1. The new header is really nice and looks so cozy and inviting. You have such a talent for design.

  2. Great work on both graphics. The Cozy Little Book Nook is my idea of heaven.

  3. I think it’s perfect, I especially love the colors, the window frame, the chair, the fireplace. I can easily imagine being there!

  4. I love the graphic of Ivy and I absolutely love your Book Nook Graphic.

  5. The graphic of Ivy is perfect! She’s such a beautiful cat. I’d thoroughly enjoy sitting in that beautiful nook.
    Perfection at its finest! 🙂

  6. I love it! At most I’d add an ottoman, or if that’s too big, a little footstool. If that’s not easily done it’s perfect as is!

  7. I have always thought your blog headers were beautiful and I would love to see a post on how you create those! I think the Ivy graphic is beautifully done! I can’t wait to see your new book blog!

  8. What a lovely graphic! Just a couple of thoughts…wow would it look with Ivy facing us instead of the fireplace? And perhaps make the stones in the fireplace a bit darker so that Ivy doesn’t blend in so much?

    1. I only have a side view of the Ivy graphic, so I can’t change that. Nor can I change the fireplace. These are graphics I purchased and can’t be changed in terms of color, etc. Maybe I’ll move Ivy.

  9. Lovely, but Ivy should be much more prominent. She is the main attraction after all. Remove the plant. You already have that one on the mantel. Good luck with your new venture. Hope you find joy and good health in 2023.

  10. I like the setup…the only thing is I found it hard to locate Ivy first glance…wondering if you darkened the fireplace stones a bit, if that would make Ivy a bit more prominent…just a thought…

    1. I love the Cozy Book Nook. the addition of an ottoman and a lab quilt would be very nice as well. great job

  11. Oh this is so cool!! I love you sharing this new baby with us from the ground up. It’s exciting. Because I love books so much and buy them, get them from the library, download them to my iPad, I can see your reading blog is going to attract a lot of attention from many people. Making Ivy in such a strong presence is the icing on the cake!

  12. It is very sweet Brenda.. and very cozy and warm and inviting. Just the place I want to read a book! Love the gold chair.. and I think I would love to see Ivy snuggled in a round little ball in a soft furry cat bed, next to your feet or chair. But I love it the way it is too. There ARE ways to make your own picture (of Ivy) into a PNG image, to use in your scenes. I used to know how.. now I’ve forgotten! There are a couple of programs that you can use and they are quite simple. I have it written down somewhere! Didn’t know you were going to have a separate book blog.. must have missed that announcement! But that will be fun, as I love to read.. and most of the time I print out or write down the books you’ve reviewed and read. Have fun with it all! Marilyn

  13. I love it, Brenda! It’s just right! And Ivy is truly Ivy – the designer did a wonderful job.
    Looking forward to the book blog for sure.

  14. The graphic is really pretty and Ivy looks spectacular! I would vote for adding a knitted throw over the chair to be ready to wrap myself up in as I settle in to read. Especially with the snowy weather outside the window. Perfection. You have done it again!

  15. Wow very impressive. You’ve for sure lost me on creating this graphic! It’s absolutely wonderful as is but I know you will play with it some more. Just curious though how do you get the word out about a Book Blog and being the new kid on the block! I want you to have tons of followers!!

  16. Brenda, it is absolutely perfect–and beautiful! Looking forward to the new blog.

  17. Oh it is so wonderful and cozy, I want to sit in that chair and bring my book! You nailed it! And miss Ivey – this image could not be any better.

  18. I love the graphic. I also considered adding a quilt or pillow, but thought it might be too busy. It’s absolutely perfect as is. It makes me want to read a book!

  19. Brenda, it is perfect!!! I cannot wait for the post to give the details of how you did it.
    May I suggest links to the shops that you use to purchase graphics? Great for you and to highlight the hard working artists too. If that is not too much trouble, sadly many people are not willing to share these things. But I think it is a testament to the hard work of the artists.
    Looking forward to the blog!
    Have a wonderful day!

  20. Good Morning Brenda,
    when you referenced a phone on the wall; I laughed. My 98 year old mother still has a working rotary dial wall phone in her kitchen! My grandchildren were fascinated to learn and use it to call relatives.
    I love your reading nook, it made me want to bring a book and a drink and step into the space and settle in by the fire. It feels comforting and pretty!
    Have fun with your designs, all of us come away inspired.

  21. It’s perfect as is. I would buy a print of it to hang in my cozy room if possible. Wonderful job!

  22. I left a comment but it didn’t come up. So excited for you in your new adventure. The graphics lend a cozy vibe. I thought you could have had a candle and I scanned and you had one. I agree with Carole on adding a throw and everything looks great. Have fun working on your new blog.

  23. It is absolutely beautiful, Brenda! Books on the mantel, books on the floor, greenery, hot chocolate, oil lamp on the window sill, kitty warming by the fire, and, oh! just found the slippers by the chair! What more could anyone need?!

  24. I love the Ivy graphic, I think it looks just like her. The creator you found sure has talent. I also love the cozy book nook graphic you put together, it looks great! I think you nailed it, it’s the perfect spot for getting cozy and losing yourself in a good book. The chair is inviting and I love the fireplace. To me, having a fireplace is the height of coziness, whether it’s a wood-burning fireplace, electric, ethanol fuel, or filled with real or battery operated candles. When I downsized and moved into my current home, one of the first things I bought was an ethanol (gel fuel) fireplace, and it has been so cold here it’s been put to good use! For myself, I would add a footstool or ottoman so I could raise up my feet and an afghan to put around my shoulders and cover me all the way down to my toes, but I tend to be a freezy cat. I would have a glass of wine instead of hot chocolate, personal preference 🙂

  25. I am so excited for you and your new adventure! I loved the graphic. The first thing that popped into my head was that it looked so cozy. I was scanning for a candle which you had. I didn’t catch the throw until Carole mentioned it. I agree that would be a great addition. Have fun working on your new blog.

    1. I had a basket with a throw in it in one scene I created. I’ll have to move things around again. Because I just tried adding it, but like I mentioned in the post, you have to add things in a certain sequence. Which means I’d have to recreate the whole thing. I’ll play around with it.

  26. Yes you nailed it Brenda, I love it!
    I would love it if you told us how to create scenes with graphics, I would like to give it
    a go.
    Looking forward to your book blog.

  27. I love it! Purr-fect! Lovely companion to your main blog with the same cozy vibe.

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