrow.

  6. Thank you Brenda for being who you are. I love your blog. I love hearing about your shopping trips and seeing all the new items you have purchased. You do seem to find the most unique items.
    I am a church going person and we believe in helping people. We give food, clothes, blankets and gas if they need some. No questions asked and no preaching. A true Christian will never question your beliefs. To each their own.
    Ms. Ivy sure keeps you entertained. She sure looks happy with “her” bag. Sweet Charlie sits back and just watches.
    Love that song, we often sing it church.
    Can’t wait to see how your decorating goes with your new items.
    Hugs to all

  7. Second comment! I forgot to say, I love that song, I wish we could all take it to heart and show more kindness and love.
    Sometimes I have to pull myself up and give myself a pep talk.

    1. As do I, Wendy. As do we all. That’s not failure, it’s just RE-committment.

  8. As Lynx says, I’ve heard both versions of this song ~ I have the J. DeShannon one in my oldies playlist. Never more true than now ~

  9. Brenda this song immediately made me think of Jesus’ command to “ Love one another” three little words so hard for mankind to understand . I do think if we could learn to do this there would be peace on earth . If we spend enough time with one another and try to understand one another we can get by our differences and learn to love one another. Loving becomes easier than the exhausting work of hatinng. Thanks for making us think.

    1. Amen Barbara!
      As usual I’m late to the party! Posting a late comment.
      It’s been a really busy summer at work and I’ve been doing some remodel work at home, so not getting to check your blog, daily like I was. But I’ll get back on schedule soon!
      Beautiful pic of Ivy and sweet Charlie.

  10. ‘What Will Ivy Do?’
    Hmm…will Ivy paw at your new tranquillity objects d’arte? Will you place them in trays or baskets to protect them from curious paws? (Imagining her on her tippy toes reaching up!) LOL Oh that funny girl. Your pics of Charlie & Ivy add joy to my day.
    Wishing you a wonderful Sunday.

  11. As a child of the 60’s and 70’s, I certainly remember that song! I hope you’re feeling that love from (most of) your readers. Please try and ignore the “haters”. As Ram Dass said, “We’re all just walking each other home.” Good luck with your doctor’s appt tomorrow. I just had two of them since May and all is well. Next week I have a dentist appt, which I dread.

  12. Used to hear that song a lot on the radio…and it is true…tis the only thing that there is too little of!! Well, as we go through life, people, kin or friend, will come and go…and to this date in my life, I have yet to find a single person I am always able to please!! I figure if I can please GOD (hopefully) that will simply have to be enough!! Hope your doctor visit is helpful!!

  13. You help bring goodness and kindness to our lives Brenda so keep on shining the lights of love for all to see and someday absorb into other needed lives too. We never know till we walk a mile in someone else’s shoes how a smile or a sweet word can be all the difference in hope or despair that day. Thank you for enriching all of us who wish to be with you on this ride in living with others. And that includes your pets you’ve shared, your darling small space and the outings you have we know make a difference.

  14. Beautiful song. I listened to the versions by Dionne Warwick and Jackie DeShannon. Both excellent. Thanks for the timely reminder.

    A song I’ve been thinking of since your post yesterday is “Everyday People,” by Sly and the Family Stone. I love the words, “Different strokes for different folks…we’ve got to live together.”

    It’s good to listen to music from the past that still has a relevant message.

  15. Such a great song; I remember it well. I love the candles in the cups! You think of the cutest things to do around your home. Love your blog,
    Brenda, and love to you and your precious furbabies.

  16. I don’t believe there will be peace on earth until we embrace every creature that lives here with us. WITH US not FOR US.
    We say we love animals, but that usually means our pets, never cows, pigs, chickens or any animal that is considered a food animal.

  17. Being a Christian, I believe there will be no peace until the Lord returns.

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